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Just how good are Siberian Huskies with small children, I...

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Question by weezy
Submitted on 12/14/2003
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Just how good are Siberian Huskies with small children, I heard they can be very mean, is this true?

Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 1/1/2004
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Hi! I own two Huskys and I can tell you they are the sweetest dogs in the world. Neither one of my huskys ever hurt one of my younger siblings. In fact I take my 6 mo. sister out to see them. Sometimes where they are bred to sled they are crossed bred with wolves. Plus they run all day long and have only one meal a day. This makes them mean. But a husky put in a loving environment I think makes the best family pet. I would strongly recommend a husky cause they LOVE  kids. Husky lover


Answer by Jill
Submitted on 1/8/2004
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My Siberian is the sweetest dog ever.  Nothing bothers him and you can do anything to him, he will not get angry.  They are generally easy going dogs.  Maybe you were thinking about a Malamute, they can be high strung!


Answer by Tiffany
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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Siberian huskies are very children friendly. I have a husky and we bought him into the family when my stepson was only 5 years old and they took to each other right away. My stepson was always a very energetic child and he and the dog became best friends right away. They wrestled everyday. The puppy would climb at the foot of the bed with him every night. And he never second looks a child coming into the yard except to play with them, but an adult, he will not come near my yard and especially my stepson. Now my stepson does not live with us anymore, but he visits often and Xavier is always happy to see him, he starts a wrestling match the moment he gets out of the car. My stepson is 8 years old now and my dog is 3 and they have not slowed down yet.


Answer by hm
Submitted on 2/18/2004
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My husky is the best thing in the world!!!  I don't have any regrets about getting him! King is only 6 months old, but he is pretty big. He loves my niece and nephew who are only 6 and 2. Don't miss out, go get one NOW!!!


Answer by loup_du_nord
Submitted on 4/5/2004
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Siberian huskies were bred to be a family dog. They were to obey their owners and work hard for them. They Sibe is one of the friendliest dog in the world. They have a lot of patience and are gentle. There is the occasional play fighting but that can be corrected easily.


Answer by kali
Submitted on 4/29/2004
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I have alot of huskies,and they are all fun
and sweet.None of them are mean.Huskies love kids more then adalts and even then they will stall love anyone.
  When I come home all my dogs give me lots of kisses and 1 time my little brother kicked
digger{1 of my dogs}and digger gust licked him!


Answer by KELLI ROTH
Submitted on 6/5/2004
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Answer by EnNiE
Submitted on 8/11/2004
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My friend says that sibes are so mean, and I cringe whenerver she say that. Its so dumb, because I've known this beautiful sibe for a long time, and went camping with their family, never once has he bit me. Her "golden retriver" (ugh) has nip me countless times, and jumped up on me, and once really hurt my back.
She is so stubborn to think that sibe are vicious, they're not, and they're disposistion is much more docile then a retriver.


Answer by Diana
Submitted on 8/17/2004
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I have a Husky and is very friendly.  Although they can be escape artist and jump a fence and runoff you can't hate them, but your the one that has to be patient.  Our dog is so fun.


Answer by babykerica@hotmail.com
Submitted on 8/25/2004
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I myself just got a husky and i have a 4 year old daughter. Ice is 4 months old. People have told me that I was crazy to get a husky, that he would hurt my child , well its 2 1/2 weeks that I have him and he is so sweet. He fallows me everywhere. We are all crazy about him.


Answer by bgreen
Submitted on 9/16/2004
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I have THREE huskies 4, 2 AND 7 MONTHS OLD!  We have had our 2 yr. old since he was six months old.  They are a handful as far as having to love each and everyone of them the same.  I have three nephews (7, 5 & 3) that love to play with them. Our oldest husky (Storm) was given to us by a family with a baby daughter that loved her.  They have pictures of Storm sitting with the baby.   (They moved, therefore they could not keep Storm so we took her in)  

A husky is known for their beautiful eyes and being one of the sweetest dogs ever.    


Answer by Heather
Submitted on 5/8/2005
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My Husky Storm is good with kids, even strangers. He has run away numerous times! Broken out of his kennel twice. Opened the glass patio door and ate his way though a wooded gate. One Christmas Eve he escaped and ran to a car full of kids and jumped right in! The parents said if he hadn't had tags on him they would have kept him for their own. I wish I would have let them! Just kidding ;0

In all my years of going to the dog park I've never once met a mean Husky. A mean Husky would have to be an abused Husky. They were bred by the Eskimos as sled/family dogs and would sleep with the children. Huskies LOVE kids! Huskies and children are A LOT alike. The energy level and the curiousity. They may be naughty (because they are so smart) but they are nice.

I love my Husky so much and he's here to stay but can honestly say if I had to do it over again I wouldn't. Huskies are NOT for everyone and their beauty is their biggest curse.

Best of luck!


Answer by Erin G.
Submitted on 6/19/2005
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I have never personally owned a Siberian, but I did grow up next to one when I was little. The dog loved kids, especially me. Mind you, he was extremely enthusiastic, and I was knocked over more than once. Oh, and @ Tanisha: Siberian huskies are not used as sled dogs by anyone who wants to win races--they tend to be slow in races. In fact, most competitive mushers use mixed-breed dogs that are usually referred to as Alaskan huskies. In addition, Alaskan huskies almost never have wolf blood-wolves do not want to please people or pull a sled all day. Hybrids also tend to be highly unpredictable in their behavior.


Answer by nicolle
Submitted on 7/14/2005
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hmmm...I've had my husky for nine years. She's a great dog, a sweet girl, but like most huskies, she has a mind of her own. Little kids freak her out, and she howls at them. I've never seen her nip at one or bite one, but I wouldn't leave her alone with a small child or a baby. I think if you raise a puppy husky in a house with small children from the start, they will naturally just get used to the kids. But, I got my husky in college and she is literally NEVER around small children, so when they do come around her she gets scared. If the kid really wants to pet her, I get down on Blue's (my husky) level, hold her collar, and tell the kid to hold his hand out so she can sniff it. Then, once she feels a little more comfortable, I let the kid gently pet her while saying sweet things to her and I continually say, "Good girl, Blue..." I've also heard that if you are just bringing a baby into a house where a dog is a little freaked out by it, you need to lavish attention on the dog when the baby is awake (give her treats, tell her she is an amazing dog, etc.), but once the baby goes down for a nap or is out of the room, you have to ignore the dog as if she is not there. This apparently makes the dog associate the baby with treats and praise.


Answer by Valerie
Submitted on 9/14/2005
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I got a husky from the local animal shelter.  The only problem that I have is she nips at my son who is 6 and my daughter who is 2.  Does anyone know why the husky does this?  She bit my daughter in the face but nothing bad I think it scared her more then anything.  Is there something I can do or should I be worried?


Answer by Lisa
Submitted on 9/19/2005
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My husband and I raised Huskies for many years. They are a very unique animal- very loyal, loving and fun.  Their personalities are wonderful with children as well as adults.  I would suggest this pet to anyone who is looking for a new family member!


Answer by Jodi
Submitted on 10/3/2005
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My husky is very friendly with everyone.  However she needs to be supervised around children b/c she's already bitten my 5 year old step son and my 6 year old niece, (both were food related)... to all husky owners, be cautious of your husky while it's eating around children.


Answer by d man
Submitted on 12/19/2005
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i am planning on getting a husky soon.how long does it take to potty train them


Answer by stephanie
Submitted on 1/9/2006
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I bought a husky at a pet store about a month ago.  He was about 12 weeks when we brought him home.  We thought everything was going to be ok, but about three days after we had him he started snapping and growling at my three year old daughter.  I thought that maybe it was just her but he started doing the same to my neices and nephews and my older sister without being provoked at all.  We unfortunately had to return him to the store and replace him a few weeks later.  I was so afraid that he would really hurt my daughter.  I don't think that huskies are bad dogs, I feel that since he was purchased from a pet store, he was probably bred in bad conditions and it wasn't his fault.  My point is that even though the breed may be known to be nice...every dog is different. I also don't advise any dog purchases from a pet store!!!


Answer by Carrie Masonson
Submitted on 3/11/2006
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I have six siberian Huskies- Axel, Shanga, Tova, Tomel, and Sadie. I have three Children- Thomas, Lizzy, and Regina. Not one of my Siberians has even attempted to hurt my little darling children. Turns out, Siberians are great with children and only 1/60 Siberians is agressive. Good Luck, and, if you can google search a siberian rescue close to your town, do it! I found a Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation on google when I was 11, and we adopted a rescued dog right away! You feel very good after you help someone (or an animal) in need.


Answer by Mikey
Submitted on 4/5/2006
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I had a Siberian Husky when I was a kid.  They're the friendliest dogs in the world. Don't get one, though, unless you have a large, fenced yard for them to run in.
When my youngest brother was a baby, my mother would let him sit on a blanket in the backyard.  My husky would sit right next to him the entire time, and wouldn't allow him to crawl off of the blanket.  If my brother made a "crawl for it", the dog would get a hold of his diaper, and gently pull him back to the center of the blanket.  


Answer by JAY
Submitted on 6/29/2006
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Answer by Cheezy
Submitted on 7/18/2006
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dogs are funny


Answer by my dog meiko
Submitted on 11/7/2006
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my husky is 5mon. and he is biger than a full grown girl husky he is very protective of me, me and my grandpa were play fighting and meiko got up and started showing his teeth, he was not playing he wanted to attack him if i hadent told him no he would have had bitten him and he is really good with kids my cousin is five and when he comes over he hits and pulls his ears and meiko just sits their and takes it he would never attack a person. the only way he would if they were hurting me


Answer by Wilma3729
Submitted on 12/12/2006
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Hi we are thinking of getting a Husky and we have a 4 year old daughter and she loves Animals but she is a typical 4 year old, very energetic and I dont want a dog that will bite or snap at her, but we have been looking into getting a husky and we are not sure what to do. I know that our daughter will love it but I also dont want to take a chance on her getting bit. Can you have them as indoor dogs too????????


Answer by Doobies
Submitted on 2/26/2007
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I had Huskies all my life and Just got another "NICO"> I Have a 2 and 5 year old and he is always playing or stealing there toys so that they will chase him and play.  The hushy is the Friendiest dog ever created in my opinion.  Husky lover Forever


Answer by siberian luver
Submitted on 3/15/2007
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they are so sweeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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