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JrfUid Francf KTUES at bom* ol-.

1. Th*f KIIAra'b trip va* toi t*in th*

condition ho reaulta of hi* recent trip

ta Nexiooi o utin him of the currant eltuatlon at 1IVC0LK.

1* It va*t*inat>le atalthfrom the time vhen he hadKC0LK. Throughconversation vl th Cf- d Lie family, lt vaa easy to see thaten lwidUt' expert mecical ezardnatlon. rueofphysical state van rtecenaary, nTLKBS

that ite uroap's vlah that he beompletedetermine the actual cauae of his thl*

hortly afterward, KT1.KE5 ventaad*

an appointment for & JwM- tbetn wet efty. Thl*

Clinicccorded high reapect inircles in that clt/ andherefore believed to affordC Jthe beatomplete physical elteck-ap. for, in addition ta it* hlph profes'lonel standards, th* Clinic ia known to have eeveral Spanish speaking doctors and nurses, KYLKES vaa unable toeeervatlon at the Clinlo before lit April.

J*tT*m6 toull report on the rwdioal circumstance* attnrdiscj-arged from the Clinic} the complete exam- nation leo i : - o five day**

3. KXLOS advised C f recant events at UHCOLNi ofinent necaeaity to mover all activitymilitary,nd intelligence. ac'vlandC Jtori are now four individuals at 'proparandatUitfTawal are belnr cut for the ratio,newspaper artlclee ar* cei-ip sent tolandaatine newepepers. It was decided UatC Jsh mid return to LINCOLN iwdiatly after Ms dlac):arfasplial, provlcec that h* found it impossible lo ret-im Urn' day* prior to histrance into the Clinic. Inevent



tiiatealth vill not permit him to return to LISCOW Ittnei KfLABB should again travelasic

decisionposition vonlo oa mmthat tlaa.

ii*on hie trip to Mexicot

^ as left with an extremelyor uie Congress to ba hold in Naxieo inbelieves that tbe money and time and energy whlohbe expended in this Congress oould be better spent

on the liberation of Guatemala and Coata Idea. Kith regard to activities other than those connected with the Congress, jslightly more enthusiastic. Ba bellavea that ho das left the Junta more firmly entrenchedand he believes that hie conversations with AYCXMEU havs had and willery stimulating effect within Guatemala.

and the Comite^ Pro-Libereclon de tated that he had vnryYitda reg<rd fofel*"

j-ho ie proaently in chargemall splinteruuatemalan, ontl-oomnunlet refugees now residing inadviaed that only three people comprise this groupit held no meetings and was not capable ofMount* of propaganda, particularly intothat it had absolutely no influence among anygroup of Guateraalans In Mexico.

declared further that from all indications thia ttroupuo influence among Mexican anti-comauolsta result of these factors aid that he felthan little or no purpose for its existence whilethat the now proup (the CEO AH) which he haaShould now be given the full support

of the juntat ne hope* that his recommendation willby the Group. Ife eaia thathange wasas thereerious ideological splitAs an example, Q JJ lited the

fact that on eeveral occasions rlntadware extremely disparaging to General ARANA. SA'IA waa the principal man of support andwno backed C'.lXIGMrlS before his aaeaalnatlnnforces.tbat it was probably for thle

reason more then any <Jtner thet CAU-TGratlS, aetinpntinto Kexico toore

d properly oriented ;Toup of Guatemalans.

comae ritsi '-cam necessary for the Oroup toecision as soon as possible as lo whether it will

PifiUCCfcSS/ bk!


support the :group under the direction ot C,

J vls tho support Of CALLIuKRIS and C w> continue togroup. It la also

believedforto reconsider tha

Cottlcaruly effectivenMst Ouatsmalan force. The evidence whichQ, aa eubmltted ahowsiifiiUy that tbe Ooatite naa inut or no reason for Its continued existence.

d-the Congresoi _Jleft

vltiTtate wyweanXoMrow ass latent,

C Ju,rIndus triousTverbose rwn who Ior tne sake of personal and/or financial Rain were interested Inthe Coogreso, He dose aot bsliava that these two men con be considered as sincere Ideological However, Jdoea feel that because of the personal ann financial fain whloh here aeeruedesult of their activities, there can be no doubt that Usee tarooan be quite useful in sponsoringontreso. He did Indicate that In all dealings with these two nan, considerable care shoild be riven to theof fundsary careful accounting demanded since it is hia impression that fto'ther efne'; vo-ild be very carefol in handling large amounts of nopey,

'"hen C rrived In Hexieo and talked with

and C e found that neither of tbe tareltnougnd madend were beylr<nlne tolnvltstlona to the Congress, had an agendarogram for the Congress. Lacking these primer) lbrrediente for a roperly declared that he wae not willing to assist true group financially until he knew more of the details.

respite this clear abla home two days after his return wnioh asked thatsent imadiatoly to coverxpensss of thewho vould be traveling soon ir. variouacou tries. Recarding the exact names ofdelegates to represent the Junta at thin that at this tlum he haa aot specifically

nyotn. However, tie did aay that if the Congreno wasd if suitable finaneltd arrangements cohr would curgest theof one or two Individuals who would be assets atonpreco.



MYLKES' comantei It wai not knovn st thia tineeimultaneously cabledS asking

ior mm ol Candidate* to oaks ths trip to Latin America and probably asking for money.

Tlalt withaxtresmly

pliaoid" with thesespan in-

e true tl one fro* C Jcame to *mm aim in Haxieo.

Jadvised MXUttS that hs had rsquseted _Jme aarxisst opportunity te returnjob contact with ths Archbishop of tbs Cstholle Church. The purpose ef this eontset vould bs to galvanise ths Church into action against the AR&CSZ Oovcrnmtnt now that lt waa known that the Junta vas strongly supported and basked by people who wouldhe cause through to the finish,

BUB' cwaeentai Apparently C _Jwea extremely"in this manoeuver becauseour or fiveafterarrival In Guatemala, contact was

undoubtedlyesult tbe Archbishop

trong enti^ommunlat declaration against tbe Communists.

C- greed to the possibility that upon his ould make several contactswho vould take tort in, or be given Instructionsthe anar-mi et campaign and instructed to contact C nd

otherindividuals for the parrosc or securing

their cooperation in utlllclng epcechee which vould beby the Junta. Ostensibly the epeeohea vould beown opinions but in actuality vo-Jd bawith the Group. These individuals willof the source of their nateriel except forthat lt isefinite anti-communist natureit has sons CO -action with the movement led ty CALUboasted of hia rnthueiam and con-

fidence that the ijrneiorc vould ten villinr to cooperate In this venture.

O Jwa* also tele to contactlDCiviri'isl

who ip *rvvM to be- extremely Antl-corswniH und VhOj accord-

inr Jvo ld ^ helpful in setting up an




intelligence net In- fasourse not told tht purpose for which C Jvaa being coneidared bat


rely that he vas to sound Mai out as the extent that he. - .Jwould be ullling to assist In the antixoavnmlat movement, c- fain announced hia coafidanoe in being able to secure C- ooperaUon in such an endeavor.

c- lso told to contact eaveral otherwo oe antl-commnlat and who have no previousthey are to be asked to aid in the drawing uppolitical progranew anti-cceramistindividuals


alltcn nave

of experience in the industrial, banking and commercial circlea of Guatemala, Thay would bo extremely influential in aponaoring an/ oconoaiic-polltioal program developed by the Group,

C- dvisedhat fromto time

woaia cneck with the person who gave hira C etter

(aalcing him to come to Kexico).

WUrS' commentai It will be possible for Station Guatemala

enlarge upon and exercise more direct controlin the futureesult of his favorablet emands. It ia believedpecialsnould be assignedother than the

Pf Caae Offioer in Guatemala, if this nas not already been done. The importance of C inger man cannot be underestimated in developing new talent for both PI and PP nets.

e, Tbe remaining incidentstrip to fexico are

fully reported by him in separate reports and areInter-6ting (See attachments to Ma conversation witha Costa

Moan exile now in Mexico, ar.dC. omenw regarding the polit'.cij situationjx1co. (fellas' commenti these canuento are extremely important for us 'since they re fleet tt* oatsicer'a viewpoint, of one who has lived for atime in Mexico and Hio ia familiar wit'r- Kexiean politics.)

necommendationi It ia believedn ascertain from

ite evaluation ofwhom CL ea


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