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Ongoing and threatened labor unrasfc vill provide the backdrop this week for important meetings of ths party 'e Central Committee and the parliament, fM9P

Workers in the province of Jelenia Gora willeneral atrika today over their demands for access by the population to two government sanatoriums, for removal of corrupt officials, and for retraction of newon strike pay. If these demands are not met by Wednesday, workers in neighboring provinces will join the strike on Thursday. *km9

The strike in Lodz continues,0 students araotherailitary training and the abolition of compulsory Russian language training andcourses. Miners aretrike Wednesday if their demandive-day week for all persons in the mining profession is not met. Printers havetrike for Friday if censorship ia not eased. Sympathy strikes will be held in several provinces today in support of an independent farmers' union. tMMj

In its two-day plenum, the party not only will have to deal with these atrika actions but alao will carryeneral debate on its future relationship with Solidarity. Soma hardliners will probably argue that in hia five Booths as partyecretary, Kania's tactics of moderation andcompromises todemands have failed to reestablish calm. They may also argue that his pledgee of reform also have led to unacceptable demands from within the party for vaaa>

The party's options, however, are limited. ToKania and embarkougher course towardwould risk further incapacitation of the party and heighten the prospects of uncontrollable violence.

To proceedoderate course would put offonfrontation butost of continued tensions and demands for change, feem*

Parliament to Heat

The two-day session of parliament beginning Wednesday will ratify any governmental personnel changes signaled by the Central Committee plenum. Xt also will have to deal with difficult substantive issues concerning the budget and possibly also censorship. Over tho past several months parliamentary committees have coased being mere rubber stamps for regime proposals, and toughmay bo put to tbe ministers. The parliament may alao take up the discussion that has appeared recently ln tho medio that the parliament ahouldore visible role inew social contract between workers and the regime. esWss

Regis* Attacks KOR

Tensions between Solidarity and the regime willbe heightened by the airing yesterdayeport that "prosecution organs" havo been investigating KOR, an important dissident organization with close ties to the new unions. The report claims that KOR haa been found! to be engaged in "antistate activities aimed against the constitutional system of Poland and against itaBP

Tbe regime baa long sought, with little visibletoedge between wcvvers and theirsupporters. The regis- has been spurred on by increasingly sharp criticism from Hosccw, Prague, and East Berlin of Roe's "antieoclalist activities." The publication of thle report amy, in fact, have beento show tbe allies that the regime is doingQMy

Any precipitous move by the regime against KOR.wouldwift and strong reaction fromprobably in the formationwide general strike. ejBkj

in the report on KOR, tha regime did not commit itielf to lentdiete action, stating only that theis continuing. By voicing the threat of action, howevtr, tha regie* has pushed itself closer to the tlae when it may feel compelled to carry through or risk the loaa of credibility of the threat. {mm9

Church Activity

The Church continued to play its highly visible moderating role late last waek. On Friday evening tha Polish Primate, Cardinal Wyazynski, mat with union leader Walesa and called on Solidarity to ease spreadingsions "as quickly assa*

Wyssynski also matelegation of farmers fron Rural solidarity, but the effect of that meeting will probably be to encourage the farmers to continue with their efforts to win recognition of their union. Be reportedly told them theynatural right" to free assembly that does not originate with any state authority.

The Polish Supreme Court will rule tomorrow whether Rural Solidarity can be registerednion. There seams to be widespread agreement in Poland that the court will not rule in the farmera' favor. Some farmers seem preparedegative ruling. ressafter their meeting with Wyazynski, several farmera aaid that the government, by conducting negotiations with Rural Solidarity, had, ln fact, recognised the new union and "one day" would register it. *as*

Strained Relations

Poland's strained relations vith two of itswere publicly displayed yesterday. Polish radiotory describing the "ill-disposed" treatmenttravelers were receiving from Bast German and Czechoslovak border guards and customs officials. The Polish Ministries of internal affaire and Foreign Affairs :cedly have complained to Base Berlin and Prague. eTAl

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