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We are looking to find a Pug

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Question by meme
Submitted on 12/6/2003
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We are looking to find a Pug

Answer by puggielover
Submitted on 3/10/2004
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I used to have the same problem too. It just seems like there are not enough pugs compared to people. Well, there are! A way you can get a pet pug, is by checking for ads in your local news paper, visiting a pet store ( some people post ads for born puppies unwanted ), surfing on the internet, or visiting a local park where pug owners sometimes get together and get to know somebody, that has pug puppies, and of course, the most obvious way is to visit an adoption center ( there are lots of them there ) or an adoption fair. Or if you can find a pet shop, shoot for it, but the prices might be high. Hope you find the pug that will warm up your heart every single day and that you will learn to love. GOOD LUCK!

                 - puggielover


Answer by puglover
Submitted on 9/25/2004
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Your best bed is to look in the paper, the internet, or even dog magazines for private breeders.

If you want a "pet" not a show dog, these are good sources.

Don't buy a pug in a pet store. They are likely born in a puppy mill, where breeding dogs are kept in cages all their lives. Pet store pugs are also usually private breeder "rejects" that can't be shown, usually breed standard defects, or other problems.

I once saw an $1800 dollar pug in a pet store who obviously was misshapen (her body was too long) and her head was not large, as is the breed standard. She did not compare at all to my amateur private breeder $700 AKC registered pug I had at home.
(Found him in the paper. His owner had six pugs who would sell puppies if she had a little). The most important thing is to find someone who LOVES the breed, wants the breed standard to go on, cares about the health and welfare of the dogs, and usually will promise to take the dog back if you can't care for it.


Answer by Beanie
Submitted on 2/11/2007
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my mom said if i do resarch i could get a pug but i can't find much on where to get a pug....please help.


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