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Do you believe that there is a chosen one who will save the...

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Question by Abby
Submitted on 12/16/2003
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Do you believe that there is a chosen one who will save the world and stop there from being any more war? Who do you think it will be?

Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 1/4/2004
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People think in the last days there will be someone who will come and save everyone and bring peace to the world. Let me tell you, this is a lie from the devil and will be sent down to hell with him when Jesus comes back. The very person who they think will bring peace is the person who takes peace away from us! Sounds pretty dumb huh?!? His name is the devil and he is a professional LIAR. He will deceive many in the last days. I just pray you won't be one of them!


Answer by The_chosen
Submitted on 1/28/2004
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i think tanisha is wrong but there are so many things that are wrong why should we just single her out, i do believe there is a chosen one, and by saying this i hope that i don't sound full of myself, but i have been told my whole life that i would amount to do something great, believe it or not i was born in a native village in upper canada, and heres the catch I was the only white person, and both of my parents died when i was born, but they were natives of the village. Since then i have moved to Ottawa and i seem to be friends with everyone and no matter what happens no one ever seems to hold a grudge againest me. So believe what you want but inside of me there is this overwhelming need to accomplish a task that i know nothing about, but none the less i still feel it.


Answer by WHat_is_goingON
Submitted on 1/28/2004
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Thats amazing i can't believe that someone actually had the balls to say something like that. I mean its not everyday someone can opnely go around and say tyhat they are the chosen one with out worring about ridicule. I believe this guy consisdering his extreme nuetrality to tanisha in his first sentence. I think that anyone who was just making this story up would have first of all bad mouth her.


Answer by HOly_man
Submitted on 1/28/2004
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Wtf is tanisha talking about. What the hell are you basing your wild asumptions on. Maybe its because your just some lonely depressed teenager with nothing to do but bad mouth everything so that and the end of the day you can go home cry to your self just to gain some ounce of attention in your small pityful life


Answer by El
Submitted on 2/11/2004
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Peace will come, I will bring the balance promised in all theological rattlings since the beginning of recorded history.  I am not a Skywalker, a Jesus, a Buddah, a Kung'Fu Tse, or born of noble blood.  I am the devil.


Answer by -Ryan Seth-
Submitted on 2/12/2004
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To be or not to be the Chosen, isn't up to us to know, isn't up to us to see, it is not even up to us to find. It is only up to us to be.
To who ever will be the Chosen One, he wont know it himself, he will feel it in his very own mind and soul.
However, he can never confirm it, not until the day have come.


Answer by Black_Sabbath
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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I feel this is all a farce and there is no devil and there is no heaven or hell but basically we are fighting to save our own bloody lives from terrorism and politicians,listen to WAR PIGS and you'll get the gist of it.


Answer by CareBear
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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We are all chosen - that's why we're all here. Isn't that the whole premise? That we are all of God's image?


Answer by MOD12004
Submitted on 4/17/2004
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we are all chosen for what? To follow aimlessely, polluting,poisioning, and just basically handing the ecosystem its guts on silver platter. There is a chosen one i do believe, only the upper echeleons of society know who it is, under quarintine most certainly, probably doesnt even know its him. Does DNA have anything to do with this most certainly. One day very sooncomputers will operate on the energy created by DNA, its safe to say where this going. This was heaven until its demise with misappropiate use of electrical energy and ambiotic tectal pools.(oil) The chosen one will most certainly bear witness to the last 30 yrs of of technical evolution, or devolution, since any species that leaves little or no survival resource for future generations is on a clear path to redemption.


Answer by david
Submitted on 4/20/2004
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I think that prophecies of Nostradamus are true. the WW III will arrive and will arrive before 2010..  . ... No one can stop the predictions of Nostradamus.


Answer by Morbius J
Submitted on 4/24/2004
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I think there will be a chosen one who shall bring peace,but I don't think it will be Jesus but I also think that he will bring forth the great genius who can unite science with religion,I also think there shall be a 3th world war


Answer by Michael
Submitted on 5/13/2004
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You are all chosen ones chosen by the miracles of your birth and therefore of equal worth. You are ever-changing immortal matter and energy. However as for a savior i must say salvation comes from within, you are your own worst enemy.


Answer by dddd
Submitted on 5/13/2004
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Satan is a fallen angel Jealous of god
and it is Satan you are thinking of when you
say about the end of the world
the devil has had very little mention
and very little is known about him and you can correct me if I am wrong but I think you will find the devil and Satan are two different characters
in some translations of the bible the word Satan has been swapped for devil this is just bad translation
in order for Satan to exist the bible stories
would need to be true and if they are true then if hell exists then it will be destroyed
at the end of the world
so to say we are going to hell at the end is wrong on all sorts of counts
but the thing I find most funny in places like this is some people who claim they love
god only seem to love him because they fear Satan
the truth is that for god to exists means that god is the power  
and by existing becomes our creator so stands to reason we have nothing to fear
we will all be saved in the end
Satan was thrown out of heaven by god
then logic says God is the mighty one and God is love
so if God is love the only religion we
need is love
so stop being scared of devils and start feeling the love


Answer by Gati
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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yup yup i am the chosen one


Answer by JJ
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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I'm not trying to be mean by laughing.  But its funny cause half of you are like "good good good" and the other half are like "evilness" its like a bad version of Harry Potter.  Haahaaaahaahaa
I went on this website cause I have had dreams of the "Chosen one" what ever that means. So I thought this could help. But all of you guys are nuts! ROFL..haahaahaahaa


Answer by nitpicker
Submitted on 6/1/2004
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of all the opinions here, mod12004 is the most accurate,the rise and fall of society, because of its easily programmable nature.


Answer by hey joe
Submitted on 9/13/2004
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im the chosen one,I've been noosed and masked from the holy bible and night fell into morning later than it should have over 10 years ago and i deal with streetlights.I know that God and Christ are with me and i don't know the out come of the whole out come of the story,just call me crazy.I understand stuff and i make it all seem good,comedy is fun who knows what life holds for all of us and bono should pay me for that song and a few others lets have fun people and visit white rock b.c canada you never no


Answer by hey joe
Submitted on 10/11/2004
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you could not handle it so you never posted it


Answer by D
Submitted on 10/16/2004
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nobody knows for sure... for all you know i can be the one....... you wouldnt believe me if i told you because you need proof n even if i gave you proof, would you believe me? its like back when jesus was around and he commited miracles but still  none of the jews believed him. same thing.


Answer by VisionsUniversal
Submitted on 12/1/2004
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There are many chosen ones to help save the world, not just one.  Collectively humanity must work together to find peace and respect bringing the world to a harmony that works to slow down the process of destruction to life. All of the signs say the time is now for those conscious of the changes occurring to awaken and become active in saving the world. I am one of these people that need to find my place in where I can help and I hope that some of you that read this are too. The acceptance of multiple religions and faiths without hate and difference is the first step to friendship in the world. How will we approach the third world to help change the direction?  Stop eating beef. Cattle consumes 70 % of our grain production, if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10 % 100,000,000 of the starving and hungry people on this planet would be fed using the resources freed up. All of these people without nourishment of food  will die in the next 5 years and we collectively as humanity using technology, living in houses and apartments with running water and furniture, throwing away food and not recycling are doing very little to provide assistance to our fellow human beings. Now is the time for change and you all are chosen to save the world if the ideas are inside of you to take part in making the future golden for the children.  Peace and love are the way to creating what money cannot buy. Be compassionate towards what you want to change only if it is good and to help the environment and humanity. Changing the world is what you as chosen ones can do with the skills you have to take part in the healing of this living planet.


Answer by Piersy
Submitted on 12/19/2004
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Bit of a sh*t question but i'll answer it anyway.
No i do not believe there is a chosen one who wil create peace and stop war.
This is because its just bull, we have no reason to believe any of this.
i do not believe in god or heaven ecetra because of proof. there is none strong enough. i mean fair enough with the bible, but tht could easily be a hoax, think of Nostradamus, he's a hoax and loads believed him until he was found out. im just waiting for flaws in the bible to be found so that people live their lives and dont worry about the devil, going to church etc.
there is no chosen one, get a grip!


Answer by Ephraim
Submitted on 12/23/2004
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I don't know what to say,to be honest i am kinda not sure how people will react to what i will say.
but i will try my best in not getting on the bad side of you guys.
on Nov 4th of '98 or '99 forgot which year,but on that night around 2am to 4am (i believe the moment happened between these times)3am? anyways i rember ending on of my dreams and i rember in it..i said:"oh no here it comes" and three black thin waves hit me on by one,not hard but more like a flash and i woke up from my dream and a few seconds before i could open my eyes,a voice spoke through my mouth,and i did'nt have control of it. and it was a manly voice-with a authority speaking but it had somekind of echo as it was talking and saying:"i am the chosen one" and i answered and said:"who are you?,no answer to my question and it again said:"i am the chosen one",and i said:"what do you mean i am the chosen one?" and its last repeated words faded as the word:"one" becoming faint and its voice was gone.

folks if you have a suggestion or something i am open to all ears.


Answer by JOSEPH
Submitted on 12/29/2004
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Answer by kron
Submitted on 1/1/2005
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As we come closer to a new era of knowledge, world will be saturated with so-caled"the ONE";I believe they are becoming,unknowingly,instruments of a greater plan written in their DNA.
They didn't ask for this gift and yet they have it.It's like a feeling of something they must do,of they were designed to do.
they are the perfect apprentices of a lost craft.
They have this gift,but the wisdom of using it is probably lost.But,hopefully,not forever


Answer by chosen
Submitted on 1/28/2005
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I believe I am the chosen one. I cannot stop the wars and make everything beautiful again.
That is a job for the human race. Man has to change. I am only here to make things a little better for the ones I chose to be in my life and the ones who chose to listen to me.


Answer by moose
Submitted on 2/1/2005
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Answer by Im No One
Submitted on 3/2/2005
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Theres the misconception of the "chosen one" being a savior and the bringer of peace; consider yourselves as this person (who is bound to have significantly superior powers than everyone else); would u save the world or take it over? You'll see what i mean....
Congrats to Ryan Seth, his words are wise.


Answer by goldenkinght
Submitted on 4/6/2005
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Why exactly would this chosen one be in quarantine?  Who exactly is this?  Bring peace to the world?  What a monumental task.  What do you do to start that, get a law degree?  

I have many questions but few answers.


Answer by Starathius
Submitted on 4/10/2005
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this may sound strange, but who are you?


Answer by chosen one
Submitted on 4/16/2005
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I am the chosen one.


Answer by neosapiens
Submitted on 4/17/2005
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believe,feel and let go of any past knowledge
u will then see the path of the CHOSEN ONE


Answer by Anonymous
Submitted on 4/26/2005
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The chosen one does not tell everyone they are chosen, you are born to it.  To be chosen, you know everything, and nothing at all.


Answer by steve(the girl)
Submitted on 5/7/2005
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I've read all of your messages and thought about all of them. I don't know... I think ALOT about "the end" and i'vehad this dream since i can remember. It's only a glimpse into what seems to be the near future. A picture of me. I don't know how old i am, or where i am, but towering over me are buildings, skyscrapers. There's heavy rainfall and i think i can see big waves splashing up behind me. I'm standing on something tall, something that is like a heap of rubble that everyone is looking up to. I'm standing, wind whipping through my hair, panting though i don't know why. But i'mholding something up in the air, above my head, looking up at it as though it were what would save it all. The only thing is that i never found out what that something is. It's like i can't see it. i'mnot "allowed" to. There's just been too many clues in my life for me not to believe in that dream... anyways, the Mayan calander ends 12-21-2012 at 11:11 A.M..... that's when I personally think something might happen....


Answer by Anonymous
Submitted on 5/12/2005
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MOD12004, you are right, it is genetics. But something you said in there about the one is incorrect, I cant tell you anymore than that!


Answer by One who dares to tell the truth!
Submitted on 5/15/2005
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Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool. - Plato

To control people, you have to get them to stop thinking for themselves.

The truth is stranger than fiction.


Answer by gringo
Submitted on 5/25/2005
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I think there will be a 3rd WW, very soon, and as has been prophesised it will be with an invasion of muslims. Already we have had various attacks around the world, ruthless clerics preaching that our land is better of belonging to muslims. I worry about the reprecussions in the future of camps brainwashing young muslim children into hating us.  These will be the men who will reign over us with terror, in years to come. Most of you reading this will probably all ready have guessed that so I wont ponder on it.  
As for a chosen one, I think we might hear of something sometime next year, just wait. I have a hunch.
I don't think there is a god,though cos it's been 2000 years since Jesus was here, and 2000yrs is a long time.  That might be contradictory,to what I stated before but since we evolved from fish, grew limbs hung around the trees,and lived in caves, I can't help believin that coming from something so insignificant, there could be a supreme being.  I think the god thing is all in our minds, and was something we were told as kids, brainwashed even, to feel more secure and to feel a sence of belonging. And our fore-fathers knew no different but to tell the great tale, that is the bible.
The world and the universe is a random phenomena, and if I go on any more I think I would hang myself.


Answer by Carlos
Submitted on 6/29/2005
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I might be wrong or right the fact is that i have to express myself to and I think all of u are right but at the same time none of u realise something. I to feel I am different I died once 2 years ago and i came back and a tarrot reader told my mom since i was small that my guardian angel was abnormaly big she also said i would do big things..now i dont wanna sound lik im too full o myself or anything either with that. But the thing is that i do feel something and the person that said we were all chosen is right its just some of us were chosen to make others believe it and I'm one of those people all my life I've believed in destiny but now i realise destiny is nothing but the consequences of what u do today happening tomorrow therefore we all have the power to control our own destiny and the destiny of the world by havin enough power and believing in ourselves to the point that we can actually make our own world I do not believe we hav to be a product of whats around us ..we all have the power to make the world around us and I believe i have that power and i know deep inside we all do its just a matter of believing in it. thats just a small part of what i think , and i do believe I am different from other people, and everyone in this page is because we are all looking for the same therefore we are all different enough to believe there is a chosen one and maybe just maybe hes one of us. i wish we could all talk or meet one day if anyone agrees with me or wants my email ask me I just turned 17 but this has been in my mind since i was 4 years old..


Answer by jon
Submitted on 7/16/2005
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id like to think there is a chosen one, but ,..... well, lets look around, this isnt some kind of final fantasy/movie rpg world where one unsuspecting kid rises above the ranks of whatever to independently bring justice to the world., we have 2 face it, thats a movie script. Honestly, when i was younger i used 2 think i was the chosen one 4 sum immature reason,(probably played 2 many games and watche d2 much pokemon!!,which sucks!!) i didnt do anything regarded as a sin, and helped people whenever i could, but this is the real world, ther are no monsters, evil demons or angels, nor god or the devil has arrived on earth to do whatever, not saying they dont exist, just probably dont directly intervene in the world., ther probably is some kind of force out ther, mayb ther is good from god in sum people and evil from the devil in sum people, for example , hopefully wont raise any race issues, but in the war how both times the good side won, thus maybe the good from god enabled them to win against the "evil" side who triggered the war,..... thus coming to the point that i have lost track of what i was trying to say,.. just wanted to say something,....!!......... sorry


Answer by msprink
Submitted on 8/9/2005
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well i have allso belived all my life that i am some sorta chosen one to make some differnces. and well what i have come to belive is that there is manny chosen ones and we will all do our own part to create a differnce. i carnt be everywhere at once. so i need help. us chosen ones work as a team. learn about spiritrality. {bad spelling}


Answer by dave
Submitted on 8/17/2005
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the dawn is coming


Answer by Nevin E. Williams
Submitted on 8/23/2005
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There are many 'chosen' ones; the difference being mostly in scope of domain; if one believes him/herself to be chosen, and thinks/behaves/feels in a manner consistent with the task, then please, by all means, continue to help bring the world up to its next level.

Only the mundane who do not believe that there is more to life and abilities than what's currently available, shall suffer (and make harder for everybody) the upcoming changes painfully.  Worse off are the meek who fear change, and those who worship the Beast(which is simply the alphabet; no living being could ever hope to cause more death, pain, illness, sloth, and misery than the alphabets have...), for the wordgames are driving people crazy.

My contribution to science, 100 years after Albert Einstein provided E=MC^2 that so cleverly explains the workings of the universe, is that as humans, the light(C) we send and receive is clearly not square.  Some of us are black holes of never-ending need and malcontent; others are workhorses and healers, being sucked dry of our will to live.

As a human, you may use this equation to benefit yourself:

E=MC^2 transforms to E=MCC easily.  If you feel the urge to disagree here, you're in serious trouble.

I changed one of the C's to a D, for clarity.

E=MCD ; The less that Matters to you, the more Energy one has to See(C) and Do.

The less one Maintains, the more Energy to Create and Destroy.

The world has served as a great capacitor for storing energy, and the energy is available to anyone who can connect with it.  The trick then is for each able entity to figure out how to become a conduit for sufficient energy to escape this hellhole and move on to better things.  

Be you demon, angel, wizard, geek, hero, lover, or whatever, a preferred path might be to Do more, Talk/Think/Theorize less, if at all.

And believe more of what's in yourself than what's outside of yourself; for each of you are your own lords, your own gods, and you ought to not put false ideas of who God is before yourself.  To do so is to commit a dual tree, which is an internal conflict with yourself that serves only to make yourself feel less than perfectly fine.

For your own sake, please enjoy the upcoming show (participate, preferably) as the real powers that be demonstrate the appropriate way to celebrate the freezing over of hell.   >:)

As a more light-hearted aside, Homo Sapiens supposedly means "Wise Man"; My wisdom seems a bit different than most, so I had a t-shirt printed:  Hetro Sapien


[Joseph Jeffery Augustine Etienne Nevin Earl Williams, of the MicMac tribe, of the Big Cove Band, born in Saint Anne de Kent, NB on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, 1971, with a birth certificate issued on April 1st, signed by a guy named Lou.  I associate most closely with Posiedon and Isis, and certainly, at least one Node is Op.

If you're just plain, then your attic might be flooded these days...  try adding a bit of spice to your life by way of variety in activity, and not getting caught up in emotional manipulation.

Mild affection to you all, even you annoying ones...



Answer by shaolin
Submitted on 9/2/2005
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i see this is interesting to the point i respect all of you and your opinions i am an ancient spirit from the east who has much knowledge aquired i dont know how but i am the one who has been appointed the chosen one by the tao to preserve the teachings of our ancestors of ancient china wich are bieng lost throughout the war of shaolin temple and chi kung abolishment i know already all of the ancient wisdom and teachings philosophies and principles also have been practising tai chi and various arts since i was 3 for no apparent reason and have never been to the homeland i live in england but am aving to move to china where my destiny awaits, there are many players in life some have small roles some create whole new chapters in the history books the main heros in life follow the dao even if its not taught to them, good or evil all of us have a destiny wich can only happen the way it unfolds play your part well there is no retakes the first attempt is sometimes the only one you get in the real thing so as in martial arts train for it well then exicute with precision


Answer by Christine R H
Submitted on 9/3/2005
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I am a fellow Christian who just recently came to believe that I am spoken of in The Dead Sea Scrolls. What has been revealed to me over the last many months can be viewed at:


It would be very wise of you and others to read and study what is there. My best to you,

Christine Hobzek


Answer by Wishing_Spell
Submitted on 10/2/2005
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Have you ever played basketball?  First, you try out for the team.  Some are chosen, some are not.

After you make the team, it takes the whole team to win the game.  Not just one player.  So the whole team has to be involved.  Then, you have those that will "throw" the game, for some monetary offer, or other offer.  Those players intentionally allow the other side to win.  

You are looking for a chosen one, when it's not just a one.  It is an "us".  We are the only ones that can change.  So the ball is in your court.  You just have to know when to pass the ball or take the shot.

Good luck.


Answer by confused
Submitted on 10/2/2005
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could i be the chosen one? how would i know?
Maybe, my grandmother took me to church 30 years ago, and an elder had prophecy of me being identified as the chosen one. Maybe, i have a unique ss number. Maybe i was born 4/7/7_ @7:37 which is considered by some to be the exact time jesus expired. which maybe the 97th day of the year by the gregorian calender. nahhhhh. we are all the stars of our own Movie... maybe mine just has more sevens and a very loving deceased grandma who wanted me to feel like i had a special purpose. We are here to learn. We are here to experience things that we would not have access to otherwise. I like the movies...


Answer by Spooky
Submitted on 10/19/2005
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Hi I'm new here, but I think this is all strange.  I think that whoever is the chosen one would have to have some weird abnormal way to influence people or access into the spirit realm.  I also believe that this will all end in war, but what's strange about what I think will happen is that I've had premonitions in the near future and distant, and amazingly they've all been either on the money or extremely accurate.  They've only seemed to be this way in an area that I have seen or been to before.  If anyone thinks this is strange along with the subject, don't hold back on the harassment and criticism.


Answer by Denise
Submitted on 12/1/2005
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HI, Just reading this post about a chosen one as I was once told by a lady who is so dear to me in a reading that I was a chosen one, at first I thought it funny and then when she passed to spirit it worried me deeply. Now I just get on with what we are doing and that is helping people have their faith, not religion, just faith and that is harder. We are trying to get the governments and scientists to help stop the destruction of the worlds Rainforests. The lady in question is Ann Walker and she wrote a book called The Messenger The Messiah with her Spirit guide White Arrow. I feel the whole world needs to read this book. For the sake of us all on Earth. I am not promoting this book because of sales, i just feel so passionate about the truth to which we all need to know for the sake of mankind. Sorry to interupt your post, I was just looking for 'a chosen one and this site came up.


Answer by Denise
Submitted on 12/1/2005
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soory people, I didn't mean to sound arrogant with my comments regarding a chosen one, we are all here to try and find our way back to the source of oneness. I just help in my own way like we all do. But please if I was meant to come to this site then it was for the book and that alone. white light to you all.


Submitted on 12/20/2005
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There IS most definitely a Chosen One. And he is out there right now..prepairing. Gathering Strength and Knowledge. He knows you discuss him. And he knows his Path. When the time is right, and the World is Ready...He WILL Emerge. He is One man, and Every man at the same time. He whispers to you in Dreams and in Wake...To let you know he is coming. For if you know ahead of time...You will be willing to STAND along side him when the Time Comes; In a world where he knows he will face Ridicule and Oppression. He will need you all to help him, because without you he has no cause. He will be the Spark that Ignites the Fires of Change, but without the Unity of his KINdling..


Answer by ...
Submitted on 12/28/2005
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...Why is my up comming birthday on 06/06/06? and im turning 13... ...


Answer by dreamstalker
Submitted on 1/16/2006
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I have had many dreams of fighting in great battles against powerful foes, such as vampires, dinosaurs and things of such ilk, and every time about halfway through the dream I am asked to lead and I find that I'm bestowed with great powers,but what is strange is that since the first battle dream, I have began to change, in the respect of my attitudes towards other people,I'm more tolerant and have a better understanding of other cultures. The other weird thing is I keep seeing fates path but can do little to change it. Any clue whats going on? help would be appreciated.


Answer by i am the chosen one
Submitted on 1/17/2006
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hello i am the chosen one i live in Ohio im Liz im 15 and i was told i was the chosen one 3 weeks ago any questions ask me


Answer by the1
Submitted on 1/20/2006
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I know this is late but i have just got to this website. I have had weird dreams of the chosen one and I also saw death and destruction all around me i don't know what this means can anyone tell me


Answer by Autumn
Submitted on 1/26/2006
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The only chosen one that is comming back is Jesus! I hope and pray that you don't let satan talk you in to his evil plans. Jesus is the only one who is going to bring peace to the world. Satan is out to kill and destroy... don't let him fool you! he is a liar. If you want to talk to someone who knows the truth, try God...it worked for me, it will work for you too.


Submitted on 2/10/2006
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You are the
Black Knight.
Yes, you don't like to kill people. That goes
against everything you fight for. It's not that
you are a coward, but your ideals and morals
wouldn't allow it. You are not a villan but an anti-hero, and do
not do things because they are 'good'butbecause you believe thay are necessary, but you will kill the the bad guys and do
it all illegally. But just because you don't like to kill
doesn't mean you don't love kicking ass. And that is
what you do best. You use your brain and your
strenght to do honorable deeds and protect
people you know and love. If an evil guy is
going to take over the world soon, it's you who
will get involved. You hate watching innocents
suffer, and love seeing bad people getting what
they deserve. You are probably also extremely lonely and
morbid and only work alone. And
the few friends you usually make are true ones.


Answer by BeetleGeuce
Submitted on 2/15/2006
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There's an infinite light within all. You must discover how to use it. We are all different for a reason. Think...Think...Think


Answer by GiftofGod
Submitted on 3/1/2006
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The chosen one doesn't stop the world from ending, they die fighting a losing battle. When the time comes, when the legions of "hell" break through the boundary between "hell" and earth, God freezes us off in an ice age, rather than letting his souls go to the hands of evil, he kills them off himself. Once in the earth plain, Marcus, son of the devil, goes into the purgatory plain which he and his father could not get into via "hell". He revives Grimm the reaper, the original reaper and owner of purgatory. The devil comes through to the earth plain and it is there the legions, himself, Marcus and Grimm, go into the heavens and try to destroy it. The ending hasn't happened yet. You just have to wait 250 years for it. Am I the real gift of God? or did i just make that up, you can decide, but either way i know whats happening behind those closed doors. Want to know more? then ask


Answer by heavenly spirit
Submitted on 3/4/2006
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I feel you all should stop worrying about
fact or fiction.
Just worry if yo have made peace within yourselfs, then you will know if you have to fear the end.
Remember god see'sand knows all and only he
will worry about how the end should be.
So look into your heart and souls you then will find the answer to all truths.


Answer by tHe H4X0R
Submitted on 4/24/2006
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These forums are old... but im compelled to answer... people... would you stop singling out your own beliefs and believing that they are true. In truth, we dont really know what is the truth. May sound paradoxical or ironic, but hey its true. All we know is our science. That is the closest truth we have in this entire world.  Their may be a god. Their may not be a god. No one really knows. And maybe no one will ever know. So stop singling out your beliefs, because you don't know what is really out their, just like the rest of us. All we can do is come up with theories, nothing more.


Answer by    
Submitted on 4/26/2006
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Jesus is the chosen one he is the one that will bring peace to earth. Perhaps he will come on the day the earth ends taking those chosen to go heaven to eternal paradise only god knows and if your heart is pure you will someday also know.


Answer by ...
Submitted on 4/30/2006
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Isnt this all a bit depressing why are we worried about a choosen one? if they come they come if they dont they dont


Answer by enzerium
Submitted on 5/1/2006
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have faith the day will come and if you believe you will pass


Answer by Neo
Submitted on 5/23/2006
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There is only one.


Answer by The Thief in the night
Submitted on 6/3/2006
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As a Thief in the Night, the Chosen one will be praying an unholy prayer towards the Heavens to sit on the Throne of our living God. His body will still walk the Earth but his righteous in Anger will ask for all the Evil of his spirit to be stripped away from him. He knows the face of six demonic beings that held a prayer tight within his belly. As he watches from the Pacific he awaits for his Bride sent down from God and delivered to him by our Lord Jesus Christ. A Purple candle will deliver the eternal light of True Peace and understanding of all our destiny. The chosen one will be the Son of God, and he will search for his one true love, to not be reborn in a World of Filth. There is a Spirit war and the Tribes are already in set and waiting for the Ancient Battle to begin. The Chosen One will speak with the Elders and sacrifice his blood to our living God. The Chosen One will battle the Evil Spirits while the Old Heavens and Old Earth are still asleep. God has already shown himself to this person and Ancient Egypt remember his spirit for he is the first believer. As the tail end of the Dragon is cut off and the lake of Hell is healed for those who have come through the tribulation by the will of God,Abba,Buddha,Tagaloa Lagi,..all are the expression of the same God of all our tougues. The Chosen One has carried the seed of the Anti--Christ to be delivered a child of Darkness to the Highest of Heavens for a inch of Gods tears to heal his lost, and first born son Adam. There will be no more hurt towards children for their prayer was a Spiritual Sacrifice by the Chosen One. His mind and power of prayer with only Peace and the only truth of our tougues resides in the spirit of the Stranger in the night also knowen as the Thief in the night who caught all the prayers of the living Earth, to make all things new again. Ethiopia and Egypt will praise his name. And in the Old Heaven and the Old Earth.The Chosen One will walk as same as you and me,as in the New Heaven and the New Earth. All immoral behavior towards children in any way is the Mark on all Peoples foreheads. The Chosen One will be knowen as the Lamb and his Spirit War within Heaven and Earth Will be won only in Peace and Peace alone.For those who don't believe in Peace for Eternity will be tested by Saliedodemononum. The Anger of the Lamb will be towards the Ancient Demons that have knowen what they do to People and sway their minds to be filled with evil thoughts. The Chosen One will catch them in his nets and God will have final judgment on these blinded false Prophets and will, will all forgiveness. When the Book of Life will be written in a Journal. The Chosen One has been given righteous tears to save all Gods children good or bad. There will come a long cloud over the Pacific, there will be no Sea, and gates will appear upon every shore, shinning upon our faces where there is Night it will be no more. The Heavens will land as light as a Talent and your mind will understand the true meaning of Kings and Queens from eternal lands in Heaven and Earth. The Eyes that burn of Fire belong to this Man of Peace not hatred and War. We are all Chosen Ones but I am he who hath nothing ,but have all I need in Heaven.Amen


Answer by rony
Submitted on 6/11/2006
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i believe that every1 has a purpose in life.the purpose of the chosen one is to show people the right way through dark times.everyone and anyone can become the chosen one if they believe in themselves.


Answer by warrior
Submitted on 6/15/2006
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I am the chosen one who will battle the Antichrist also there will be a war before the year 2012 and i will win because I have been told by the spirits have told me that when the time is right I will have my psychic powers to defeat the 15000 plus army it is my destiny. And only true psychics can feel my power but can't pin point my location.


Answer by Not-Important
Submitted on 6/22/2006
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Well, today my language teacher said "I truley do believe you are The Chosen One" and I asked what he ment and he said I'd find out when I'm older. I was adopted at birth and my mom (adoptive) died when I was 11. I've always felt like I don't belong or that I'm missing something. I'm not saying I'm this "Chosen One" but I was just wondering what you think of this.


Answer by Empathy
Submitted on 7/7/2006
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there is a purpose in life as there is a meaning to everything that we do. i believe that there is a chosen. walking among us. look behind u, it may be the person next to you the stranger at your door step delivering a paper. the young child that stares up at you. the woman in your heart. who ever it may be do know that soon we will all see who the chosen seed may be whom will replenish this world God has created for all of his seeds.


Answer by SATAN
Submitted on 7/15/2006
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Yes the 3th world war is coming but nothing to fear because 1/3 of mankind will die in a second.The true pain will come on survivors until the DAY come.


Answer by talia
Submitted on 7/21/2006
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i know it's late for me to post an anwser but if we all cloud our minds with the obvious, then when will the determination of wanting to find the truth come to be?  the answer is in ourselfs, we all have the devil in us, we all have god in us, whether we believe it or not.  if there is a chosen, they will not admit it, they will just act upon it in the proper manner, like we do when we feel the time is right. it's easy to talk the talk, but walking the walk is the hardest thing to do.


Answer by ABAGHSUM
Submitted on 8/13/2006
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Answer by DonteSinferno
Submitted on 8/29/2006
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Yes. I know and this is not a game. I feel I am he and events of today prove my theory. As Ernesto rolls through Florida one can only begin to understand the World War 3.  If Ernesto "Che" Guevara lived for anything it was revolution. What makes this significant is last year today Katrina washed away the veil that covers the present day race problem. I put together Karma, documentary planned story about this question. What gives me the right to believe I am he is two other highly influential people with war ties.  Ronald Reagan born February 6 1911 leader of the illuminati based followers (The
Bush's GOP)vs. God s Army led by Bob Marley, born 34 years later February 6, 1945. Exactly 34 years later I was born February 6, 1979. N-e Questions?


Answer by DonteSinferno
Submitted on 8/29/2006
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Yes. I know and this is not a game. I feel I am he and events of today prove my theory. As Ernesto rolls through Florida one can only begin to understand the World War 3.  If Ernesto "Che" Guevara lived for anything it was revolution. What makes this significant is last year today Katrina washed away the veil that covers the present day race problem. I put together Karma, documentary planned story about this question. What gives me the right to believe I am he is two other highly influential people with war ties.  Ronald Reagan born February 6 1911 leader of the illuminati based followers (The
Bush's GOP)vs. God s Army led by Bob Marley, born 34 years later February 6, 1945. Exactly 34 years later I was born February 6, 1979. N-e Questions?


Answer by Thomas
Submitted on 9/4/2006
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-Ryan Seth-

Everything you have said is as close to the truth as possibly! The Chosen will know nothing of Gods plan. This is so the Devil working through every man wonít see the plan of his defeat.

The chosen will only feel within him the fixed personal relationship he has with the creator through his entire life. God has given along with his birth proof that God has long awaited plans for him. By this I mean the child has been born circumcised. You might want to look that up if you donít understand the significance of being born circumcised. He knows not to fear the persecution masses will bestow upon him when the time comes. The physical realm is but a mask to the fact that we've existed before this reality and that we will continue on after. I am still in my teens and I know that all the pieces will come together at last. Everyone will finally see the picture as a whole. Yet unless they decide to accept everything that is and everything that will be all we can do is pray for those people. My only advice is despite how so many all over the world will view this person. Don't run from what you know is the truth just because youíre too stubborn to believe that mankind misinterpreted things you believe to be the absolute truth. The ABSOLUTE TRUTH will set you free from this world of illusions. Even through this chosen Gods TRUTH is distorted because he is only a man. The human mind cannot comprehend everything that God is fully. The chosen does know heíll be the key of the creation to the opening of the eyes of men. Seeing the TRUTH is believing the TRUTH. It will be astonishing for everyone to see are shackles released as our physical bodies fade away. We will be saved! At Last!


Answer by unknown
Submitted on 10/10/2006
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i had a dream and i was trying to figure it out. the dream was: i was with my dad in the car it was all peacefull then i felt a great pain as if my head was spliting open then i remember being in total darkness and seeing important landmarks being destroyed ex. the eifel tower then i felt a tremendous heat and i saw a great demon aproaching but then a white door apeared before me and it opened and a white light apeared and i felt at ease. then i woke up


Answer by Zagetol, The Chosen One
Submitted on 10/14/2006
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You guy are all chosen ones from God, but there are higher chosen ones or a chosen one.


Answer by snipe
Submitted on 11/10/2006
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i think that everyone here has the wrong idea of wat is going to happen ik 1 think that we all are going to die but in the end it wont matter we will feel nothing have nothing all that we ever worked for will die we will die so stfu u dumb asses


Answer by Joshua
Submitted on 11/21/2006
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I believe in the Chosen One. I am He.


Answer by Child of God
Submitted on 11/29/2006
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Everyone thinks that they know the answers! Man knows nothing. Read your Bibles.............The word of GOD is very clear.


Answer by seek
Submitted on 12/10/2006
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dont you all see that all of this is irrelavant. Nobody here is right and none here is wrong. reality isnt "out there" its in you. The fact of the matter is that life itself is god. Christianity speaks highly of humans because we are able to make choices, why would you want to believe that one tiny carbon based organism in the backwaters of the milkyway could upset this "god" in all "his" perfection to the point were "he" would want to punish you for all of eternity because of "wrong" choices you had made throughout your spec of time on this planet. now dont get me wrong i'mnot trying to say that your life is not important to you and im not trying to say that religion is a bad thing cuz its not ...... it gives allot of people meaning and hope and a reason to spread good. but why would "God" want you to live a life that you think he thinks is deserving enough for a ticket into heaven dont you think he would want you to be what you think is "good" without having to be intimidated by a god.

I normally wouldnt say this cuz like i said im all for people spreading love and goodness but most religions are in fact the old way of governing people. and sorry to pick on christianty again but the bible itself is a complete contridiction the old testament god is much different then the new testament god. why if god was already perfect change what/ who it was. old testament = ruthless hell casting god
new testament =forgiving and loving god

so then were does jesus fit in with this religion. if you are reading this and you have read the bible you would know that their is a chunck about 30 years long of jesus' life that is no way documented in any of the gospels and futher more the entire bible. Very suspisious.
did you know that it is believed  during this period of circa 30 years jesus in fact travled to asia to study budist beliefs. this means that maybe jesus was in fact just a very wise man.... he knew that life is what you believe it is. he knew that if he truly believed with every ounce of his matter that he could walk on water that he would. just as it is that same that if you truly believe your life is good no matter any of the circumstaces then it is in fact good. like enstien primary theory of realitivty implies... everything is relative only to itself.   unfortunatly for jesus, people (Jewish religous leaders) felt that his teachings of inner happiness and self control were putting their religion and therefor the high held and high paid positions  in jepordy , so they killed him. not unlike the reasons why john lennon, bobby and john kennedy, martin luther king, lincon (the list goes on and on)were killed. they all were trying to spread peace and change ideals of thinking. but such events lead to changes in power. and the people in power dont want that.

but jesus' teachings made an impression on his followers.( same with john lennon, bobby and john kennedy, martin luther king, lincon, kurt cobain, tupac...) exaggerated storys of jesus' powers and purpose changed in meaning as they passed on through time and people and eventually got into the wrong hands that made christianity what it is today. the gospels werent even written by people who were alive when he was.

all that being said jesus was and is still  god because he believed he was ......and  so are you if you believe you are. But if you believe in God almighty then that is also real cuz its relative to you. basically life is a test to yourself. nobody can feel thing for you but they sure can influence your thoughts... dont be brainwashed. If you got to believe in somthing why not believe in yourself.  it always comes down to mind over matter, if you dont mind it doesnt matter. only one who can make you suffer is you if you. choose to  make the best choices choose to be happy......... you are the chosen one  


Answer by Mel
Submitted on 12/12/2006
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The Chosen One is a female.  She is here on earth already.  God chose her for her goodness and her creative heart, for always seeing the good in others.  God is the Chosen One and God is this woman.....in human form...when he reveals her to the world, so many will be in disbelief because of her gender, but she will be Jesus in Spirit..the Spirit of Truth. She knows what God knows about goodness and will teach...however, she will only take home those who have had faith in her and who she is.  God wants the Chosen One on earth so that she can bring his children home and teach faith through healing.  You will know her in your time which is God's time.  Watch and be aware...the signs are all around you.  Open your hearts for your hearts will know who she is if you have ultimate faith.  People will not believe in who she is because they are expecting a man.  But her spirit is that of Jesus.


Answer by great luau satan
Submitted on 12/12/2006
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you are all wasting your lives.


Answer by calypso
Submitted on 12/13/2006
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i'mglad you all feel this way i just wanted to tell that the time has already come.  so be prepared, i just hope you all are ready for.  and my father and grandfather love you all


Answer by XQG
Submitted on 12/16/2006
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Each of us is a chosen one if you believe in God with your heart.  The Bible is very clear about that.  Are you willing?


Answer by jackie
Submitted on 1/2/2007
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i believe that nostradomus is a chosen one and so are many others like him like me i dream of the future everyones death doomsday but we cant prevent it we all make are own destiny what it is so you should know doomsday is starting 2007 and lots of people will die in 20012 thats the end of this world but the beginning of the next one dont be scared be with your loved ones when you die tell everyone about doomsday so they can be with there loved ones when they die i love this world and everyone in it i know that sounds weird but i do truly and soon one world will end and another will begin until doomsday live your life normal and die happy noeone can prevent doomsday it will come but dont be scared you will die happy and know you lived your life to its fulest extent im just a normal girl but i believe we make are own destiny noeone elnse we are are own creatiors nobody created us the earth was here before god we are are own god if there is a god jesus so they say iwould rather die with the people i love and care abouty and go where they go than be in heaven because heaven is not heaven without the ones you love


Answer by don_cha
Submitted on 1/13/2007
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no comment


Answer by dark angel
Submitted on 1/28/2007
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There is a chosen one....he lives in new jersey, all the music u listen to that has a religous conotation, example: a perfect circle, enbraces the idea of a higher being or chosen one, there other band tool makes a mention of a boy named Dion who never finnished high school, and is complaning about being the chosen one  


Answer by X42
Submitted on 1/29/2007
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Answer by emanon
Submitted on 2/2/2007
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i am sorry to say that there are levels of truth to all statements however none exactly true. Good and Evil are the same as positive and negative in which we all portray at different times. powers of destruction and creation. The truth is the second coming will not have peace, people who are good are not going to be lifted away. this mess of earth is humankinds will and what he have done to this life and planet is all of our responsibility not just the wrongdoers. There will be a time when the good have to become bad and do bad things in order to preserve their good nature. We were given the knowledge  to what we have to do with this world and here it is 2000 years later and look at what has been done in the name of creation, nothing but greed, deception, idolism and thus making me wonder can this all be cured without it getting much worse. the answer is no humankind has shown that its intelligence level deserves the consequences of its own creations. Religion in general is the downfall of this all the words of the bible have done nothing but condone ones flaws in their own head. The true wisdom of creation is already in our souls at the time of birth yet look at how much people go through to justify their wars through the text in a bible. from what i have seen really religious people are the ones who have created most of the trauma mother earth has bared. Father time will only let our own will be carried out as we do and have done. Peace, no there cannot be due to the fact of how much it takes for the people of the world to learn the true laws of creation and destruction. the battle for the good has to be felt by all and seen by all before it can get batter. This moment in humankinds history will be the most tragic however the lessons learned by the survivors will never be forgotten. These are the truths I know and believe me i wish it was another way but like i said this world has done it to itself and no ones part in this all is not going to be forgotten.


Answer by Green
Submitted on 2/8/2007
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Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let's not get too Trippy here. We need to keep things real if we are ever going to
understand ourselves and our world 111%

It's an exciting yet fearful time we all live in. I believe we will see something very Great very soon, time heals all wounds including the Worlds.

Cheers, Love U All.


Answer by Michael
Submitted on 2/15/2007
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There is only one that is the chosen one. The one that helps people with everything. That will be the one who is lucky that maybe that person will rise.


Answer by 666 ?
Submitted on 2/15/2007
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Answer by The Chosen One
Submitted on 2/17/2007
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I'm here. I just don't know where to start. I have all the answers to life's problems, but the question is do you deserve it. Time is running out, many people are dead, more are starving. How long do you think they are going to hand out large sums of money to a selected few. I know I was supposed to reveal my self at the turn of the millinium, I had just become a man but some things had me doubting on saving the people. Rats inside womens vigina, child porn, torture, killing in the name of. There are many more but you get the idea. There are very few left in this world the that are worth saving. Before I set foot on this planet I was told NOT to interfere, but its kind of hard when you got people praying and crying for someone to come and save them. I'm Being sommuned. I'm just like you living and breathing, the only difference is I have a trillion years of history crammed into one mind. Jesus was 33 when he found out what he had to do, I'm 23 and I know what i have to do. Out of all the places in the world you found me on this web page its not a coinsadence, I've been looking for you, and now that I found you, spread the word HE'S HERE.


Answer by kjo
Submitted on 2/25/2007
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i am comming
the end is near
the end of war


Answer by wannabe-the1
Submitted on 3/4/2007
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wannabe the 1 i will help you
I am the chosen one to help you to be the chsen one


Answer by ian
Submitted on 3/6/2007
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god helps those who help themselves, right? Start helping each other. That is the only way that people will stop fighting and hating each other. If your government leads your country to war, don't fight in it. It is so sad that every war america has been in has never been a defensive war. Our leaders have always told us that we are helping, so and so. It is this lie that sells the war. If you want to know the true reasons for wars... wait until they are over and see how the war mongers profit. Look at our current situation in the middle east. It has always been about economic and political control and/or influence. It is not christians vs muslims, or freedom fighters vs terrorists. Oil and Israel are what the U.S. wants. That is why there are "terrorists." We need to stand by our helpless brothers and sisters in the middle east and not let our governments send any of us to fight their wars of greed.


Answer by scared
Submitted on 3/8/2007
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All this conversation is heavily opinionated and confusing. It is against my nature to add to this dialog but I must because I am scared. All my life I've been a little bit different. Then I suffered a horrible accident, broke my back, neck and fractured my skull. After more than two years of recovery I am just now going back into the world. My medical records indicate I am a medical marvel. My horrific dreams during recovery indicate I am the Chosen One. I'm not even a man. I am a changed person from the accident. I'm not only different from others, I'm different from my old self. I have no clue where this will lead.


Answer by Believer
Submitted on 3/8/2007
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In response to Abby's question, yes, I believe there will be a Chosen One who helps save the world from war. Some people suspect the Devil or the AntiChrist to be the Chosen One. I strongly disagree. The AntiChrist is just that - the AntiChrist. The Devil is just that - the Devil. Many believe the latter two characters are one in the same. Either way, they deceive people into believing there will be peace through them which ultimately brings great destruction as they attempt to gain all power. Only the Chosen One will lead us to true peace without deception. ONLY the Chosen One will accomplish this, based upon many historical sources which include the Bible. The Chosen One might not be anybody particularly special at all, until it becomes evident that person is, in fact, The Chosen One. Whatever acts or deeds or thoughts the Chosen One uses to win peace might not be evident until after the events have occurred. The Chosen One may be much like a war hero of our current time; someone who was just a terrified human who rose to the occassion at hand and ended up making a superior difference. Keep that in mind because the Chosen One could be your neighbor or someone just down the street. And based upon the Quatrains, Bible and current events, I believe the Chosen One is already walking amongst us. Peace.


Answer by wonderer
Submitted on 3/9/2007
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Why don't you have any responses posted since 2004? It is now 2007 and it seems like a lot more has happened and lot more people surely have something to say. Why don't you post responses since 2004 about this Nostradamus?


Answer by the_great
Submitted on 3/10/2007
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i think that both Tanisha and The_chosen are wrong. in the book of Revalations it says that there will be a second coming of Jesus Christ before the end. maybe there will be a modern messiah, a new son of god who is your "chosen one", or maybe its going to be the same Jesus. you can call me what you want but thats just what i think


Answer by Royal
Submitted on 3/17/2007
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Deep inside of me i can feel that i am the chosen one, i know it sounds cheesy becuase lots of other people have been saying it... but nothing in my life has stood out more to me... First off my name is Royal...isnt the chosen one of "Royal" Blood... also i was born on the winter solstice "Dec.22" (THIS WAS THE BIGGEST EVENT IN HISTORY FOR THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS)...  .... the last day on the mayan calendar is December 22/2012 ... this sounds like alot of crap to most of you, but if you read about the end of existence... the mayan calendar(Tzolkin) is probably the most important artifact on earth in my opinion.. i feel like the biggest tool in the world becuase if someone told me they thought they were the chosen one i would think they were on something... but honestly... i have had the craziest dreams... i am starting to really get intense feelings of energy , but in a way i can not explain.... as each day goes by i can feel myself being pulled closer to my destiny, and its really bothering me... becuase i dont know what is gonna happen... BUt inside of my self i know that there is something i am going to do, and i will know when the time comes... im not going on trying to get attention... i just need answers to my questions... i dont know what to do or who to talk to ... i cant just talk to anyone about this without them thinking im a freak. There have been hundreds , if not thousands of things that prove to myself that i am , but there is no way for me to prove it... its like im not suppose to prove it. My whole life is basically one big conspiracy. My life proves to me that i am the chosen one, Wich is why i am the only one who could possibly understand what im talkign about.I have never been so sure of anything in my entire life


Answer by Leon
Submitted on 3/17/2007
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The chosen one will know. The chosen one may not know before the time comes. He will only have clues to his destiny before the time comes. He has had visions, paths put before him, he knows what he must do. He may not believe it himself, but when that time comes, he must rise to the occassion and be the one. He will realize it once that time comes, for he has been told, he has dreamt things, he has predicted things. He may not know exactly what to do when the time comes, but the lord will guide him. He will not be perfect, for he is only human, but, he will be guided by the light of the lord. There may be many, there may be few. The good lord will need the help of everyone when the time comes, because satan'spowers will be strong, possibly overwhelming at times. But it is this battle we must defeat. It has been prophesized.


Answer by amorgeden stopper
Submitted on 3/22/2007
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i think there is a chosen one cuz i can make amorgeden missions and i can save the world i can unlock all angels for amorgeden and if u konw who i am juss holla im people who thinks im a amorgeden savior and they think im a chosen one heas one of my amorgeden missions go tell all angels to train for amorgeden


Answer by amorgeden stopper
Submitted on 3/22/2007
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i think there is a chosen one cuz i can make amorgeden missions and i can save the world i can unlock all angels for amorgeden and if u konw who i am juss holla im people who thinks im a amorgeden savior and they think im a chosen one heas one of my amorgeden missions go tell all angels to train for amorgeden imay be the chosen one people can see my mind they can mind read me so you know who i am


Answer by Walkin Dude
Submitted on 3/23/2007
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wow most of you people are crazy
the chosen guy seems pretty smart, but there are a lot of people who exhibit signs of....power. Don't be so sure of yourselves,seriously


Answer by Allister
Submitted on 3/29/2007
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The chosen one, will not be just one, but one in a large group of many. They are only a small percentage of the world's population, maybe 1 - 2%. The chosen few will be different, from the general population. They will refuse the evils of the world and process great minds, yet offer great compassion. But what makes these people the chosen ones is their will power and inner strength to stand up to the evils of the world, and make this world a better place, before the evil destroys the world. The chosen people probably know who they are, they can feel it, they are people of honour, respect, and chosen by God, (the energy of the universe), himself, to do his bidding, whether they are religious or not, it doesn't matter, so long as their heart is good.


Answer by Jobe
Submitted on 4/17/2007
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The chosen one walks.  Only the few minds which are pure enough shall experience the new reality he'll create. Hence, purity is the real question.


Answer by Angel2007
Submitted on 5/15/2007
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"For God so loved the world, that he gave his Only Begotten Son that whosoever shall believeth in him shall never perish but have eternal life" John 3:16

WE ARE ALL CHOSEN, WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN.....Even if you don't want to be....


Answer by arik angel
Submitted on 5/17/2007
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god this god that you all expect some power to come down and save us. did it ever cross your mind that the bible is just a load of crap that god is just watching us and seeing how we solve our problems and not interfering with us.people fail to see that we have the power to change the bad to good instead you people hide behind your religion and don't face the true problems all you have to do is use the power that some magnificent force out there in the universe gave you.WILLPOWER!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE WHO USE THE BIBLE AS STRENGTH ARE WRONG AND IF THE END OF ALL THINGS COME THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL PERISH UNDER THE MAGNIFICENT FORCE OF LIFE AND DEATH.I HOPE YOUR EYES ARE OPEN NOW!!!!!!!!!


Answer by carmichael
Submitted on 5/21/2007
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There is a chosen one. The ever living cicutry of mother earth. Natural disasters have killed many already , and soon they will do away with hate , greed , murder and all that humans know and understand; MANKIND itself.


Answer by -Huey Freeman-
Submitted on 5/25/2007
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I will say this we don't know who the chosen one is the only thing we know is that he exist and he doesn't know it he is a good guy he is someone we all like probably and don't know it but he may not be on our side he may be on the wrong side the only real thing we know is that he will save us and and will bring the peace to us all but guess what he has to have some sort of power if hes gonna save us because Satan and the devil both stand very strong then we got the omen and the brothers of devil and Satan so think bout it how will he beat Satan and the devil or what if he goes to the wrong side and does something really bad and fails we never know.I think he beats the devil and Satan by love and goodness of god or he gets mad power and fights with 4 more as in saying that i mean god,Jesus,the angels,etc.


Answer by I do believe somtehing
Submitted on 5/29/2007
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I think that everyone is the chosen one for himself.


Answer by flossie
Submitted on 6/12/2007
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iam the scheo  one amd iam gating the book and the sheo box zoo they  aer nto find the book


Answer by randy
Submitted on 6/24/2007
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I beleave I am the chosen one.I feel it in my inner being.I just hope when the time is here I will be ready.


Answer by Galactimmus
Submitted on 6/24/2007
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Yes there is and his name is Jesus, there is mich difference betweem A chosen one and THE chosen one


Answer by momo
Submitted on 7/4/2007
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the choosen one is the one who obey'sthe law of yhwh that's the ten commandments.


Answer by reinheart
Submitted on 7/8/2007
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There may be a chosen one...sure he or she can save the world. Bring peace and long last happiness to all. Unfortunately i am not going to wait around to find out. I will do what i can in my part to make this world a better place. dont wait! act! do some good for a change. I dont care what your belief is....do some good!


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