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Hello, I want to have a list of countries that do not accept...

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Question by Max
Submitted on 12/12/2003
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Hello, I want to have a list of countries that do not accept trademark/copyright law.

I have been reading a lot of BS that words like "mastermind" are trademarked in the usa and wherever.

I want to move and live in a country where I am free to use any D@m word of the english language that I choose to use without fear of some lawyer and judge to fine me and take away all my worldly possessions.

I AM SORRY I DECLARE the right to use the word "mastermind" or any english word/phrase anytime I like and in any business usage I SO CHOOSE to use it in. I am no d@m criminal, but it seems I am a "criminal" if I use "mastermind" without permission, so I just said screw this mafia legal elitist bs, I am out of this country (usa/canada), I want to move to a country where there is no acceptace of trademark/copyright law.

Thank you for understanding that I am a normal honorable citizen, but these kinds of laws enrage me to the point where I must leave the country because I will refuse to the death to stop using any word I choose to use however I choose to use it.

I hope you will assist me in finding the list of countries so I may continue my research.

Thank you kindly,
Max Stone
Victoria, Canada

Answer by Gee Gollywow
Submitted on 3/21/2004
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Is Victoria even part of Canada? I've been there -- It's like an alien planet full of emotional ewoks like yourself.

Maybe you should either smoke even more pot than you are now, thereby entering into a comatose state so as to lose the capacity to type ridiculously stupid questions ever again and embarrass Canada with your idiocy in the process, or you can contact your local business center for reliable information on copyright law and other intellectual property concerns.

Doubtful that you'll be starting a business with this newfound information with your whining and delusional ranting about the word "mastermind". But then, being that you live on the West Coast, you probably live in a large tree with your other hippie friends collecting welfare and cursing capitalism for your paranoid schizophrenia.

Frankly, none of us care what country you live in, just as long as your mastermind ass is far away from all of us.

Try Antarctica. No, it's not a country. This is true. But that way you'll freeze to death.


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