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Military-Party Relations

the military and the party uro ehvuiiuj eigne of strain.

Increasing frustration among military officials over party ineffectiveness is reflectedomment by the military mayor of Warsaw that the partyarty functionaries, on the other hand, are becoming more disturbed by the military's growing appetite for political power. Politburo member Olszowskl recent^vdeclarcd that he has "had enough" of the military.

Premier Jaruzelski, meanwhile, continues to expand the military's role in ruling the country. Over the last six months, the regime has given more power to the provincial military commissars, insta^odmany military officers as provincial governors

| Inrigadier generala longtime party official as first secretary in Poznan, and the^government reportedly plans more such replacements. HA

Military authorities also continue to oversee most government agencies and ministries and often exclude party officials from the decisionmaking process. ationwide review by the miTitarv of civil servants has resulted in some firings. H A

Commenti Most party officials recognize that the party is currently incapable of governing and appear resignedong period of martial law. Nevertheless, many regard the military's policiesirect threat to their power and perquisites. Internal bickering between the party and military authorities will divert attention from the problems of economic recovery and prolong the-confusion and inaction in the policymaking bureaucracy.

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