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RFC 245 - Reservations for Network Group meeting

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Network Working Group                          Carol Falls - MAC
Request For Comments #245                      October 5, 1971
NIC 7675

             Reservations for Network Working Group Meeting

        Guaranteed arrival reservations for rooms at the Hotel

   Sonesta in Cambridge, Massachusetts have been made for NWGM

   attendees who have made reservations through Project MAC.

   The cost of a single room will be $23.00 per night.

        If for any reason a reservation must be cancelled, the

   hotel must be notified of cancellation before 6 P.M. the day

   of the reservation.

        To cancel a reservation on October 9th, 10th, or 11th,

   call the hotel directly.  At other times, cancellations can be

   handled by Carol Falls at 864-6900 ext. 1450.

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