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8055 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Via Header Field Parameter to
     Indicate Received Realm. C. Holmberg, Y. Jiang. January 2017.
     (Format: TXT=25117 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI:
8056 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) and Registration Data Access
     Protocol (RDAP) Status Mapping. J. Gould. January 2017. (Format:
     TXT=22084 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8056) 
8057 Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespaces for Broadband Forum. B.
     Stark, D. Sinicrope, W. Lupton. January 2017. (Format: TXT=17889
     bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8057) 
8058 Signaling One-Click Functionality for List Email Headers. J. Levine,
     T. Herkula. January 2017. (Format: TXT=18219 bytes) (Status:
     PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8058) 
8059 PIM Join Attributes for Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)
     Environments. J. Arango, S. Venaas, I. Kouvelas, D. Farinacci.
     January 2017. (Format: TXT=19562 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL) (DOI:
8060 LISP Canonical Address Format (LCAF). D. Farinacci, D. Meyer, J.
     Snijders. February 2017. (Format: TXT=81217 bytes) (Status:
     EXPERIMENTAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8060) 
8061 Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Data-Plane Confidentiality. D.
     Farinacci, B. Weis. February 2017. (Format: TXT=39345 bytes)
     (Status: EXPERIMENTAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8061) 
8063 Key Relay Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol. H.W.
     Ribbers, M.W. Groeneweg, R. Gieben, A.L.J. Verschuren. February
     2017. (Format: TXT=29492 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI:
8066 IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN) ESC
     Dispatch Code Points and Guidelines. S. Chakrabarti, G. Montenegro,
     R. Droms, J. Woodyatt. February 2017. (Format: TXT=17494 bytes)
     (Updates RFC4944, RFC6282) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI:
8067 Updating When Standards Track Documents May Refer Normatively to
     Documents at a Lower Level. B. Leiba. January 2017. (Format:
     TXT=6215 bytes) (Updates RFC3967) (Also BCP0097) (Status: BEST
     CURRENT PRACTICE) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8067) 
8069 URN Namespace for IEEE. A. Thomas. February 2017. (Format: TXT=10871
     bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8069) 
8070 Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos
     (PKINIT) Freshness Extension. M. Short, Ed., S. Moore, P. Miller.
     February 2017. (Format: TXT=16348 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
     (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8070) 
8077 Pseudowire Setup and Maintenance Using the Label Distribution
     Protocol (LDP). L. Martini, Ed., G. Heron, Ed.. February 2017.
     (Format: TXT=80972 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC4447, RFC6723) (Also
     STD0084) (Status: INTERNET STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8077) 
8080 Edwards-Curve Digital Security Algorithm (EdDSA) for DNSSEC. O.
     Sury, R. Edmonds. February 2017. (Format: TXT=13513 bytes) (Status:
     PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8080) 
8090 Appointment Procedures for the IETF Representatives to the Community
     Coordination Group (CCG). R. Housley. February 2017. (Format:
     TXT=13355 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8090) 
8091 A Media Type Structured Syntax Suffix for JSON Text Sequences. E.
     Wilde. February 2017. (Format: TXT=9494 bytes) (Status:
     INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8091) 
8092 BGP Large Communities Attribute. J. Heitz, Ed., J. Snijders, Ed., K.
     Patel, I. Bagdonas, N. Hilliard. February 2017. (Format: TXT=15979
     bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8092) 
8093 Deprecation of BGP Path Attribute Values 30, 31, 129, 241, 242, and
     243. J. Snijders. February 2017. (Format: TXT=5494 bytes) (Status:
     PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8093) 
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