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Are Basenjis know to suffer from allergies? My 1 yr old...

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Question by Tom
Submitted on 12/25/2003
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Are Basenjis know to suffer from allergies?  My 1 yr old male has displayed a more and more frequent scratching, followed shortly by the appearance of welts which vary in are roughly 1 1/2 in to 2 in. in length. He also rubs at his eyes, which then swell shut.  My vet has given me benadryl which do seem to help somewhat.  Any ideas as to what may be the cause?

Answer by basenji mom
Submitted on 12/8/2005
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Just sharing my experience with my basenjis:  I have two left of my batch of three, all from rescue programs.  Each with some sort of thing that gets my unconditional attention and even checkbook.

My male, Hasani, came to me with a patch of raw skin at the base of his spine. A raw patch that he seemed to bite and scratch all the time.  The rescue coordinator/mom said he came to her with many of those patches and she had been and advised me to use Avon's Skin so Soft oil (green bottle) on the problem areas.  Within a few months of having him with us the skin problem cleared up, however over the years he does react to bug bites, anything other than a baby shampoo for his annual or bi annual bath.  

Hasani also has food allergies - knock on wood, I have found that prescription IVD Duck and Potato is the best one for him.  Lamb, chicken, plain rice and so on will have me cleaning carpets and his crate for weeks. The effect is simply explosive, poor guy.

Hasani also has occasional skin reactions for no known reason.  Our vet said that the skin in the areas of transition between hair and soft tissue around the eyes and nose especially was exhibiting a skin disorder.  Vet said the immune system gets out of whack and one skin type 'doesn't like' the other type.  Sounds weird, but it happens, I have grown to attribute those times to when he has a fever, food reaction, or stress.  (Meanwhile the areas where those problems have occurred are of a lighter pigment after healing from an 'episode'.)

The grass in our backyard gave my little female, Shomari, a skin problem.  She would lick herself raw.  Shomari passed away recently after 3 years of battling an autoimmune disorder - the medication to support proper blood chemistry (white/red blood cell count) took its toll on her kidneys and liver.

Shomari would exhibit skin growths in the fur area on the back of her neck.  Looked like cauliflower and oozed a bit.  This vet thought was from a combination of the sun she loved to lay in and her long term medication. She was prescribed with two different types of shampoo/skin conditioner with a reduced amount of exposure or sunscreen (she loved that - not).

Our other female, Senji, has been pretty hardy physically though her mental state reflects her nervous aggression stemming from neglect and abuse of previous homes.  Her breeding shows that she has some of 1/4th of new blood from a wild basenji 'grand dam' whichwas brought into the country. I attribute new blood/different blood to less health problems. Anyway for her, to date no obvious allergies at this time but recent appearance of liver, low thyroid problems and  has resulted in her own prescription dog food and medication.  

well I am not sure I totally answered your question, but yes they do have allergies to sun, food, laundry soap from washing blankies, lawn/cleaning chemicals and so on and their allergies develop in the manner they do in us...  

I was very taken back when I found out that my Shomari was allergic to the local flora and grass in our yard - we also could not apply any chemicals to our lawns as they too would have an effect on their skin and blood chemistry.

- I simply love my little devils/beasties everyday is a new day and experience with them!! People say Basenjis are stupid and cannot learn, I believe they simply are above the menial tasks of other dogs. They are too smart for their own good at times I do say! Again hope I helped you or someone else out there.  other questions I might be able to help with tvanover_2000@yahoo.com.  basenji questions only, please.


Answer by sarah
Submitted on 6/24/2006
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A lady named Vickie Pernine, at Rugosa Basenjis, www.rugosabasenjis.com , has two basenjis that are allergic to items.  One is allergic to corn and the other wheat which are common in many processed dog foods.


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