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My JRT, Baxter is about 3 years old. Lately he has been...

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Question by Dana Unger
Submitted on 12/22/2003
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My JRT, Baxter is about 3 years old.  Lately he has been very spiteful.  He is in his cage all day 8 hrs sometimes less, and when I get home I let him out to pee, poop and play.  Sometimes I will leave him out for 3-4 hours, but when he comes in he will pee or poop.  Most times he pees on tile (thank goodness) or pee on the cats litterbox.  It is almost as to say "take that!".  He is the sweetest dog who gives and receives so much affection from us.  He has already been neutered.  Is he too old to relearn.  What can I do?

Answer by dragongrl30
Submitted on 3/27/2004
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Does he get very excited when you get home? Do you go out side with him and make sure he goes? I used to have the same problem with my Skip. He would get so busy outside playing that he would forget to go, until of course he came in for awhile. A few minutes after he comes in the first time let him out again. This time by himself so he can concentrate on business. Try to watch if possible to make sure he goes, then praise him profusely and possibly with a treat to let him know that is what you want. Soon he will learn, I don't believe he is too old to learn. Good luck


Answer by Patti Barry
Submitted on 1/1/2005
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Dear Dana,
  I hope you see this, I'm writing 1/1/05, I see you wrote in 12/03. Anyway, I also have a beautiful Jack Russel named "Bailey". He's on the calmer side, He's soooo soft, lovable and sooo cute, he acts,looks, and feels like a puppy. It's hard to believe he's 3 yrs. old !  I just adopted him 1 month ago. He does the EXACT same thing. I have to stand out there and "coach" him, over and over again "Go potty". It's 20 degrees out ! At midnight and 7 am in the morning it's a little more than frustrating. The smallest distraction will stop him from going. When you live in a neighborhood there's always some type of noise, a squirrel, another dog bark a neighbor etc. If I don't coach him he'll trot right back in the house and when I turn around for 5 minutes (not kidding) when I turn back there's little "logs" on the rug. I'm not working at the moment, I'm scared to see what happens when I go back. He actually graduated from going out, coming in and pooping to pooping in his crate !  I thought dogs wouldn't do that. Thats only after 1 1/2 hrs. Not only that this dog poops about 4 times a day and I'm not even kidding. I feed him 2x a day, the recommended amount.
   Well, I wanted you to know that I can relate. When I look at that cute little face who just wants to cuddle it's hard to stay mad.  I sort of jumbled what I'm asking here.
   Does anyone know if it's normal for a jack to poop 4 times a day !   Also, have you ever heard of them doing it in their crate !
    It's been a disgusting mess when he does it in the crate. luckily there's a removable tray.
      I appreciate any feedback or help.


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