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I am getting a chihuahua in a few weeks when he is old...

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Question by Melissa
Submitted on 11/24/2003
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I am getting a chihuahua in a few weeks when he is old enough to leave his mom. He will have several wormings and his first shots when I get him. What are the recommended shots that chis need? What ages do they get all of the shots at? I have been told not to take my chi out in public before he gets all his shots and I was wondering how long this time period would be?  Thanks for any help you might have.- Melissa

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 12/1/2003
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The first thing you should do once you've had puppy for a few days is take him to the vet for a complete exam and to get him on a regular schedule of vaccinations.  For a few months, it will seem that you are in every other week for shots.  Puppies need a lot of vaccinations at first, just as human babies do.  

Take with you to the first visit the records of what shots he has already had and when  (you should get this when you pick up the puppy) and also bring a fresh poopie.  The vet will check for worms and may give you something if worms are found.  Just because he's been wormed doesn't mean he's completely clean, and if he is, why spend the money and time to worm him again?

The reason not to take him out in public before he has had all his shots is that he can catch something from another dog unless he is fully protected.  Not all pet owners keep their dogs vaccinations up to date, so their dogs could be spreading diseases.

You can take him out as long as he's not around a lot of other dogs, and make sure he doesn't eat any poopie, which can contain disease organisms.  Once he's completed his schedule of shots, he should be just fine, and should meet lots of other people and dogs so he gets socialized to be pleasant to be around instead of nasty snappy yappy.

Good luck and welcome to the family!


Answer by KJ
Submitted on 7/9/2004
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I have a 7 week old Chihuahua and I need to get his shots? I just wanted to make sure that I can start getting his shots at such an early age?


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