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RFC 207 - September Network Working Group meeting

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Network Working Groug                           NWG Steering Committee
Request For Comments #207                       per A. Vezza
NIC #7178                                       August 9, 1971


    The next meeting of the Network Working Group will be hosted by
M.I.T.'s Project MAC in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The Meeting is
scheduled to commence at 12 noon on September 26 an is tentatively
scheduled to adjourn on September 30.  This Network Working Group
meeting is structured such that most participants will wish to attend
only one or two of the three phases of the meeting.

    The first phase is a system programmers workshop. It commence Sunday
September 26, and continues through Monday the 27th. System programmers
should come prepared too: create a working demonstration of the use of
their host over the Network, discuss host to host protocol
implementation, and teach other system programmers how to use their
systems.  The Dynamic Modeling/Computer Graphics PDP-10 system will be
placed at the disposal of the system programmers workshop, and DMCG
personnel will be available to assist in the creation of the
demonstrations. System programmers with operational Network capability
should plan to attend.

    Those planning to attend the system progammers workshop should
contact Bob Metcalfe by leaving a message for him with Anne Speare at
(617) 864-6900 x1458.

    The second phase of the September meeting, which will begin on
Tuesday the 28th and continue through Wednesday 29th, will be devoted to
workshops exploring and discussing issues associated with Network use.
Tentatively, the following five workshops are planned: (1) Network
climate research, (2) the Network service centers, (3) the Network NIC,
(4) Network on-line cooperative interaction, (5) a planning workshop for
an ICCC (The International Computer Communications Conference to be held
in Washington, D. C. in October of 1972) session and a demonstration.

    The workshops will be small and intensive. Attendence at a workshop
is by invitation. How to make an application to a workshop, the scope of
each workshop, the workshop chairman, and a workshop meeting schedule
will be announced on August 16. Persons wishing to make an application
to form a workshop my do so by contacting Bob Kahn at BBN (617) 491-
1850) x340, or by leaving a message with his secretary.

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    The third phase, wich will begin on Thursday September 30, is a
plenary session open to all Network Working Group members and visitors.
Its purpose is to present reports on the work- shops an to present some
prepared reports on Network activities.

    All NWG meeting attendees should register for the meeting by calling
Anne Speare at (617) 864-6900 x1458. Assistance, for those who need it,
in procuring a room reservation may be obtained from Anne Speare.

    More to come on August 16, 1971. The Network Steering Committee
members are: S. Crocker, J. Heafner, R. Kahn, J. Melvin, and A. Vezza.

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