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enaian Military Attache to]^.

heretoranslationrittenTnd recounting hia conversation with the Guatemalanconversation Is the result of severalJUOATIOfPI to contact the Military Attache at the letter's invitation,

I hasprovide hiaubterfugethe Military Attache, This would appear an excellentplant any information LINCGLH might wish reported to the If LDiCCLH has inotigated rumors in Guatemala thoy couldsubstantiated by giving thon toho vould thon conveythe Military Attache, Such information could alsoight establish rapport with tho Military Attache andreason to expect data in returnuid pro quo basia,

LINCOLN has been apprised of this situation and date requested

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rrived at the/Guatemalan Qobasay and Sated to opoek to Colonel Marcon employee of the Kmbaeay informed no he bad goneone oatoon return. He retumodinutes later.

Upon aeelng me be lnrlted mo to hia office on the second floor where we began our dlacuaodon by recalling hie childhood

wiere be use born andas

He esia he wasears old, moo ao such did not renomLor un."ofage had spokes to him of

whooaohor at that

He spoke ofountry ho knows mil, and recalled hia tripe there. At thla part of thettempted to gain hia confidence by saying, "On the train toeardevolution being planned against Qua team la.* To this be replied, "ae have knowledge that exiled Quatemalana real ding in Honduras areevolutionary movement against Guatemala, this invasion, which will come through Ocotepoone, williasco, as tha laadora of thia planned revolt know. However, they aro not running any risk aa thay will not actually lead tbe attack. If this group wine It will be because of tho poor people who, being paid by "Drdted Fruitil risk thoirnd irt^rlatjoaorrt forCompany."

"The battle between the Ouatoxmlan Government and United Fruit ls well known. mrtaa Lear and its application, in which tha Government has expropriated inle or useless land from the Fruit Company, is justified aa the Government has paid tho value Hated for taxes. Naturally it isthe Landigher value, but If yououse which you dec Ian at ft?f. and if the Government coods itchool and oxproprlatos it and pays, then they have$ value."

"That'the GovojTaaant and pooplo of Guatemala aro classified asnot tnfe, although there are doolarod Cocnmleta such as and many mora who alncerely think thoyiring a

better world, and are indoctrinated withIdoologioal intentionsboliove tho land la abandoned and not available to tha enslavednoaooa. The land lo not diatribitod aa lt ls horei liberty Laand tin preaent Government, when taking office, declared Itselftlio impoverished maasos. These messes think all is the workand of

" The Govornmont of ColonolJ InDUIZ ie not Coomunlat) It io Social Lot. But it needs Urn help of tho lertieTfactions, and it iu logioal that with strongition ouch as United Fruit, which haa spent millions of dollars in' arriving at lte lucrative bniainoas position, it must rely on the assistance of the proletariat. But the Government ia not under tho control of GUTrLFRAZ

and hin comradea, for lt lwas tho barking of tha Amy which tradlUaoaUy la not Corrainlntic. Although OHTTiaHEZ and hie aaeociatos desire to take oontrol of the country, thoy cannot. The Amy believes, after ARBENZ, the new President shouldoldtor aa are tho aalorlty of the countrloo of America."

"Confidentially'ertain manner the actlvitiee of those Conrranlst leader* who are sincere end not hypocrites, aa they are in other countries,he occasion when OUTIKRRffl was donouncod for Introducing arms and ha vine scandals In his followlne. However, tho arms were examined and found to be hoes and other agricultural tools which ware to beby the peasants."

in to be lamented that In tha Guatemalan capital, where laws for tha benefit of the peasants have been created, subversive plans aro being made to overthrow other governments and peoples by use cf paid omigroa In foreign ocuctriea to weld revolt* and invssionoj carrying and opreading rumors| and creating suspicions."

"Ba further stated,oldior,olitician, aod thisfirst diplomaticn accustomed to seeing thingswant to see Ouatoraalawith out fear, that tholr Rood

works not be diatroyed. hink OUTTSRJBZ and the other lendors ore oasdng to tho end of thoir tamo, and tho situation In my country will ontororiod of calmegree that the good can be anprociatod oven though lt appears the work uas eccpnpliehod under the influence of the Coow.nleta."

o not know if you. have rocoivnd tho report that fonurai"ftdigajju ruBWTg^who in opposed to my Oevonosnt, has broken with tsetillo ABHAi, Bo broko becmuso of his conviction that Castillo ABKhS and hie followers aro guided only by selfish Interests. He (ARMAS) le given money and Usry play tho comedy to >ietify the use of that money, but in reality, aa militaryo not think thay can be unaware of the fiasco. All of hia movements that aro known by the Army and any surprise to the capital are doomed to fall, lavaoabor what happened in Ahuschapan when you removed tho Guatemalans who had infllterod thoro. *hat happened on that occasionroatwrong that will be strange if it is not repeated here also, aa Caatlllo AKWS ie enllsting Salvadorana atay to Invade Guatemala, oo that thie will be tho work of criTgrofland not of the SalvadorarfT^vu iin'iit."

"As has been said, CnntlUo AR>'AS has broken with General Idlgoraa FJF.VTVS, but the GeneralkUlfulan ofand of ooonomic resources and of Rood Intentions. )'o purports hoictim of vary bad political action but forit ie not tho hour of hia ditch (probably fine ral

situation in my coiintry io as followoi It is the fight of on* atatenother stato. Tho fight for the public powor agalnot the plan of the Coirsiniot Is In force. But don't think ny bovcrrrsjnt is not

publishes any small thing that happens In QuatemLa and

builds itiant if it can in any way help than discredit the current Guatemalan regime, hort Uno ago theycsndsluspected incident involving Salvadorana living in

had been published of the preparations for his arrival. ave boon told the error resulted because of lack of correct Information ao to the precise time of his arrival. ent to receive hinas informed In the PAA offices of the exact hour of his arrival.*

did the enoffiioa of Guatemala say? onsuniot raSolved Ituestion of appreciation. We aro not inthe Government of the USA. tie are opposed to theirj^st Thatll,

of the Aviation Division io my rrlohd and arrived to groot me and telltho arrivalremoving ma froa tfcg mutual position of

onbarrasaaentonvenient nanncr. From thie

thoir account."

Our visit tcnainatodi5. Tho Colonel is an Intelligent -jcrson. lio made observations about tho dangers of our relationship. He stated It would cause suspicions if we arc seen together and that our relationship would cause suspicion oincc it rateht bo thoughtas in tho service of tho Guatemalan iaabassy and this could cause difficulties.

He amid, *whea you want to see ne come to my bouse, LT Pardon me nowo not aee you to the door for theave explained* however, count me always as your frlendUCT

e adds that tha Colonel

la very

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