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Transmittal of MonoUlGH

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Attachedterile version of suggeutlaDS for specific operu-Uonal plan forItoped thet the above suetoe-tiona nay be of sccieeuths subject ItP.O.

At present it appears that naasage cantors will be aateblished at, Frank, Hank, Cesar, Bond andotaln all. However, lt should be planned that, ahould note fall to be developed in all of ths above locations, the HRO will servoistening poet at the very leaat and should be ao briefed.

For your latest Information, therexperienced bodlos at Singer of whloh three are ready to mount today and five no later thanay. The remainder, four in number, will have to be trained up to the last pooaiblo minute. Rlcardo says that one more experienced RO ia due out of target, ao with luck we mayomplete lineup.






SRCTTOSand Control






APPKJinnOp Plan Check List

Plan Schedules

Section It Woalon

a. Definition of agent's misoiom Agent'o raiuelon ie tolandestine radio link in communicationsaitic in Guatemala City and project hcadquartero, LINCOLN, and then to the Field Command Poet for theey Agent'o iaplemontetion of nlscion ie raaaariied in Section II and developed in detail In succeeding sections.

S. Tine table and Implementation of adaalon.


will receive final week's conno instruction Instruction will concentrate on storageinternal crypto procedures and use of specificplan. KIDDLECOTT will arrive at jcrahton on orMay and give agent his final oommo cheek-out.

will be given LCFLuTTtR exaalnation priordeparture from SCRABTOB.

will set up and prepare radio signalagent's usei will pass plan topouchingandassing viand suuftxc

will pouch twoandto Guat via LIMCOLH for subsequent pssolng viaSEMANTIC to agent.

a, ' liaison ann will obtain nocessary."Or Subject's travel by plane to

Tegucigalpa during the first week in


a. The agont will proceed unacooapenied to Tegu where he will be given an ope briefing by Ontrioh which will consider tha fallowing subjects!

Operational rales Ion

Cover/ oTCealmenVoompertmontation

Travel plan

Co saw and oontaot

Support (including funding and supply)

Disaster plan

Disposal plan

TOTEi Hany details of the above subjects will have to be firned or oonflrned by ONTRICH with CALUCKRIS'heek list is attached foronvenianoeA).


a. Briefed and equipped aa par travel jflan of para one above, agent will be turned over to the cau.IQUU5 mechanism for blaok ontry and establishment ln agont's own hose in Guatemala City, prior to shedding his escort, tho agent musteoure oontaot plan via cutout with squiptic.

U, 7

^, nho agent wiH survey his home aur-roundings and settle himself In tho securest possible arrangement for "blank" living. He ahould prepare eeparate places of concealment for hlond for Ss^lgnal^an materlale and ahoulduitably aeeure antenna cite. He shouldookout,ember of hia own

!Sly' chIn eaoo henterrupted

while operatinghie equipment. He ahouldlan of

foolu^V'ibl,Vat in 6VentQVOight


-PProhenaion by Cuaten^an^vert

on tho above matters,

d iSrl0Cfntlan with hia cutoutx1 ,in3tan Mc ^uipment, PlUBgear, radio signal^

securely Installodpnent, the agent

ut hie lookout/inpleS

eontact Mastation. This

nt^^J report

Me^own^ituation and await inatructione from Project HeS"

taot has beea established. Projectwill direot agent to proceed to service traffic between SEMANTIC and the Project HesdqusxterTtanrFCP) He must abide by radio dlsolpline at ill times and will keeptar?le/fl Poaaibla. He will use discretion sl7 judgement at all tines and will remain innuntil he is directed otherwise by^rojec? ^

- 2

will conrnunlcate a


a. ay, ogont will be notified by SBttfcTJC to cease operation and remain black for thirty days.

+ 30

#Kw*r f not soonca, agent will be contacted through outout snd instructed to inclement his dispose?

Section Hi Cover/Cor^


It Is presently contemplated that agent will travel and live "black" during this mission, and that no elaborats covar otory will be required,

The agent, under the supervision of UfTPJCH and/or CALLIOKHIS representative, will prepars light cover stories to account for his status or action In tha following situational

into target

with cutouta

of hone

e. Apprehension while tranemltting

ahould deteralne by direct Interview with agent andwith appropriate CALUOERIS representative, the amountnecessary to support ths abovs cover stories And willfrom CALLJQEiuS mechanlsu.

ii. Prior to sgonts departure, Ovtrich will relesse and check him cut on above cover stories.


will depend mainly upon concealment of hia peraon andto accomplish his mission, he will remain as much asthe confines of his own home and should leave It only tonecessary oontscts or for tbe purpose of evasion or escape. should ba made with agent at hia home. Agent should ensure thatpersonnel of hia household are unquestionable oeoure snd thatbe known to the absolute minimua of persons within tho household.

He should arrange that hia living necessities be furnished by the most trusted snd discreet members of hie family.

for tha performance of hie specialised comoo tasks such as cryptography or radio operating, agent ahould select sn operating site within his cwn houss which affords saxlaua ooncealaant and yet provides for easy warning and evasion and escape. Agent's antenna will be concealed as much as possible from the public eye. Agent ahouldecond site for tbe concealment of hia slgnall plan materials when not in use. He ahould el so concesl or arrange otrmr forolt storage battariss and hie survival kit. he shouldrusted member of hie family to aotarning lookout while he is operating hia station. An arrangement should be set up whereby the lookout may give aaplo timely, secure snd sure warning to agent in tho event of interuption while operating.

Agent ahould arrange through hia cutout to Semantic to have sn alternate safallar tobove prepared for possible use. The KUBAKK station will bold reserve equipment snd signal plan to furnish the alternate alte.


1. Agent will be oompartmented from all other aspects of Semantic'a operations. Hia existence will be known only to Semantic and to tho cutout servicing the agent. The cutout should not be informed that tbs person he Is servicingadio operator nor should the cutouts instructions or dutisa allow him to become so aware. The existing state of coapartasntion of agent as ha loavsa training ahould be preserved snd continually Improved. Prior to departure forgent will be briefed not to reveal to any unauthorised pereon following hia departure that he has been sssignsdadio operator. Agents assignment and niasion ahould be cevulgod onlyeed-to-knovhe nechanlsn that must deliver agent to flnatemls City should not know ha ia an operator^ the warning look out should know only that agent Is engaged in clandestine work, but should not know what agent ia doing or for whom he is working* agent's outout should not know the identity of Semantic. Agent's personal safety is contingent upon his personal fslthful follow thru of his conpartmentation and he should be continually Impressed with this fsot.

Section nit


1, In general, agent vill be equipped withi

three-way conroo plan allowing for regular,emergency channels of onraminl cation between himself and the net. of the basic limitations of agent material, agent'a limitedand of the fact that agent must deal with other totallyit ia apparent that the simplest possible contact plans andmust be used and adhered to if Bseurity is to beahould constantly be born in mind that agent ia witting ofundesirable but unavoidable fact in the

means of receiving special couriers,

radio channel.

The following examples illustrate the exceedingly simple commo plana desired B. REGULAR (PERSONAL CONTACT)

Agent's regular channel of communications will be his cutout. Ths agent should recruit the moat trusted member of his family to act as cutout and should train the cutout in the principles of making personaland preserving operational and peraonal aecurity. utout must be used because agent is living "black- and thus has little or no freedom of movement. Similarly, the not leader,rominent oppositionist, must alsoutout. Moreover, the radio cutout must be given morethatn the net cutout in formulating contact plans since the radio agent is relatively irreplaceable. Catouto should deal with each othertrict need-to-know basis, and any written material passed between the two should contain no operational details of the net,

When tbe radio agent is fully prepared to begin his operations aa per sub-paragraphf Section II above, he will give hiao^jipment and signal plan request and have cutout implement the contact plan prearranged by radio agent with tha net leader. Followingpecific examplex

iu Subsequent meetings may eliminate the recognition proceeoure, cutouts now knowing each other by eight. After the basic idea la thoroughly mastered, variations may ben place of meeting at tho pole, the cutouts may meetre agreed safe place elsewhere.




hoce' becauseouse search or s

warning received frost hie lookout.

2. In thla case, the radio agent nay use ths very first Dolees IMssj of reestablishing contact, thle pole serving assignal location for


1. It may be necessary in certain circumstances to bypassav

0 ^agist with money, JhfiiJM spacial instructions. For example, ahould the net be rolled up, the radio agent would be out of contact with local superiors, and it mlRnt be neossaary to reestablish coamnmicstion with him.

^ 5UCht-oat ahould have beenwith, for example, one-halfow denomination currencyother half of which ths courier could present for matching. is the use of the -Vo. dshe ccurieTsUtingbroadcasts wouldpl.tano may verde- or acmeeeverel


1. To sum arize, coomo plans ahould bsi

to the point of obviousneeej

security-wise for the increased securityby atrioter obediecce to comparteentation

SECTIOi; XV i Security and Control

A, Agent iioo peesed LCKLUTT'/tt tostatisfactory manner, revoclliig good patriotic mtivation. This should be strengthened irgnsdlately prior to launching agont by pointing up tits patriotio assets bshind him incluJLm' tlvj Calligoria organlxation (as he has already oxporianced itho overwhelming anti-cODtminiat sentiment of ths Ouatcnalan people, ths opportunity to redeem his country in ths eyes of Latin America, and, above all, his understanding of bis Individual opportunity, his alono to nase down in tho history of his countryever-to-be-forgotten bare.

8. Leaning now towards baser motivation, hs ahould be asrurcd that his country will not forgot this act of his, and in order that he and his family not suffer for his devotion to duty, he should beua of money prior to bis launching, sufficient to maintain his familyeriod of time to bo arranged by Ontrlch in consultation with CeUlfieris, togetherersonal promise by Calligarls that bis family will be cared for while he ia on hie mission. This sum should be left behind by Agent in trust with one of agent's "buddies" una will be oharged with delivery of the sun. For every message he passes, he ahould be told he willixed sum por message passed out, Finally, r. hould beixed sum equal ln amount to that given hia prior to his launching, to be paid upon the conclusion of his mission. Agent should carry only limited funds necessary to maintain himself while on hie mieslon. Me thus cannot draw undue attention to himself by making large uncontrolled expenditures, nor can he suddenly decide he is quite content with the funds already in his hands.

C, Rneer/ntrlch should check to see if agent understands the use of hla external danger eirxtal and bis internalrnal. ahould not iriadvertently betray other net members by fleeing to their homesn ln danger of apprehension. Agent's greatest weakness from the co.itrol point of view, is, of oourso, his family. Agent might voluntarily "double" to save familyfrom barm. Semantic ahould check independently on the farrily situationis tho government, and should occasionally toot the acent by seedinglanned attempt to blowertain bridgeertain time, and covertly watch to see if tbe Oi o is placed under fcuard.

SECTION Vl Support

A* ntrlch end Calllr,erls ohould decide upon the amount of operational funds which agent will carry with him into the target and the amount agont will receive via the Escobilla-Samantic route. JUndfi ruist pr.ivide for housekeeping expenses, purchase of at least two elx-volt automobile storage batterine, emer^oncy travel, and miscellaneous overhead expenses. They sho-ild not be exerssiva, otherwise control -iey bo weak* nod. Funds re supply will be via the Sseobllls^Senantie Bechanlea.

B. Regular supply and reeupply^'cnannel will be the EscobiUs-Semantlc mechanism. This channel will be used for the initial shipment of equipment and signal plan to sgent, snd for resupply thereafter of items which cannot beopenly for security reasons. Items sucholt automobile storage batteries ahould be procurable locally by agents without sscurlty risk.

Local housekasping supplies may be procured by the agent's household. However, attention should not be drawn to the faaily by the eaklnr of excessively large.expenditures.

resupply nay be effected through the use of special courier if it becomes necesssry, tne agont notifying his superiors by radio.

ntrlch shouldurvival kitnt tothe following items i

(1) steh

Rounds 9mm


Kedlcal kit

Quetsals in sealed envelope narked "open only If evasion and escape necessary*1

The above items should be packagedit and deliveredia Sewtio to agent for separate storage In agent's hone. If possible, the kit should be available to agent during his entry into the tergst In the event evasion andbecome necessary enroute. AgeDt should be Instructed that this kit contains materials for his use should evasion snd escape become necessary, and that the kit ahould be used only for this purpose.


k. Prom Screntwi to Tegucigalpa

A;;ent will proceed via air lo Tegucigalpa and will be specially received so as to preserve hie erlstin conpartaentation. Ontrich will. be queried asent's procedure upon arrival in TeEueiualpo.

BB While In Tegucigalpa agent will be briefed by Ontrlch on tnedetails of bis mission inay as to conceal agent's assi Topcnt fron tr>' rest of Calllgerls' organisation, agent's security and ccinartmc -tation will be preserved as per section Uof this plan.

C. From Tegucigalpa to Target

Upon being briefed and rehearsed on his mission, agent will be turned over to the Ca'-ligsris machanlam for entry into his target. During Ms travel into tarret, apont should know the tIs dissster plan and should havp Ms survival kit easily available to him in case evasion and escape become necessary enroute. He should also be familiar with his light cover story and have hie necessary documents for use In tho event of being picked upoving; road patrol.

SECTION VIIi Disaster Plan

Agent ahould bs furnishedeans of recontact with his superiors in case be is somehow cut off from all contact via radio or with Semantic. As an example, he can beostal address in Honduras to which he con send .an Innocuous mossagsoncealed signal. When the agent activates thla plan, ha will waitreagreed point at certain timespecial courier can reach him, authentication to be with the one-half quetzal bill previously

illi viBposal Plan

gent must beoans of recontacting his superiors and turning In his equipment.

In theisposal plan cannot be worked up at the present tL-neOntrlch and Calligeris prior to scent's disposal, this will be forwardedntater date.

In tiie meantime, agent must be Impressed with the fact that he is to continue to live black0 in sny event, regardless of circumstances, so that if things go wrong, Calligerts willeans of communication in setting up the next attempt.


Agent's signal plan Is being worked ud by Sherwood and is to bethe WSBURNT Station fronCAgent will be furnished a

copy of the signal plan for study and familiarisation purposes prior his departure from Scranton.

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