Created: 2/12/1981

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Prlste Minister Jaruselski's retention of hia Defenee Ministry reaponaibiliHaaighly unusual action that undereoorea earlier regime hints that martial law will be declared, if neoeaaary.

Jaruselski's dual role would make it easier to avoid seme of the problems involved in the transfer of authority from civilian to military hands. Party leader Kania yesterday calledpatriot" who ia committed to "political solutions" but who is alsoto "counteract anarchy." 9em%

The party leadership probably still considers the imposition of martial lawaat resort, it is most likely to bewould Involve fewerto control extensive strike activity. Its useretext to arrest dissidents or union militantswould result in widespread violence. 4a*

The Church

iajor statement released yesterday, theof. the coitah CathoJAc Church warned thetn* use of force? Reacting to speculationintentions, the Church leaders said that theforce, pressure/ threat a, and irritating1not leed^to' internal peace.

The statement said-that internal peaoe can be achieved only by removing the route of existing "tensions and injustices- through "honest and permanant" dlalgane. The statement called upon the regime to imp1 meant last fall'a agreements with workers but stopped shfjjjtarmers' union. *MMf

Labor Unrest

There- warm no major industrial strikes or threats^ of strikes yesterday. Solidarity's national leadership will meet today in Gdansk to decide whether to endorse Lech Walesa's calltrike moratorium. Tbe smjority probably will go along with the walt-and-aee attitudethe new jaruzelski government, flfe


There may be pressure on the union leadership from below totand on the regime's recent criticism of dissidents. The Warsaw chapter of Solidarity yesterdaytatement threatening strikes if dissidents ara arrested, mm)

The Solidarity leadership also may discuss whether it will go along with Walesa's moderate reaction to the Supreme Court's decision not to register Rural Solidarity. Although some farmers have threatened strikes. Rural Solidarity willelegation to Gdansk and is likely to take its cue from Solidarity. mm)

Student sit-ins continue in Lodz, Poznan, and The two issues holding up settlement inof the largestdemands for abolition of compulsory Russian language training and curtailment of obligatory one-year military training. mm)

East German mediaession of the obscure "EastSSR Mixedchaired by Soviet Ambassador Abraaimov.

Czechoslovakia, preeiJ-'im hardliner Indra met with the Soviet Ambassador and theof the Central Group of Forces.

his East German counterpart.

bead of the Hungarian party's Foreign Relations Department met in East Berlin with

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