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I just got my Yorkie puppy almost a week ago She sleeps in...

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Question by kay
Submitted on 12/25/2003
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I just got my Yorkie puppy almost a week ago She sleeps in her crate at night right beside me. She gets up about every two hours, for me to pet her till she falls back a sleep. HOW LONG WILL SHE DO THIS??

Answer by jason
Submitted on 1/21/2004
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You should have thought of that before buying a puppy; It's like taking care of a child. You have to always be ready to take care of him/her.


Answer by Jennie
Submitted on 2/7/2004
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I had the same problem with my yorkie at first.  You'll probably have a few weeks of this, but every night, she should sleep longer and longer.  Thats how Kody was.  He's now 5 months and sleeps through the night (I'vehad him for 2 months).  Def. let your yorkie sleep in the bed with you, its a wonderful experience, and strengthens your bonds!


Answer by teddy
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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I think she will stop doing this sooner or later,she won't do this every day u have her,dn'tworry!!


Answer by Gina
Submitted on 6/10/2004
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I got my baby boy 6 weeks ago and I paper trained him.  I kept papers down for him in the  kitchen and I slept for a few weeks with him on a roll out mat on the floor in my living room since he was too small to get up and down from my bed.  He would get up every couple hours to walk around a little and then would come back and sleep by me.  Yorkies love affection and sleeping with you is important to them.  Now that he is a little bigger he sleeps by himself sometimes but still prefers to sleep by me.  Try sleeping by your baby and she will be much better at night.


Answer by Kaakjiish1992
Submitted on 6/25/2004
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Actually I think Jennie is completely wrong don't let your yorkie sleep with you. You could crush it or worse.


Answer by Chingy
Submitted on 9/11/2004
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well, yorkie's are very stubern. you soudent rub its tummy alot cuz she's gettin what she wants. she knows that ur gunna rub her tummy yorkies r cricky! dont rub her belly all the time when she whats u to.if u dont than she nkows that she wont get her wayand wont keep trying. so you can finaly sleep eh....


Answer by cjmort
Submitted on 10/14/2004
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I would have to differ.  I got my yorkie when she was 5 weeks old.  Ever since she was 3 months old we have been letting her sleep in our bed with us.  She loves it!!  She sleeps right in the middle and we have never had a problem with rolling over on her or anything like that.  When she is not in our bed then the only other place she will sleep is in our 6 year old daughters bed.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  


Answer by Melodie
Submitted on 11/20/2004
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I think everyone has there own opinion on what should be done about this, i think you should try what others have told you or do what i did i had my yorkie peewee for 6 months as long as your firm about it then he/she will stick to what you say and obey you. I also think kaakjiish1992 has her own opinion mixed up letting your dog sleep with you is a great way to bond it also gives the both of you a secure feeling knowing the both of you are together and safe, since when do you hear about a dog getting crushed, but hey its like i said before everyone has there own opinion.



Answer by michelle
Submitted on 12/3/2004
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what's with Jason?
He practically bit her head off for asking a common question.
I agree with Kaakjiish1992, your yorkie could also roll off the bed and seriously get hurt.


Answer by lindsay
Submitted on 1/9/2005
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I got my puppy a week ago and a bit and I have been trying to paper train him but he always does it on the carpet!He just doesn't seem to understand the concept.Also at night i put him in his kennel in the kitchen and he will sleep for about 2 hours and then whines to let me put him on my bed and he will sleep there sometimes not even getting up to go pee!! I don't know what to do when he pees on the carpet and whines at night for him to sleep with me.


Answer by jessiedep
Submitted on 1/9/2005
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I sleep with my puppy every night! I roll a lot in my sleep but with her there I don't. She does not sleep anywhere else!


Answer by Amber
Submitted on 2/23/2005
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When my puppy (about 13-14 weeks) woke me up i knew i had to do something. I would suggest warm milk or try even sleeping with her when you do- so she feels your heartbeat. And this may remind her of her mother. My puppy tends to lay right near my chest, and she sleeps right through the night. Give this a try and e-mail me if it works at am012@cairodurham.org thanks


Answer by Amanda
Submitted on 4/6/2005
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Sleeping with your Yorkie is completely fine! My boyfriend got a male and he comes over to spend the night with me and sleeps with me. He is very loving and loves to sleep on the pillow with me. You will not crush them. He is soo cute and i love to sleep with him, and he likes it too :)


Answer by britt
Submitted on 4/6/2005
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you should let her sleep with you there no promble with that becouse it shows you love her


Answer by Aneta
Submitted on 6/8/2005
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I'm getting an 8 week old baby Yorkie. Can anyone tell me what I should be extra careful about? How often should I feed him? How often does he go to the bathroom? Will he sleep alot? Are they very noisy? I know he'll cry at night, but are puppies loud barkers?


Answer by Kathy
Submitted on 6/30/2005
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He misses his Mommy & siblings put several small stuffed toys next to him so he don't feel alone.


Answer by Kelly x michele
Submitted on 7/10/2005
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i just got my puppy back in the end of march and my puppy does that when she is in her crate but since she has been sleeping on my bed she will sleep through the night fine. When we first got her we started crate training her to go to sleep in it well she would get up and whine or figit through the night and i would end up taking her on the bed anyways. So she just started to sleep on my bed and its not bad at all shell get down and go to the bathroom on the paper if she has to then shell come right back and go back to sleep she doesnt figit anymore since shes been on my bed.


Answer by Danielle
Submitted on 9/15/2005
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I think Kaakjish is wrong. I sleep with my dogs at night and they are completly fine and our bond is very strong! and if you let them sleep anywhere on the bed they'll be fine. They'll wake up. And when you get your dog, you should sleep with them because they're going to be homesick and going to need your support.


Answer by TIA
Submitted on 9/25/2005
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Answer by Hutch
Submitted on 10/6/2005
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I have a nine month old Yorkie who is spoiled rotten. In fact, that is his name, Spoiled Rotten, and I wouldn't have him any other way. He has slept in the bed with me from day one. He's never peed or pooped in the bed, but early in the morning I put him down on a pee-pee pad next to my bed and he does both things on the pee-pee pad. Then he jumps back up in the bed with me. We snuggle and cuddle a lot in the bed, and he loves to snuggle and cuddle. At 6:30 every he wakes up every morning and whines until I get out of bed and feed him his breakfast. Then he comes back and gets back in bed with me.

He is a well adjusted little guy, but as spoiled as they come. He wants constant attention, and he knows every conceivable way of geting into mischief. Yorkies are very clever little dogs, so you have to watch him. They will surprise you with their intelligence. So, to keep him safe, you have to out wit him, and anticipate what mischief he's going to get into next.

Love your Yorkie every day. Mine is my pride and joy. I love him every bit as much as I loved my grown human children when they were little. In fact, my little guy is my dog child, and I love him to pieces, and he knows it.


Answer by lisa
Submitted on 10/31/2005
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my little guy, Alfie is 9 weeks old and i have him in a travel cot beside my bed.... thought that was the answer, but he howled until i put him to bed with me. yes, we got a fairly good sleep but woke in the morning to find he had christened the bed.... so what now ?


Answer by Sophie'sowner
Submitted on 11/2/2005
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My little Sophie did that for a couple of days after we got her, but now she sleeps through the night she is such a good cuddle buddy, but we put her in a little carrier cage for puppies and put in a fleece bed inside of the carrier, and she loved it! now that she is big enough to sleep with me, i ditched the cage.  Hopefully it will not last very much longer so good luck!


Answer by Shannon
Submitted on 12/5/2005
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I just got my pup a week ago, so she is 7 weeks.  I have a few concerns.  First do you think it would be ok to leave her alone all day while I am at work?  Secondly,  I will have her for 3 1/2 weeks when I will have to leave to go on a holiday. She will be staying with my mother for 12 days and then i will get her back for about a week and a half before I have to start my full time job, do you think she will be ok?


Answer by Jay
Submitted on 2/13/2006
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My yorkie sleeps in my bed with me every night and she loves it. I think you should let them sleep with you if they are potty trained.


Answer by mat
Submitted on 4/6/2006
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you don't need to worry about getting on top of it during the night.  I ve had mine sleeping in my bed since she was a puppy of 2 months.  These dogs love to cuddle up next to u in bed


Answer by Smiles
Submitted on 4/27/2006
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Sometimes if you put an article of your clothing in the crate with the puppy, they will smell your scent and it comforts them.

That is your new baby girl and she is going to wake you just like an infant.

There may be times when she is crying because she needs to pee and you will need to bring her to where you have her go usually. If your training your puppy to go outside you might want to put a pee pad ( sold in pet stores) down in your kitchen so you don't have to go outside at night.  

Pretty soon this will be a thing of the past :)  hang in there!


Answer by souper dan
Submitted on 5/1/2006
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Yorkies require a lot of care and demand a great deal of LOVE. Yes your Yorkie should sleep with you and they are sesitive to touch so not likely you,ll roll on them . Like children they can become very spoiled. As an example my bell has to have a glass of water on the nite table by our bed. She sometimes gets up thru the night for a drink of water. Do I Love her? More than my own kids -they can get their own water.


Answer by none
Submitted on 5/3/2006
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get her a playpen put it beside your bed,and give her a comfy pillow or blanket to sleep on ,and a Teddy to cuddle with and let her know your beside her so she feels safe.


Answer by Jenny
Submitted on 6/27/2006
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hey, i got my yorkie 5 months ago and it is my 5th one... ur yorkie won't do this long! it'll be just a couple of weeks..


Answer by Nikki
Submitted on 6/29/2006
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I am having problems with my yorkie sleeping at night too...she cries quite a bit, but I usually go in and check on her and then at about 6 bring her into my room for awhile to cuddle with me...I always bring her bed though so she keeps used to sleeping in it.  


Answer by mimi xox
Submitted on 7/21/2006
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No, you should. Just make sure it sleeps over the cover,s maybe with his/her own blankets. Or make sure they have a few soft toys in their beds to keep the warm. A hot water bottle might work, as it imitates the heat of you as its new mother or its birth mother.


Answer by Amym722
Submitted on 7/30/2006
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I have a yorkie puppy and a 1 year old Maltese- "ToKo" ( small breed too) and they both are crate trained. I had my Maltese trained, house broken and not crying at night in 3 days. I have only had my yorkie baby "Blade" for 3 days and he already only whines for 5 minutes and sleeps completely through the night. Here is some tips ( not that I am an expert or anything), but it has worked for me twice:
1. Get a crate that is only big enough for your baby to stand up and turn around in. They WILL NOT pee or poop where they sleep. But if it is big enough for them to get away from it, then they will use it in their crate. Size matters!
2. When they are small, it is important that they spend a lot of time in their crate. This helps them to recognize this is their bed and their space, but most importantly, it helps with house breaking.
3.When you get your baby out, IMMEDIATELY take him/her outside to do their business and same rules apply after eating.
Be patient, let them whine, they will live through it. Hope this helps :)


Answer by Jenny
Submitted on 8/17/2006
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my yorkie is really sensitive.If he goes pody in the house we give him a little pop. but he gets real sad about it and goes under something or hides his face, but if we don't pop him he does it again. What do I do?


Answer by Chloesmom
Submitted on 8/19/2006
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we just got our baby last saturday...oh my she is a baby indeed.  She hates being by herself at anytime..oh my gosh she is in bed with me and I am up twice in the evening.just like a baby...but i knew it put her in bed she will stay there and be happy...then take her out if you can...she wont get smashed if you have a neck pillow  she can sleep inside of it...


Answer by anna xox
Submitted on 8/31/2006
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Yea. I totally disagree with Jennie.. You should'ntsleep with your dog.. It's really dangerous.


Answer by dae516
Submitted on 8/31/2006
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what should i do about my yorkie teething? he chews on everything and everybody.


Answer by -
Submitted on 10/1/2006
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I am thinking about getting a yorkie but I would obviously let her sleep in my room since my parents wouldn't want her roaming the house at night but I am scared I will squash her .. What should I do..? should I get it a doggy bed??


Answer by d
Submitted on 11/2/2006
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Answer by Katelyn
Submitted on 11/6/2006
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Let her sleep with you.She just wants someone to snuggle with.My dad won't let me get one,I've already BEGGED.What else can I do.Please help!!!


Answer by Lauren
Submitted on 12/12/2006
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Well, I have encountered the same problem with my 2 pound yorkie pup Coco. She too would get up and bark during the night and if I didn't respond, well, you know what happens when puppies get upset...they go to the bathroom. So, I put her at the foot of my bed. Now she sleeps comfortably during the night and instead of waking up at 4:00 a.m. she can sleep until 7:00 a.m.!! She also doesn't have to go to the bathroom during the night anymore!! =] I read that this gives the dog a sense of security and feels more like a part of the "pack" which can make other types of training easier....and since dogs have amazing reflexes, NO YOU WILL NOT CRUSH YOUR DOG.


Answer by olya
Submitted on 12/17/2006
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I think you should let your dog sleep in bed with you but only if potty trained at first.


Answer by yorkiedad
Submitted on 12/20/2006
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Yorkies want affection and constant love. I have a yorkie boy whom I adore, and he is a very demanding little guy, but you will be rewarded with unconditional love. I got my baby from a breeder, had him flown in, and he wanted in bed with me for about the first three weeks, then he was able to sleep in his doggie bed on the floor next to my bed.
Do not worry. Remember, that on the 3rd day God created Yorkies.


Answer by xnanc46@aol.com
Submitted on 12/21/2006
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I know it is hard to hear your pet cry but you really have to make him sleep in his crate when he is a puppy.  I made my new puppy sleep alone the first few nights paying no attention to his whimper and now just a couple of weeks later he goes into his create on his own after our TV time is over at night.  its all part of the training process.  


Answer by Little girl
Submitted on 2/9/2007
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Well something is wrong with yall b***CHS BECAUSE MY DOG WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT

                    LOVE G.S


Answer by gloria
Submitted on 3/12/2007
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I just got my puppy yesterday and I just fell in love with her but I don't know much about her I am trying to potty train her right now and she never cry but she sleeps alot and does not play so I'm scared that she is home sick or just sick she is only 8weeks old and she is very tiny she weighs 1pound 3ounces and is very round and fat


Answer by girl monneymaker
Submitted on 3/17/2007
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It just takes a matter of time he/she will grow out of it!!


Answer by rb
Submitted on 4/22/2007
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i got my yorkshire terrier about 2 weeks ago.right now she is 13 weeks old. you should always get a dog when they are about 10 weeks old,they need to stay with there parents for that long. we got our yorkshire terrier at 11 weeks and she sleeps through the night and never cries...i don't know when you got your yorkshire terrier but if you got earlier than 10 weeks you might have a bit of trouble under your hands!


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