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I have a A15 Nissan/Datsun motor in my B210 Datsun with a...


Question by Jaime
Submitted on 7/14/2003
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I have a A15 Nissan/Datsun motor in my B210 Datsun with a A14 engine cylinder head, with oval ports(exhaust). I have a weber 32/36 carburettor, I am about to install headers, the engine is stock, would you recommend 2 carburettors instead of one for fast street performance? I though about dual DCOE weber, would I need a cam for that set up? How much can I get out of this motor, would it be a nice fast motor? (not looking to be the fastest guy in the world, just  a fine efficient fast  Datsun.

Answer by coba
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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use 42 ml side drafts,wit a high flowed head and a nice lumpy cam,and flows+use k&n air filters


Answer by joecar
Submitted on 5/27/2004
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I'm going into such a project;
where would I be able to get the following:
a.  lumpy cam for the A14.
b.  headers (4 into 1, or 4 into 2 into 1).
c.  Webber 42 mm dual side-draught.

Thanks in advance.


Answer by Jaime
Submitted on 6/14/2004
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Hy. I totally forgot about this  posting of mine a while ago. For the Weber carburetors try Redline Weber in Torrance , Ca, also, there is a shop , a Toyota shop, the name: Toysport  on Redondo BLVD in the city of Gardena/Torrance, not exactly sure, the 411 can get you the  phone number, Toysport, they are good at getting  Weber carb and parts. Also for the carb check out Pierce manifolds, at   www.piercemanifolds.com
  they also have extensive Weber stock. Check for the best prices. For Cams,you can  also regrind reconvey your existing cam. I also check frequently the 1200 Datsun club, which, although a 1200 Datsun, has the same A series(A 12, 13, 14, 15) engines , and there is a lot of information about performance modifications for these engines.
  The A  series motor, with the  wild cam, dual DCOE sidedraft Webers, headers, is a mighty fun car to drive. Powerfull, not the fastest one on the world, but, that is not what this is about, it is about enjoying a nice tuned engine, fast, fun, because,  if wanting to become the fastest, well,  nothing below a 12 cylinder Ferrari will do it, and even then,  there is no  roads available for it, just have fun, enjoy a wild cammed, dual Weber, powerfull, fast and  excelent sounding(yes, an A14 with this set up will sound like a million dollar concert), do it. My B210 has already being dropped 2.5 inches, on 13X8 wheels with 215/50/13 tires, koni shocks, no bumpers(took the US big bumpers away, in the process of getting the B210 from overseas bumpers, smaller, nicer), fun to drive, and looks excelent. Everybody fall for my Datsun, asking me what it is, and so forth.


Answer by joecar
Submitted on 6/18/2004
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Hi there, thanks for the info; we're in Cypress, so Torrance is not too far away.

How did you lower it...?
I am considering doing this too;
did you have to do modify the fenders to fit the 215/50R13 tires...?

It's my wife's B210, and being a 1976, it seems that it will not have to be smog tested ever again (it already had it's last smog test, so I can tear out all the smog equipment crap); we want to make it into a fun driving/handling zippy car;

We don't like the ugly US bumpers either.

Thanks again.


Answer by Jaime
Submitted on 10/29/2004
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Hy. By chance again I got to this site, while surfing the net for "B210". Good to know about your B210, mine is also a B210, 2 door coupe. Mine will get exempted this January. You are asking about the lowering, I went to a nice spring shop in Westminster(I have the number at home if needed) the owner is cool and he got all  excited when I talked about my B210, he appreciated my work and  encourage me to do it. Though I know what I want, any good words are  nice to hear. Well, took out my springs and took them to his shop(by Beach and Katella, Westminster/Garden Grove  borderline)and he decambered the springs, 2 to 2.5  inches lowered, then I installed Koni shocks and it works excelent.(before I had KYB gas, but kind off  to long for the lowered car, the Konis , being  fluid, not gas, fit and work much better). The front, I just cut the springs, and still have the KYB on front,after painting, I  think I will  used coilovers, because the only way I see to get good springs(like Eibach) is by getting coilovers, which  are also safer and sturdy.
  For the mean while,the cut front springs and rear decambered(curvature taken away) work good. I added a ADDCCO front sway bar, make the car feel like a corvette. My next improvements in the suspension area will be to replace a leaf in my rear  springs for a stronger one, needs a little more strenght at rear, and at front, the coilovers, definatelly need stronger springs in front. I have fun, but must be carefull when moving fast with bumps, sometimes I can rub the outside of the tire(while turning fast) with the front tires(minor though, minimal flaring of the front will eliminate this prob, not  bad, my tires are not even marked by the fenders, only minor sound).... I enjoy it very much, it is like a toy car, and you would be surprised about how many astonished drivers on the road like my car, the B210 lowered , and , specially, with the 13X8 wheels, black in color, with the 215-5--13 tires...(Sumitomo available, street tires, not racing*{which wear fast as opposed to street compound}*at any tire shop, you can order those through tire rack, home delivery)...it looks awesome, sturdy, like a little bull(unlike those tall lanky 16/17 inch set ups, our B210's are made for this 13's, and vice versa, the 13's are made for our Datsuns)...you got to make 13's, you can buy Panasports 13X8 or stretch the original steel wheel(Taylor made wheels at South gate).
Must go, later_________


Answer by jared
Submitted on 1/18/2005
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does anyone know if u can fuel inject an a15?


Answer by El tecnico.
Submitted on 3/4/2005
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you can use wheels 185/50/14 with 1/4 spacers with no problems on the fenders.

I recommend if you have a A14 engine can use A12 Flyweel.
MSD 4 cil. for best spark.
A 265-270 cam for good torque.
or 289-300 for sport street peak torque.
it is ok to use the original carb. works ok with no problems in traffic.
but if you like can use a couple weber 32-34 venturis for good bottom and peak.


Answer by woozie
Submitted on 3/21/2005
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I have twin 40 side draft webers chocked down to 35s on a A15 datsun. The motor is heavly worked with forged internals bored 40 thou huge cam etc. Its in a 1200 ute.  I think the webers were a good move, but tuning them correctly has been a f@#kin round, and i have finally found someone who knowns what hes talking about. Performance from the motor in good, i have huge troubles getting any tractions through 1st and 2nd with 205/60/13R. It runs low 14s down the 1/4 mile with wheel spin through 1st and into 2nd. I say before anyone fits the webers make sure you know someone who can dyno tune them correctly inc. rejeting and balancing. Have fun with them


Answer by mike
Submitted on 4/15/2005
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Answer by ed
Submitted on 5/2/2005
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I have an a15 block with 50,000 miles on it which has an a 14 rebuilt head mounted on it, everything complete, for sale with 4 speed trans:  $750.000 805 529-3101


Answer by slow 310
Submitted on 6/5/2005
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Yo jaime, My name's Tom. I own two datsun's a 1200 ute with a fully worked a15 beast and a b210/310(dependant on the country of origin) slug previously owned by grandma macy. I love "A" series motors, their construction offers huge leaneancy when exploring development potential. They are so simple that us backyard boy's can still work on a cheap semi performance engine.
I would recommend the 42mm webers, it all depends on your cam set up. I run twin 40mm delorto'swith the venturi'sbored to 32mm instead of 28mm. It is a street engine with extensive head work and a mild cam, the sweet spot lies between 5-8000rpm. My block is bored to 1580cc and houses 60thou oversize pistons. I can't complain about the performance it's good for what it is. Essentially it gives the sensation of power when the foot goes down!
For an old skool engine it has to rate highly.


Answer by AJ from New Zealand
Submitted on 7/18/2005
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Hey m8 ive got an A15 in a datsun 1200 been port and polished with Diablo 40mm side drafts,raised head,Forged pistons,vaulve springs,1/4 race cam,extractors and a 2 1/4 inch exhaust.it cost me all up $3500 installed and i dont regret a thing.ive produced 160 hp so go hard.Ive got king springs and kyb shocks all the way round wth Vault 17 inch Savanas etc.all up ive spent just ova 10,000 and still not finshed.most of the young guyz are quite dazed when i explane my engine.gotta go l8rz  


Answer by casper17000
Submitted on 10/23/2005
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Answer by ed
Submitted on 1/16/2006
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I have an a 15 engine with 50,000 miles on lower end adapted with an a 14 engine and pan for a 76 for sale.  The head only has 20,000 on it since a total rebuild, trans, and other parts.  $600 for complete engine.
805 529-3101  edolson@designloftstudio.com


Answer by Thadd
Submitted on 11/27/2006
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I have a 1979 Datsun 210 with the A14 motor and was wondering what kind of gas mileage you were getting after the modifications.


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