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Hi I have a 11 months old chihuahua named sparkles.She has...

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Question by sparkles
Submitted on 12/8/2003
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Hi I have a 11 months old chihuahua named sparkles.She has all her shots and is spayed. The problem is when she is scared or happy she pees all over. It can be when we go to play with her outside. Or in the morning when I get her out of her crate to take her out. This is starting to be a problem I am tired of cleaning up pee and having to wash her blankets in her crate. She is now sleeping inside because it is too cold out side. I feel that we are very good parents  we bought her a 3ft x 3ft crate so she would be comfortable and have soft blankets. I have asked the vet and all they said is that what chihuahuas do.
I have looked all over the internet to find something about this but have not. I hope you can help

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 12/16/2003
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When Sparkles is scared or happy she 'tinkles'.  This is not just a chihuahua thing, it is an every-breed thing and is called submissive urination.  The only cure for this is time and training.

You say that she sleeps inside now since it is too cold.  Ummm ... chihuahuas are inside dogs.  That could be a big part of the problem.  Chihuahuas bond very closely to their owners, so it is very stressful for them to be separated from 'their humans' which only makes them more excited when they do see you.  This may make them more likely to be affected, but by no means do all chis do this.  

My first one didn't, but her sister did.  She is more sensitive and as beta, she tries harder.  I was able to break her of this by being more low-key when I interacted with her, and whenever she held her pee pee she was praised "Good girl Nixie no tinkle'.  If she did tinkle, I ignored it for the moment and picked her up.  That stopped the tinkle instantly, I could interact with her in a soothing voice "Nixie, mama here, everything ok, mama love Nixie"

I'm sure you are very good parents, my first thought is that her crate is too big.  Is she potty-trained?  If so, she shouldn't be peeing in her crate, but if she's been doing it for a while it will be hard to break her of that.  Dogs don't like to go in their beds, but nine square feet is like a whole house to a chi, so she may be going in a far corner.

I would suggest you investigate a new vet, this one sounds like they don't have a lot of experience or understanding of the unique joys and challenges of being owned by a chihuahua.  I also suggest the book Chihuahuas for Dummies, the best one I have on the care and training of these adorable creatures.


Answer by Willa
Submitted on 3/5/2004
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Chihuahua do not like to be away from their human family. When we first got Chalupa when she was five weeks old we made a nice soft crib for her. We put her in her "crib" and all she did was yelp over and over. It was quite obvious she did not want to stay in her crib no matter how nice we made it. At five weeks she wanted human contact when she sleeped. She slept on my mother's bed right next to my mother quietly all night.My mother`was careful not to roll over on her. Chalupa sleeps snug and quietly with my mother every night. When Chalupa has to use the bathroom she gets up in the middle of the night , does her business and jumps back in bed and gets under the covers to snuggle up. ( She uses a box to get on and off the bed) Chalupa is my mother's little baby and Lupa hates to sleep alone.


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 3/18/2004
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My dogs also use a series of boxes as steps to get off and on the bed.  They do love to snuggle, I sleep on my side so my Gremlin curls up by my chest and my Nixie behind my knees.  Some people recommend that you don't sleep with them since they can get squished if you roll over on them, but I've never had it happen.


Answer by Willa
Submitted on 3/20/2004
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Chimama Your pups use boxes too! Great minds do think alike:)No worries, my mom is always careful not to squish Lupa. Believe Chalupa is smart enough to yelp/scream so loud to wake up even the most sound sleeper. She also knows to "move out the way". When the phone rings Chalupa will move toward the bottom of the bed as to allow mom the freedom to get the phone. They have a sleeping system.Hehe... Lupa started doing this all on her own we did not have to teach her anything. We are fortunate:)


Submitted on 9/27/2004
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I just got a little chihuahua about three days ago and I have noticed she is very scared. If anyone make a move or a slight motion (not at her) she runs away really quick and tucks her tail. I can never pick her up because of this. Am I just too worried or will she always do this? I have never had a chihuahua before and I knew they were scared, but I didn't think she would be like this to the person taking care of her. We are very gentle but she hides and runs when it seems like we are moving towards her. How can I change her habit or fear?


Answer by jen
Submitted on 11/2/2006
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I'm 13 years old and this is my first dog and i need a bit of help with training my chihuahua. it sleeps with me and keeps doing its business in my bed?? what do i do? and any ideas on how to train my puppy to go outside and use that bathroom??


Answer by my raskey baby
Submitted on 4/23/2007
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i have a 1 year old chi and he is very hyper and he sleeps with me, he curls up by legs in a little ball, under the cover's. but he sleeps all night and never wakes up to use the bathroom, he just sleeps. when ever i leave for work or school i lock him in the house and he yelps and yelps for me, but after a while he stops. he is so cute his name is raskey my little man l ove him to death


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