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8576 Internet of Things (IoT) Security: State of the Art and Challenges.
     O. Garcia-Morchon, S. Kumar, M. Sethi. April 2019. (Format:
     TXT=128372, HTML=0 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI:
8577 Signaling RSVP-TE Tunnels on a Shared MPLS Forwarding Plane. H.
     Sitaraman, V. Beeram, T. Parikh, T. Saad. April 2019. (Format:
     TXT=50113, HTML=0 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI:
8578 Deterministic Networking Use Cases. E. Grossman, Ed.. May 2019.
     (Format: TXT=227904 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI:
8579 Sieve Email Filtering: Delivering to Special-Use Mailboxes. S.
     Bosch. May 2019. (Format: TXT=24716, HTML=0 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED
     STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8579) 
8580 Sieve Extension: File Carbon Copy (FCC). K. Murchison, B. Gondwana.
     May 2019. (Format: TXT=25316 bytes) (Updates RFC5230, RFC5435)
     (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8580) 
8584 Framework for Ethernet VPN Designated Forwarder Election
     Extensibility. J. Rabadan, Ed., S. Mohanty, Ed., A. Sajassi, J.
     Drake, K. Nagaraj, S. Sathappan. April 2019. (Format: TXT=69774,
     HTML=0 bytes) (Updates RFC7432) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI:
8585 Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers to Support
     IPv4-as-a-Service. J. Palet Martinez, H. M.-H. Liu, M. Kawashima.
     May 2019. (Format: TXT=49405, HTML=0 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
     (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8585) 
8586 Loop Detection in Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). S. Ludin, M.
     Nottingham, N. Sullivan. April 2019. (Format: TXT=12560, HTML=0
     bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8586) 
8587 NFS Version 4.0 Trunking Update. C. Lever, Ed., D. Noveck. May 2019.
     (Format: TXT=51209, HTML=0 bytes) (Updates RFC7530) (Status:
     PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8587) 
8588 Personal Assertion Token (PaSSporT) Extension for Signature-based
     Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (SHAKEN). C. Wendt, M.
     Barnes. May 2019. (Format: TXT=17254 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED
     STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8588) 
8590 Change Poll Extension for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol
     (EPP). J. Gould, K. Feher. May 2019. (Format: TXT=39444 bytes)
     (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8590) 
8591 SIP-Based Messaging with S/MIME. B. Campbell, R. Housley. April
     2019. (Format: TXT=91547, HTML=0 bytes) (Updates RFC3261, RFC3428,
     RFC4975) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8591) 
8592 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Stamping for the Network Service
     Header (NSH). R. Browne, A. Chilikin, T. Mizrahi. May 2019. (Format:
     TXT=56575 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8592) 
8593 Video Traffic Models for RTP Congestion Control Evaluations. X. Zhu,
     S. Mena, Z. Sarker. May 2019. (Format: TXT=44193 bytes) (Status:
     INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8593) 
8594 The Sunset HTTP Header Field. E. Wilde. May 2019. (Format: TXT=23588
     bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8594) 
8597 Cooperating Layered Architecture for Software-Defined Networking
     (CLAS). LM. Contreras, CJ. Bernardos, D. Lopez, M. Boucadair, P.
     Iovanna. May 2019. (Format: TXT=45229 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
     (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8597) 
8603 Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite Certificate and
     Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile. M. Jenkins, L. Zieglar.
     May 2019. (Format: TXT=26271 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI:
8605 vCard Format Extensions: ICANN Extensions for the Registration Data
     Access Protocol (RDAP). S. Hollenbeck, R. Carney. May 2019. (Format:
     TXT=10964 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8605) 
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