Created: 2/11/1981

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The Polish Supreme Court'e rejection of the farmera' bid for registration of their union haa been taken in etride by Solidarity and the farmera. te%9

Walesa and the farm leaders have rejected for the time being the use of strikes to press tha issue, with Walesa appealing for calm "ao that no one can accuse us of trying to unsettle things." }

The farmers intend, instead, toew trade union law that wouldegal basis for their union. Some farmers rejected the Court's proposal that they form an "association" because they believe the_ latter gives them fewer rights under Polish law. fMM

The farmers had indicated earlier that they expected their appeal to be rejected. Their subdued response may also reflect the counsel of Cardinal wyszynski lastthat they press their grievancesprudent" way.

Meanwhile, strike activity in Poland has fallenemporary lull. Following the resolution of thastrike in Jelenia Gora, the government announced agreement with students striking in Lodz. Unconfirmed press reports claim that the student strike in Poznan haa alao been settled. ffM)

Parliamentary approval of -afense Ministeras Prime Minister today seems likely to be followed by further governmental changes. olish official toldhat Jaruzelaki willrominent party liberal, Mieczyslaw Rakowski, as his main deputy. Jaruzelski may feel that Rakowski can provide him with useful political advice and can servesefulto the liberal wing of the party, dfa


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