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Data: ndanuary

Beaaon for Contact: Diacuaaloo of Matters PertainingSUCCE3S


A.briefedoperational, tone of re possibility, financial

and aopport Batters aa follows:

1. a. General ma told that ln hla conversations with Rufus

to keep the following In Kind:


conduct of operetioae froe thla point forward willon unconventional warfare program. This programa tying together ofthe same time keeping thencuutwxuaented.

( )legs are being carried out Independentlybut each haa the sole responsibility ofThese ties are being made at headquartersaaelgrwnt, once the new concept baa been aacceae-

eetablished, would be in tbe field of ( )only.


that Rufua knewa that hie operatlODal plan naycarefully in order to preserve fullhlaell aa to fully utilise this His plan, aa submitted, willful It around, addedunfeaelble portions, If any, diaenrded or might bedlacarded. The aole purpoae of the finalbeing to conduct theHil bymeans. Thie tem alloweo thewarned that lnbeRufua acqutunted with the general framework aroundwaa basing ite thinking and planing ao thatplanning would coincide with Rufua' ao thatbehind our requeat to him would be apparent and

tbe final operational planj(#g' would be compatible with hla intra-organizational coordination and planning.

item of tbe basic framework would be subject to changeinformation and pertinent inforattlon on Rufus'nuAie' former plane la made available to headquarteramight ehov some items to be superfluousmight be more easily eccccrps-Usbed by hithertounconsidered assets; however, aa stated above,that all concerned realised what tbe basicbe built around.

tfuti Informed that at present we are considering

key points with which Rufus vlll be concerned incountry. One was Coban garrison; two wasvoV Jutiapa; four was iWLSatecango garrison or"vaa Quexaltenangd garrison or field; six wasor field; seven Guatemala City aod centralgarrisons and fields and major cooao points; eightJoaej nine vaa Puerto Barrios garrison, port and Jvas informed that having studied slightly Intoand active apposition and as yet beingto the exact assets available in Rufus' organization,highly possible that Mazatacaago, Qoezaltenango andhave only folding blocks thrown bevweeo thea endtc forestall oar entry into the action duringinto target areas and operations againat targetsborder.Informed 12 ouch had been

sent toll -Jnarcad eyes onlyuested byf ouwXinlng Rufus' latest operation plana neverby headquarters. The pouch baa notthla date, anuary,reliminary

discussion of tbe contents of the pouch othe etrongeat approach to operational piana abouldaround pest planning and preperatlok. It was _Jtbat on arrival of Rufus'

plans, headquarters vould study ror feaslblalty andplan Into an unconventional warfare operationalso that upon Rufus' arrival for conference ^Jon possiblyanuary, an operational plan could beAt that time acceptance of such phaseIroned out ana tbe firm operational planning to proceedpoint.

The operations agalnat| each separate target would beexcept at Rufua'j ataff level. To maintain thlaseparate staging areas for each operationobtained. In each case the staging area abould

2Jof the target whe-Election end obtaining of tnese sightsbe

a priority job forBufua duringremainder

of January. It waa initial ly thought tbat theJ

would arrange forites within its Jurisdiction atup tbe fact tbatf are oc-

1 ocaousing areasIt waa agreed

that this situation would continue

concerned with emergency staging cites designed tothe

nan Just short of Jump-off time. Storage ofand equipment would be made ln the vicinity ofstaging cites. Operational preparations wouldIn the present housing area

told to be examining the problems being

lines. Be was told of el tee to be located should be Isolated farm areas. Be may find such farms impossible to obtain in the interests of security and to obtain black Isolated bases on the border ln place of those. Those observations should be clarified prior to the meeting approximatelyanuary and we wouldhe action concerning same at that time.

The r" ^training now being laid on too produce, as dJuicussed, four staff men, tenshock troop leaders, four sabotage experts and two,ation / As discussed, the four staff men will beRufus to assist in hie planning. The ten organizer* andtroop leaders would be retained and as two-nan teamstrained specialist^nd/or viewpoint .'for eachThese leader organizer teems may: end thethe target to conduct organization while the shockremain at the safe cite collecting personnel,preparing then for action,ha organizer mighttarget area only long enough to Instruct the selectedis already within the target complex. He will instruct thenfor partisan warfare and for netting up futuresupplying those partisans that are organized and. tocourier supply operations as necessary. Tbe shockfor that particular target tight only instructleaders or poaslblyhock tropp action fromor act as advleer to already aelected leadera foraction from the outside. This nan might be released toand leading reserve units if we determine such personnel The actual employment of these organlzera andleaders can only be determined after Rufus1 evaluationassets and capabilities ere tkawrx thoroughly studied Since it is necessary In order for Rufus*get tbe fullest attention to have an operational planarch at thetold that it was

a priority necessity to turn In tbe biographical data oo Rufus' assets ft Rufua' operational plans immediately.

Sabotage experts produced fron the training are ins' courseppropriate safe areas

for approximatelyelected team leaders. Where it is possible thoseeam leaders will have recruited from within the target area and each will be responsiblearget near his natural habitat. When possible, an excuseeeks absence free the target area may be formulated for him,abotage leader will be reinstated iiaaedlately to recruit and train tola teas and

co&EKDce hla operations again vbere evaluation andoar present assets near each aabotage target haveand Jrecuests have produced sufficientvhlch epecixlc targets hare been selected,mar befeasible to use the trained expert as an Instructor tothe spot In certain instances as veil aa melding backnatural habitat and lying dormant until time to start. and planning must be maintainedinal,plan Is forthcomingarch, howevertarget planning should be Infrom tola

beadouartersebruary so that Rufus-alt accordingly.

It Is tentatively tbe trend of planning that the aabotage program will be In three stages. Stage one Is passive aabotage vhlch vlll be that produced through the effectiveness of psychological warfare efforts. This will potirected sabotage program nor will Rufus' t_ ersonnel be responsible for any portion of IV Stage two is an ectlve stage which In any case will not be, activated earlier than tvo to three days prior to the movement to tbe target of tbe special units (tactical' radio operator, shock troops, etc.). It is entirely possibletudy may show the feasibility of holding this second stage toerely hours shortour or even possibly to occur simultaneously with Stage three. Stage three willour over sabotage uolng ueaolltiooa end arson and other overt means to coincide with tbe opening of overt f_ ction aimed at cutting communication lines, ccsnplete demolition of tbe main radio stations and blocking reinforcement by the active opposition. Aa stated above, designation of these targets should be forthcoming by the middle of February and recruiting should commence accordingly. Againtudy of the evaluation of the existing assets it will be decided whether assets exist within the vicinity of the target or whether training specialists will return andeam to conduct the mlssiou or whether training epecialieteinstructing existing assets and provide for equiplngbe mission Is to be Initiated In concurrence wltb tbe attack or whether it la only set up to be used If needed during tbe attack and consolidation. Tola planning will comaortion -of tbe final operational plan duearch.

assassination epeclnllata would be utilized to return to Rufus' -fa*

JJteems for Instruct local purposes. eams abould be compertJaented now and EEI's on their targets to be cotcpiled for them end tbelr operational plans fitted Into the over-all plan.

Coonc trainees will be turning out both the reeldentnear the target but ccmpartaented from the activitiestarget) and tactical operators (located at the staging cite

until Just prior to the ope ret loo) who viU be tbelink during overt ope rot loo*ay, endwhere the target coacsander la merely part of tbetbe tactical radio. operator will bee unit and BapffPwlth tbe partlsanuettalabe at emeh hour. Individual cases where thebe attacked by shock troops froa the outside. Ina tactical radio operator will travel wltb theThe reat of the radio operators will not enter intobat will provide intelligence before/ end afterusing proper eline procedures, we willcontact with tbe leader of tbe underground and nerve ascenter between the underground leader and Rufua.ay operations cocaence, transmission of radiogo through the tactical radio operators. During^ thesetting field messagesboth tactical end resident radio operators.^ as the mess*ge,sdnrlng the whole operation. The firsttwo radio operator* will be sent to Rufua tocorns) linkRufua. All incoming

intelligence will be fcerwarded to Rufus lisncdlately. Allwill be pas sod to target leaders by vacl

This will in ao way affect tbe speed of tranamlseloacontrol of the sltaatloa be lessened by the factequipment and signal plan arc atuntilay

trigger is palled, headquarters will be utilizing this control to end direction /to ell operations. During the overt action stage, headquarters can only actisseminator of messages and will be set up to handle the heavy traffic quickly. It la now eetlmetedoors round trip traffic can be expected. Rufus to headquarters to Rufus and Rufus to beadquartora target ccamandar and vice versa. Allowing for decoding, ansvering, and receding. Rufus should personally concoct tbe principal city target country operations physically at the scene of action. It la realized the prlncpal value that can be gained fromradio cowannlcation from Rufus to hla individual units; however, there is little that Rufus can io with instaneousin thla situation and the major Job of conducting this principal cityill occupy hla whole tine and and attention. oar time lag will keep him well informed as to the events of the country before phone lines are re-establish, and lnter-taxget consolidationccomplished. Incidentally,


facilities at that atatlon end it was unwittingly elicited that they couldmell team of Anerlcan radio operators and in this as in mind for bringing up to tbe chief of the project toe possibility of using jdirectly re-transmit

messages froa tbe Individual units straight to RufusTerse once the overt operation Is commenced, n Info station, ascapability of being

sble to do anything about overt operations would be

Halted, and Rufus' need for immediate lnfornatlon froa his sub-units Is great.

Tbe operational planning vlll allow for three different stages of planning tbe first being the one Just discussed, the second being to accomplish tbe consolidation once stage one has bees completed successfully. Tbe third stage will be planned to Insure that guerrilla warfare can be conducted by such units

whose stage one was not completed successfully. This guerilla warfare would be carried on until such time, asareas coold come in touch wltb tbe units conducting guerilla warfare. The tactical radio operator can be used with tbe Isolated unit to direct area rc-aupply and direct recontoct with fi units which have successfully completed stage one. This stage of the planning requires more thorough study.

2- Finance-

ouched to you in care

to be dispensed at the rate of and witnin the . tationwe discussed OOXJQZ. at our last meeting. This breakdownbe accounted for as follows:




Pood,5 guards Pay, gd. force,en Medical supplies Clothing POL

Land rent

' I facilities

Emergency fund


(2) Poren

(incl. selection SAE. experts) Emergency fund


b. As per ocx discussion tbe accountability far January expend!will be roar responsibility. In rlew of the factnegotlationaare onflrm at thla tine, you vlll he-

re sponsible for thaVtl cUsbureeaent; of.-funds for

amp until such time as you ere directed to turn over the accountability and responsibility tofj J

addition, specialists for running the Commo trainingbe poached to, dispensed by and accounted for bymen at the training camp.

Ccu<_fc> vX-jS

discussed, the other phases of project expenditures mgyjMVt 'Jandf JulU be the responsibility of those officers in

of their phase and vlll be of no concern to you.*

February finances vlll be delivered at our Xebruary meetingof January expenditures, insofar asade at

3- Scope of Besponalbllity-

a. Tne entire project as discussed has been broken dovn

L raining

i- oiinhas bean responsible for training,

including directing tbe conduct of training and Insuringmeets project standards. Tour responsibility Isease officer, vhlchirects tbe

principal agent in all C Jmatters to see that^_ maintained In the fieias of (a) recruit-meat; Ldj dispersal(c) preparation for operations includingby the principal agent, all commitments mode In theby the principal agent, and the conduct of ellcan be carried out as the operational

plansd) conductIn accord vith

project headquarters directives;security In that the principal agent fully understands tbe necessity of confining tbe development of the operational plans to his Immediate staff.

b. It Is not expected that this direction of tbe principal agent ould be in tbe form of cocxaands to be foUoved oris it expected that complete leeway would be even intimated n dealing vith tbe principal agent.haa been

cctmmo^ked to eaploy methods of presentation so taax *uooperations ore carried out within the framework given by Latitude would be considered Inaseand experience to be utilized and for

Rufus)na experience to be utlUted, but suchbe checked out through ma when practicable and Iwould be directed within the framework

of myvaa Informed that every attempt

vould be made to give bla advice complete consideration, and that ba la to work within the directives which have been broadened as far aa poealble for hla Implementation.

e. Be la Instructed tolow of Information to projectonthly assessment of ersonnel as to their ability, morale, and their state of .wuisii;

bl-veekly assessment of the training program as directed;

monthly accounting of expenditures,; (V)ose/ bibliographical analysis on all recruited persoaail and all potential personnel being cons ldered/.

d. instructed to add his advice oo tbe practicality of

planning and form an indigenous perspective for us in our planning, and froa bis knowledge of the active opposition advise on the practicality of all mateers nnder consideration _by project heedcuartere.

His to maintain cca-rpertaentatlon between .is straight to thisconnect Ions with the training camp have

been limitedetting op of the camp andresentation of C o projecttbe necessaryiaison vithC t of our previous discussion; (k) aellvery ofand assessments to tbe training arrangement (allto be known to tbe training chief by code numberdelivery of the bodies from tbe training area tournish}^ ^Jcoutact and coordination withInsure that bis personnel receive Instructions toand prepare them to come upstandards of

training;i-weekly assessment to this office onandlose coordination between

or the purpose of isplementlng operationaltraining;he reception of Incoming equipment andand disposal of equipment for traininget up in Dccs-aberand) It la not anticipate

however, in theconsiders training standards are not

sufficient or are abovecapability of the personnel, he isto take no steps except directly through me.

to operate independently of the

except to keep tbem Informed cn matters they neeo to sxtw* Mm*order to cover up Illegal operations connecting. Government.

Uis to dSacuna all pToblamavlthln the Jurisdiction JHwithreceive his approvalmalting contact Jlndlgcnous personnel outside

it Of Rufus:organization,cquire land within theof-esponslblllty.

h. HOTS: iscussiontbe situation at

It was decimal against piecing hla

wlthu tuothe manner be

Is placed ander tht>ft3Ljl_reason for tale

being the presentof

mostlyotsao HwV vltbrather inan oeing acquainted vith operations that are going on vlthln tbe area, further discussion on this natter vill be taken up between the chief of project and Chief of FJf.

1. C o receive Lincoln approval before recruiting nou-Buiua personnel for any witting deal within the project.

reports, vorbel and written, and his cables axe to


k. Support -

a- the sole function of

weKinga saccess.

b. The Initial equipment Is arriving as discussed in

ecember meetings. (BOTE: Black fllgn*PM to Chief of Project)over

tc ]Jthe requirements of the black flight landing

as presented


< . nnal ajiprovsa vould have to be given b

That approval was forthcoming ocsnuary. If there ere no changes ln plan, no word vill be received

If for some reason, changes ln plan arecabled forward commercially tomailing address

drop located In Florida. As of tha-afternooncaxDerclal cable has not arrived. All planning la beingaa If tbe Initial arrangements rue et the point of landing oi toe oxack (ie arrangements can be found in cable form, Lincoln to heedas briefing of the pilot is concerned. In addition toit was brought out by ' *hat'clock onall personnel atsania field, except militaryremoved froa tbe vicinity ofng field. Thisoperation ln control of the chief of the sir group army at en will be ln the control tower conductingof the plane as it ] in accordance withbriefing cable sent to headquarters. security around the field. Rufus1 nun vui oefork lift equipment that will comprise tha unloading of the

equipment for the plane- Taxi Instructions will he given to theallon refueling truck will cometandby position Just opposite the plane and vill stand off unless

by the plane- Emergency refueling has been arrangedcalled for the truck vill be handledhose handled

by Bufus'vill be In the background to help conduct

the Indigenous sloe or the operation, although he vill notunder emergency. Upon the approach of our plane allln the area vill be directed avay from tbe air fieldan emergency landing might be conducted during tbe timeoff-loading of our plane.') army trucks villby until the plane arrivesaxi stop. Allvill be Bufus1 men under the direction of the Rufua Trucks are to be off-loaded and vill iimaedlatelythe training area vith the KM gear vhlch Is the fF

gear for the training camp. The trucks contacting are to proceedentral unloading spot vhlch Yin oecontinual supervision ofuntil such time as the

training cites for ^activities have been made available.

(1) reak-down of equipment per target for placing at the

safe cite areas for that target Is being considered. total of initial equipment vould be placed on handto present underground aaaeta Is as discussedarms and equipment assay emorandum. Thlato make all men aa1lent during theactive operational period as to veapons,and survival rations, to operate vith fullself-sufficiencyen-day period.

up tbe possibility that the men vould not beon evil tasting sarrival rations, and it vaasuch voold be the case Af there vere plentiful rought up instances in vhlch theaad been used successfully and it was agreedshould be slanted so that the men vouldnecessity foriving off the rations for athat under those conditions the

men coula oe mentally conditioned to depend upon thethan along logistical supply lines

method or getting toe materiel Intoasthatla selecting and vill forvard for couslderatic

air fie lasvith their security hazards from vhlchcould bring tbe materielafe cite tonearest tbat safe cite. arther y ofvill be presented to the chief:y Chief of th having seen the set op at

ethod of getting equipment end materiel into tbe target area to presently existing underground forces, the time of movement of the equipment to the target area Is yet to be firmed up, except that it ia contemplated movement Into the

staging arena will be by black flight to the nearest fields. Ko-remaat into the underground will be determined by the target ares, situation and will satisfy tho individual case.

s contemplated by

continuous black trips by courier transports utilizing

C urplus personnel as couriers and utilisingstashing and caching voulduild-up at the target g* area for the assets which are In position.pound self-sufficiency kit designed for the occasion vould enable shock troop and outside specialists, including radio operators and in cooing sabotage team* to be self-sufficient transport and existing for the ten-dayexpected period. More research will be forthcoming along this line of thought. Tbe necessary scheduled report to chief of project willn detail "the pre-arranged staffing tbat haa been dona on this subject.

(2) Support requirements during the second phase of overt C n otheronsolidation phase, will be limited to possible replacement of key Inslnnaenta and items necessarily destroyed by sabotage end to extra consolidation requirements Including operational funds end propaganda material pecial Consao gear will be required. Support requirements for the third phase of the ^operations will have been arranged, gathered and packaged and ear-marked for an emergency black flight ao that if any of the units find it necessary to go into this third phase, re supply can be arranged through their tactical radio. This third phase operational plan will of necessity be limitedhort number of weeks dee to the topography of the target country and the nature of the expected consolidation of those units successful in tbe first stage. Proposed, detailed report for the preparation for thla third stage support requirement will be forthcoming to the project chief on the Chief PK next report.

upsome no tha ago he had been alerted C

that much Guatemalan money was available ll

aa certain amount of cash. The subject waa broughtthe Chief of WED and C 'oa toldtell the man toU.S. cash. The man for some six months uov bos announcedhasn foreign currency and is requesting

tbat be produce tbe- cash. This matter has beentbe attention of headquarters before and Chief of PH feelshas placed under ccmsaltmeat by this Agency and that athis ccnmltaent should be made immediately to take Mm from anposition.this money would be fortbconl

. Inquired aa to the report one-ont*rt vith

.conxacx betveen

*2_ ^fcould be .Bd sconseven o go forward vith

hie plans toMs proposed operations could be mls-

consti-aed by . approval. In addition. It vaato LV tt his mission vaa PBSUCCESS, that be shoulduntil so instructed by Chief of PK who voulddirection fron project chief and project chief receiving hisheadquarters.informed ^that be bad received

approval from tbe Deputy of VHD, tbat stemmed froa occurencesduringaskorfeel Bufus out cocicernlng

future aid tcforthcoming operation. Bufus gave hisapproval on aid tochanging tha date of his

move to some time In reoruary,Jsent word to Bufusthe Pebruary date oed been arranged and consequently

fftirua vas employing'.convey his (Bufus') attitude on the

affair.that be vas thereepresentative of Rufus

and notepresentative of tbe united States. When it vasby 3that again tbe target country vas tbat of ointed out that he had received Instructions to. talk rom the Deputy ofto remain within the

C si Halts of tba target country of operations againatcountry of PBCOCCESS, but stated and this statement isupon by the Chief of PH, that his position as to past

cooadtments abould be fully cancelled by the persons who laidon or be Is placed In tbe nebulous position ofset of instructions he is going to follow. It Ismo that thla position should be clarified fat C. 5thegave hla past ccemdtaents, if containment wltniu toePBSUCCESS is truthfully expected to be of

Sincefinal approval has not been obtained on tbe

pre-arrangedugnt, it haa been decidedersonalfron-to tbeaddress which

egative attitude on any subject will be warningthe flight Is for some reason cancelled. Ifsome

reason for dealy from this end, he willommercialump ccsopany concerning

a pump toathaa ordered. The pumpumber. TlJat

number will contain the new ETA of tbe airplane, if the flight Isaltogether, it will mention that the pump cannot be found, itreferC umber and that there will be no pump forthcoming. date of tbe arrival of tbe shipment

la to be delayed, tbe number of days of delay vill be Indicatedln the coawrclal cable toIndicating that

the punp left beadqnartera ao many daya ago. xne nomber of days ego indicating the number of daye delay In tho ETA of the airplane.



that If comncinl cat Ions art C ovn to very quickest,

it is possible Bufus vill establish hisssein! cat Ions, vhlchopinion of the writer is only natural. The man ln the fieldthe tine needs Instantaneous communication. ope tbat mycommunications vill be considered ln that light and that ifare not established, Rufus will establish his ovn by Also in one case where radio Commo voeld liave added toof our movements. It was found that the necessary Cosmoclosed for the weekend. It was suggested thatystem to eliminate the situation. vas

notified and theay contact la now set up for weekends between

T. alerted to prepare Fufusrip to the Miami area

approximatelyanuary. Rufua .will be ready when the detailsflight arrangements have beenufus will

be alone unless otherwisefeeis that rather than

eeting for Jandpirit of trust could be incorporated into this meeting by allowing nd Rufus toay together before meeting vith project personnel. Thie idea meets with tbe full concurrence of Chief of PM.


a capable, eager, hard-working man. Be needs direction from

rwieso-ionels. Such direction must be in the form of intelligentmust shy away from hand-shanckling restrictions. This statement laof tbe realisation of the inability of non-field personnel totrue problems facing our man on tbe spot. If ve feel tbat thisvork within the confinesroed directive, ve should removewhoever occupies the doty that we have assigned tcmast

be allowed to use his initiative.


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