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A male, 59, 70 lbs overwt. Started Atkins 6-1-03 and now...

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Question by auditorrob
Submitted on 6/29/2003
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A male, 59, 70 lbs overwt. Started Atkins 6-1-03 and now daily 45 min treadmill exercise -- has dropped 20 lbs. Never smoked. Born with klinefelters [47xxy]. Treated for manic disorder at 49 with lithium daily.

New endocrinologist (after move to a new city) seems very thorough and an expert on Thyroids.

She is convinced my Thyroid is enlarged with 3 nodules where only one nodule is lumpy and large. She wants to do a FNA now.

Basically, I'm against any invasion of my body. I both do (and don't) want to know if I have cancer. I don't know how long the Thyroid has been enlarged.

q1-What tests does a doctor request from the lab that gives all the factors of thyroid operation and possibly show malfunction of the thyroid?

[I have a friend who is an MD and she will do a lab test of what I want. In auditing, we call checking an independent source -- as getting corrobrating evidence before we take someone to court.]

q2-What results from a lab tests show malfunction of the Thyroid?

q3-Could a diet very low in iodine cause malfunction of the thyroid? [I drink primarily distilled water since 1981, and sodium free, club soda and seltzer.]

q4-Are there any supplements available at the Health Food Store, I can take to reverse the condition of my Thyroid?

q5-Is there particular diet foods that could
reduce the thyroid?

q6-What causes a thyroid to enlarge?

q7-Is enlargement of the thyroid possibly related to HRT (testosterone), lithium, obesity, or other factors?

q8-Yes or no, are there any lifestyle issues in the enlargement of the thyroid and the possibility for subsequent cancer?

q9-If my doctor rules no cancer, will I be forced to live with an enlarged thyroid for the rest of my life?

q10-If my doctor finds my thyroid is cancer free, will she want to remove my thyroid instead of giving me drugs to decrease the size.

q11-If I am to live my life taking special drugs to replace a removed thyroid, what will be these drugs?

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