Created: 1/1/1945

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HOT,LOT, Ikrbort Erasiius, American-born Chinese, olhief broadcaster and coi.jLentator on tha Jurman radiosinceuUreak of tha .ar, but .ot-jsrly o, -rated thost station. en years ago, subjectear inw Tork oureau of United Iress. enounced his American citixen-snip, and his content* ore poweriully anti-Aawrican,andalthough he has boon said to speak with sincerity and conviction, claiaing to bo to the Chinese, and refusing to have any ceilingshoctio s. It is celleved that the vercans have issued 'safe conouct" papers to hii, in lieu of an actual lizzi passport.rie writes his ownive .aterial, and is givenway to sayho pleases, aping joeo-els in hio writing,. Is reported, ins havingwritten for tho pro-das .agazine "Shanghaihose ed_tor vr.sKlaus'! JS-LT^TiT; this .jagazine was issued byrrjji -ar 3asturn o stationand appearecawaii and California. It is suggested tnat subject cay now oe involved in tho publication of "Freedoan, Japnca vehicle. aon ofbrilliantisoanod by iriecds and relatives, wholly prc-Jap, .nd one ol the worst of th* lot. itill operating on

SCTI,uoject is of British Surasian lineage.

' j Tofoerly didevniuncingtation of the Shanghai Eveningugging Californiaa Jtrman aUiC's wquipcent was subsequently

towthe Japs, and, as of December,

she ftt broadcasting ircc me of the Jap stations.

ib. ritish Subject. Forr.orlye^haiotoriously .xo-Jap English Ianewspaper, xfiich is alleged to have been financed throurh Jap sources, and to have becoee olatantly Fro-Japarl ilarbor. Subject was very unhafpy about the 'Aver in,ap editor had been installed, -na h*elf beingtho toot; he was retained untilhile the Times became an' loua taouthpiece for the Tokyo foreign Office. Nothing ad^tional has been reportedecently estabiis.-iodnewspaper; ifaper does exist,ain tho possible internniontince he would have outlived his utm'ulnesa.


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