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Hello: I have a bit of a problem. My Sister decided to...

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Question by DiablosMum
Submitted on 12/13/2003
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I have a bit of a problem. My Sister decided to get me a Chihuahua from a rescue center for Christmas. He is 1 1/2 years old, shy, nervous and has been abused in the past. We have had him for 3 days now.

My Rottie, Gretchen, is 7 years old. She grew up with an older Yorkshire Terrier and my Sister assumed she would be ok with a Chihuahua. Well, neither of the dogs seem to like one another. Gretchen appears to want to do the *can I sniff ya* routine but Diablo lunges towards her and growls. This has made her growl, bark, lung and show her teeth. Needless to say, she does not care for this dog at times. Although, I feel she wants to meet him very badly.

Does anyone have any advice on how to help Gretchen? She listens very well and is highly intelligent. We are walking them together and sitting in rooms with Gretchen on her lease. Neck collar but I'm going to try her harness today. So far, it appears Diablo isn't going to back down. I fear he will bite, then a fight will erupt. Off to the hospital I'll go with the Chihuahua or worse.

Gretchen will always be with us. Diablo may also as long as I can keep him separated but this is not the way I wish to live. Diablo is staying with us. Although, an early grave may be his fate if I cannot help them except one another. Of course, if it gets bad I will find him another home.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

thank you.

Answer by Brigette
Submitted on 12/14/2003
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Hello DablosMun. i am Brigette and i used to have a 9yr. old rottie and we also had a little yorkie and at first they did not get along either.  well after a few weeks they started to not growl and bark at one another as much as they did when we first got peppe(yorkie).  they will learn to get along with each other if you tell your rottie that your chihuahua will be staying with you all and that he/she will have to learn to like she/he.  if you need any more information please contact me at monkeyfever@direcway.com
thanks Brigette


Answer by DiablosMum
Submitted on 12/17/2003
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Hi Brigette:

Wonderful news. They are playing and getting along fine. Yesterday, I decided to allow Diablo out of my arms. They sniffed and then ran around like pups. Gretchen has been giving him kisses. Now, how do I train my husband to love the new dog? hahaaa

Diablo bites him when I'm in the room. The dogs are fine now. I was worried for nothing but I am glad we were careful.

Thank you for answering me. I believe I have the best Rottie in the entire world. She is so sweet.

Merry Christmas from Gretchen, Diablo and me!
Ba Humbug says the Hubby.  >evil grin<


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