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how accurate is horoscope today since we could be as much as...

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Question by charlie
Submitted on 12/10/2003
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how accurate is horoscope today since we could be as much as 13 days late,due to the charts beingused are when we thought that thesolar system center was the earth.so we may be the next signforword ?????forward

Answer by Star*Hopper
Submitted on 3/15/2004
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Actually, just as accurate as it'd be on any day!  That's because horoscopes are in truth, to put it kindly, 'for entertainment purposes only'.  I'll leave it for YOU to figure out why. ~8)

Try this, and learn from it.  Basically, what you're gonna do is keep score!  Get a notepad or somesuch, maybe a calendar.  Each day when you get ready to read your horoscope, first put a checkmark on your 'scorecard' for yesterday, when you feel the horoscope was true for you that day.
Now, the proof!  Pick ANOTHER horoscope also, and pretend you're maybe a Pisces or a Taurus every day -- whichever you pick, keep the same one for the whole year.  Score the 'true' days every day just as you do for your natural 'sign'.  
Now let's go one step farther, as further proof.  Each day, also pick one at random!  Truly randomize - close your eyes & wave your pencil around in the air, & bring it down onto the list - and whichever forecast your pencil touches first, make that one yours for the day.  (No - "Clear to partly cloudy" is the wrong one...try again *LOL*)  Of course, score the 'random' pick each day just as you do the others.
At the end of a year - or when your calendar runs out or whatever, go back & count up your checkmarks - your scores.  I'm sure that over the long run you'll find the chances of any one 'prediction' being true are just as good as any other.  That's because 'successful' horologists write their predictions in terms so broad, they could be applicable to anyone. Your results will surely show this.

But, debunked or not, the "signs" are based on the positions of the stars - where each Zodiacal 'sign' physically >is< in the heavens each day...and that has not changed due to any calendar methodology revisions,  so no 'chart' could be therefrom affected.  
Have fun with your experiment - but don't allow yourself to be duped by the pseudo-science of astrology!
Oh, one other thing.  Get your dictionary and look up the difference in 'astrology' and 'astronomy'.  I know we're talking 'stars' here, but other'na dozen constellation names -(They've got only 12; We've got 88!!)-, the only thing we have in common are the letters 'astro' and 'y' !  ~8)


Answer by munira
Submitted on 4/30/2004
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Answer by choko
Submitted on 7/26/2006
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i believe this statement is politically incorrect. there is no basis of these facts.
if you really knew astrology you would be highly educated on the matter and would not be causing this confusion to your reads.
choko xxx


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