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situation reports


Government concession! tnettlement of the otrike in Bielsko-Biala will provide more ammunition forriti-ciem of party leader Kania's moderate poliaiee at the party Central Committee session on Monday. mmw*

The regime reversed itself and yielded to demands by the strikers for tha dismissal of the provincialand several of hia deputies. It also agreed to pay wages for the strike period, despite the recently announced regulations limiting such payments. The strikers agreed to begin staking up lost production by workingwork-free Saturday for =ost Poles. MM)

Arguments by hardlinersougher posture will carry greater weight if yesterday's settlement leads to other strikes, particularly ones ln which Solidarity presses for personnel changes. The Solidarity chapter in Jelenia Gore, for instance, had alreadytrike for Monday to protest tbe stringent strike pay regulations and could rsnew Its earlier demand for the immediate dismissalovernment minister. Union leader Walesa has gone to Jelenia Gora to join the negotiations. 9mmj

The unprecedented direct public involvement of the Catholic Church ln negotiating the strike settlement apparentlyecision by JLa Church leadership to become more involved ln helping restore domestic calm. Church officials also are trying tounger strike by farmers demanding registration of their union. Bmnet

although Walesa apparently eoeght Church involvement, moderates within the party may bave been eager for the Church toublicfeet to domestic tranquility. Party hardliners, however, vill be annoyed by the public display of Churchregimesince the settlement favored solidarity, 4ssV

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Moscow'a Reaction

The Soviets showed their disapproval of the Bielsko-Biala settlementASS dispatch from Warsaw yesterday. Not only did the dispatch omit mention of the settlement, it also referred to the dispute as if it were still The dispatch, which claimed thatforces" arefrontal attack on theepresents the most scathing Soviet attack on Solidarity to date. Itist of "provocations" allegedly being conducted by the union in citiesthe country and accused the dissident organization KOR and the "rightving" faction of Solidarity'sof Instigating these actions. Sfff**

This is the second timeeek that Moscow bas respondedompromise between tha regime andby stepping up its rhetoric. The party'sto the demands of the Bielsko-Biala strikers will only serve to increase pressure from the Soviets to draw the line on Solidarity's increasing demands. esses

Contact With European Communists

Moscow is apparently conferring with Europeanparties on tha situation in Poland and has reportedly sounded out at least one party concerning its reaction to Soviet Invasion. ^BBsmBBBSSBsHs*

Military Activity

Soviet forces in and around Poland continue toexercises and other training that could place themetter position to intervene,

Training has continued in Bast Germany, Czechoslo-akia, andthe western USSR for the past two weeks.

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