Created: 6/10/1982

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POLANDi apal Visit

^JVBonior Church official yesterday toldBf Henanesmthat Pope John Paul II intends to vis^tin August and has charged the Polish Church with preparing the visit. The joint Church-state cowsnission has already met to begin working out details. Potential stumbling-blocks in the continuing negotiations over the visit include the Pope's reported desire to visit Internment campo and his possible refusal to meet with Premier Jaruielski. Underground Solidarity leaders believe that the Pope's visit could improve morale and encourage more opposition activity.

Commenti Church leaders are seeking to forcetotandapal visit and to takefor any postponement. Many in the martialprobably believe the regime has nothingfrom the visit and will try to block it. Solidarity leaders stay refrain from engagingresistance activities, the security servicesto create an Incident that would


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