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Western Hemisphere




I specific Report on Conditions in WSBURNT References:

Guatemala Lincoln

Herewith forwardedranslation of tho complete textessage received by LIOKIZER froafanuary, the important points of which were communicated under reference b.

3IR/cav Attach:

3 copiesua

Since itf the greatest n bringing you up to datefollowing

Ue have partially confirmed information that, at any moment,may happen hero. There ara incredible nanouvers you wouldn'tthe attitude of the people is such that thoy will take the first roadthen to change tbe present situation"Tho early bird catchoo tbeis public knowledge in Guatemala and among our friendswhich fortunatelyas we have said beforethat CASTILLO Armas and YDIOORAS have reached They are distributing good propaganda throughout tho Kupublic,have seen the dollars which one of their moat active agents carries forand recruiting. This agent told me that, at tho moment, theyU.S. at their disposal but gave me no explanation aa to itshowever, lamglne that it comes from. source, since neitherYDIGORAS havo that ouch or would spend it inanner. Tho curiousthat the "conches" are so stingy with your operation. We can do nowe distribute the Bulletin for which we recolvo no compensationcontrary, we spend the few cents necessary to carry out the distributionsituation Is precarious, for there is the constant risk of being sent toto the cemetery. It would be all right if everything looked as thoughsucceed, but we are not so sure; people ask us for something tangibledeserting to the other aide because they arc hungry-Haany solve theirthat fashion. On the other hand, we remain with those who have believedof the Comite, for thus we interpret the Bulletin and you have told aels, that you will be the future leaders. The CASTILLO-TDIC-OrUSTAS aredon't believe in you, that if you were worthwhile you would demonstratepropaganda as good or better than thelra, that is, with sufficient moneypaper. Yob, as we now believe, they havo the necessary assistance; yougood friends and brothers here will end up losing much, since wa will beone side and you will see tbe consequences. wear to you that CASTILLOare throwing money around and that if this money. it meansatand to lose and that the "conches" are pulling your let

The delivery of tho comic books through ruerto Barrios is possible} Iliked to go laoediately to seeontact was made,epeat tothere are days when it doesn't1 can ei^iS heans to myI cannot move around. There inin Barrios who would

assist uskoop his name secret. BuT the way ue areon't go. If the comic books are brought into Livingston, thoy can then be token to Hiorto Barriospaseor empty bottlos or any other thing destined for our friend there;ay would be looked for to accomplish the taskof the comic books in Guatemala). Butan do nothing more. Remember what life has bocome heredollars flow, but overything Is needed. Pardon my frankness, but lt is best, so that you will not go on being deceived. We received numbersndf tha Bulletinthey are fine and we await the next copies for distribution, while our bodies waste away and those degenerates throw ua in jail. Wo must talk frankly; the solid castle ue had built isto dust and the people lose faith. Tell ua if tangible aid lit to cotco or not.


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