Created: 12/23/1944

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We proceeded with

in the Altklr'ch region on theh inst. She was-'able to pick up addresses of safe houses which had been requested upon our last visit, also her identity^

With', tried to see Opt. BIBGEfr-cv tne Sous-Prefecture,s "be was Chief of Resistance at ttulnouse and could hove given us lnformutlon -concerning, them>*n.

learnt that the Gestapo aan nas namea Mr. BRENNER end that he was employed by the French becurite Ullltaire. He nevertheless trlea to Me Mm at his personal home, AQ Avenue Ifodenhemmj uni'ortunstaly he wus not ln. ne is reported as an Austrian of high class ^ndiftho is .known to useliable subject, will see nim^uunng vuiwabsence, to find out the possibilities on his slae not for him personally of .course but for sqae of his contacts.

Llso knows two womenane reportse nan not however been able to contactIs an Alsatian woman, the other an Aestrl-n. We wii* attcnamattjer after January 1st.

the Hotel"au rare wnere he lives, we were iniormea tnat ne-'would

he ln Paris witn his wife until January 3tn. This information

might be conveyed to henry Hyue nho knows where to reach him at O


We brought back to Station

he appears to bess person'andqualiflea for the work we want her to do, but security will have to be further checked- She was lntroduceu to us bw Cpt. DUNGLER.

We were unable to see Cpt. DUNGLER who was reported to be In Strasbourg, but weote at his office saying that he should not fell to get in touch with us through Vtn Army upon his next visit.





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