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I have a chihuahua and he is a male. He is screwing the two...

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Question by Tabby
Submitted on 12/26/2003
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I have a chihuahua and he is a male.
He is screwing the two females I have.
None of them are pregnant, I think.
He is about 10 months old.
Is he old enough to get the females pregnant?
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Answer by chimama
Submitted on 12/29/2003
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If he can get it up, he can knock them up!  Take your females immediately to the vet and have them checked.  If they have not experienced heat, they likely are not pregnant, but it is only a matter of time.

Mounting can be a dominance issue, as with my two females.  They are both fixed, but my alpha will sometimes get on my beta to assert her dominance when the beta gets too far out of line.  My beta will hump her stuffed toy when she gets too frustrated at being beta, she has to assert her dominance over something and the toy is just the right size.

Consider having all your animals sterilized, at minimum the two females.  Many chihuahua females are too delicate to successfully breed, and many experienced breeders lose the mother and/or the litter, even with the best of veterinary care.


Answer by princessa
Submitted on 11/2/2006
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how long does it take for puppies to be born??


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