Created: 6/11/1982

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POLAND: Seventh Month of Martial Law

Solidarity activiete apparently are planning feweron Sunday to mark the imposition of martial law than they etaged in May, but^enaums are high and clashes aith the police remain possible.

[underground activists are

calling only for one to three mjnutcs of silenceinstead of strikes,

tactic and the reduction in thesccpeana^iumber ofand posters since the demonstrations in Mayeclining confidence among antigovernment forces.

Solidaritynot plan any mass actions for tne next severalbelieve that workers sre tired and that theHay exposed their activists, whofirrd. At_the tare time, however

mmnsaeenaBBBBBBsea1 thein some factories is only illu-scTybecausctnere is considerable worker discontont over wage scales, pensionand retirement plans andbonus systems. | |


sions on local university campuses. Students, who have been the most willing to participate in streetare discussing means of self-defense in protests sot foe Sunday. (MB

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Commenti The belief hold byty officials that Solidarity is noroblem could lead to overconfidence. Xf Solidarity activists caught the security services off guard or understrength snd if they were willing to fight back, some of the demonstrations could get out of hand and spread. <aaffM

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