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I would like to know anymore information on the Great Genius...

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Question by NosrepcinomeD
Submitted on 12/15/2003
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I would like to know anymore information on the Great Genius and the one who overtakes the Antichrist. Did Nostradamus write anymore about them and/or any information elsewhere be found?

Thank you for your time.


Answer by Benet
Submitted on 10/22/2005
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Hi, I'm searching for the same answer as you are.Have somebody give you any kind of information of where can this guy be found?




Answer by avatar
Submitted on 12/5/2005
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Well the Great Genius is one who is familiar with society.  Before it becomes too late, religion and science must be re-explained in a new light.  Society tends to believe science and religion are two separate entities, completely bipolar of each other.  From one perspective, this is true.  Science is the study of the physical reality of the universe, contrary to religion who's search for truth is through the spiritual realm.  The two, science and religion are crusading for truth from two different perspectives.  The bottom line is that they are searching for the same truth.

For example, look at a human being.  We as biological mechanism's, are physical creatures.  We contain matter, cells, organs, and organ systems.  All of which are essentially made of atoms.  An atom is naturally perceived as a hard ball of solid matter; the most solid state of matter existent.  But in reality its not, its a tiny dust cloud made of electrons, protons and neutrons.  The electrons constantly are popping in and out of existence, creating a cloud per say around the tiny bit of matter; the nucleus.  This was then to be known as the most solid state of matter.  Again, going even further, the nucleus pops in and out of existence just as the electrons do.  This proves the impossible; matter is essentially nothing, the same nothing that science bashes religion for putting their faith in!  

Now what does that tell you?  Well first off, the study of science and the physical world is really a study of the world of energy; matter is made entirely of ENERGY.  Second, you may ask why religion doesn't  bother to affirm the practice of science, i.e. the many abortion issues.  Essentially, science and religion are part of the same search for truth, but work vigorously against each other.  This is truly sad and disgusting, but it is what exists today.

New science of belief is what needs to be heard.  Keeping in mind that matter is essentially energy, learning how to take care of emotional, personal, and especially spiritual aspects of yourself proves to be uplifting in personal health.  A spiritually healthy person naturally increases the nature of constant good physical health.

If science and religion are unified, it must first begin with the individual.  for one person to become aware and realize that we are not living in the world that we thought we did.  We're not confined to physicality, matter, and medicine, nor do we live in a world of havoc that a booming god created, then abandoned.  The point is, we are conscious individuals who create our own realities.  YES, we create our own worlds.  The world is a computer in which our bodies are the hardware, and our minds are the software.  

Again... science studies the physical nature of the universe, whereas religion studies the spiritual realm of the universe.  Ironically, science proved that the physical world is essentially not physical at all.  energy is matter, matter is energy.  

The anti-Christ, i have a feeling is the one who will know how and when to persuade people in the wrong direction during the dire of times.  
Scary enough, not only do we have to worry about the scientific world harming the earth with bombs, we must seriously consider how the religious world can harm the world with deception.  The anti-Christ seems like the only fit as the symbolic leader during the times of trouble, who many will turn to in spite of all of the harm science has done to the world.  The anti-Christ will lead spiritually diseased people, and turn them into spiritual slaves.  A similar instance occurred in World War II when Hitler came to power.  After World War I, the German people were weak, angry, and leaderless.  Hitler then took action and gave the people what they want..a promise for a better future, and revenge against the enemy!  The anti-Christ will be of a similar nature, he will take charge of his people in the time of troubles and reign.

We must stand prepared; ready for anything.  The best way to do so is to take part in the spiritual shift of earth by becoming spiritually aware about ourselves and the world.  Learning about who we are, why we are here, and what we shall do is the best way to do so. Research upon history, astrology, quantum physics, and the unknown to learn more.  Once you find one interesting thing to believe, you will want to know more.  

BECOME SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by Keith
Submitted on 5/25/2006
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You mean this "Great Genius"?
Great Genius unifies religion and science
Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
Astonishing feats of medicine
New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius
Chapter 8: The Great Genius

Past events
Great Genius
Far Future
You are wanting to see the near future?


It's not a happy time and you can't change it... much.


Answer by HALO
Submitted on 7/4/2006
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go to Liquid Swords .com gza or moorish Delta 7  
or Wu tang clan to be on it or Waite fore me Halo to brake the seals


Answer by grafixone
Submitted on 2/21/2007
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read the nostradamus code...........by this doctor guy..lol


Answer by Pocean
Submitted on 3/12/2007
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The Great genius will be a miracle worker just like Jesus, The second coming If you will...and will lead like no other brother from another mother.


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