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I have a 99 Chrysler Sebring. When I turn I hear a...

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Question by Trina Dobrolinsky
Submitted on 11/24/2003
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I have a 99 Chrysler Sebring.  When I turn  I hear a vibrating/motor running type noise.  After taking it in, they said it was a valve on the rack and pinion that is starving the power steering pump and needs replacing but could only be replaced by replacing the whole rack - which will be pretty costly.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  Anyone have power steering problems in general with this year Sebring?

Answer by rich
Submitted on 2/25/2004
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We have a 1999 Chrysler Sebring convertible, and have endured TWO major power steering/rack and pinion replacements or repairs in 53,700 miles. The first major fix was at 36,300 miles, and the second replacement was last week at 53,700 miles. Other than the chronic steering problems, the Sebring has been satisfactory, but these fixes are irritating and EXPENSIVE! $1700 for the first fix, and $860 for the second.


Answer by SIGNLADY
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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I have a 99 chrysler LHS.  It has 114,000
miles on it.  The dealership replaced something relating to the power steering.
I thought it was a steering column.When the car reached 104,500 miles on it, the motor
went - I replaced the motor with one from
a salvage yard that had 10,000 miles on it.

At the time I had a terrible vibration and shaking with the front-end.  I had my mechanic replace the steering rack, another
pricey repair.  NOW the car stops when I slow down or stop at a light.  The speedometer isn't working, and the check engine light is on.  The transmission is
shifting hard,and winding out.  I am so
frustrated.  I have put 3,000 dollars on
repairs in the last 7 months.  Plus just
paid the car off.  I love the design of this
car and the luxurious options.  But a I am beginning to wonder ... Good luck... The steering rack at a auto parts store costs
around 400.00 plus your labor.


Answer by Libs81
Submitted on 7/5/2004
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I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and in the last 18 months I've spent over $4000 in major repairs on this vehicle.  I've had to replace everything from the air conditioner compressor to the computer that runs the dash.  This car has been taken care of with great effort, and never ceases to pop up with a new and essential repair in order to operate.  These cars are beautiful, but far too costly and unreliable.


Answer by cats meow
Submitted on 7/7/2004
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I have a 1999 sebring convertable and have loved this car from the start, however, with only 45k miles on it, the power steering locked up and I was told that the rack & pin must be replaced. Disapointing to read the other comments about this vehicle. I take extremely good car of this car. I hope this is not a sign that I have bought the wrong thing. I really enjoy my car, but i'm now concerned.


Answer by divsky22
Submitted on 9/20/2004
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I am so disappointed to see this. I have a 99 chrysler sebring convertible with 105,000 and just spent 900.00 on a new power steering pump and rack and had it in a month later vibrations in the wheels led to tie rod replacements which this site warns about: http://www.daimlerchryslervehicleproblems.com/


Answer by Kricket768@aol.com
Submitted on 11/18/2004
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the problem


Answer by My 2003 Sebring Coupe
Submitted on 10/20/2005
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My 2003 Sebring has been very dependable but needs lots of love and attention. I'm nearing 90,000 miles, had to replace the air conditioning ___-something at $1589 and now need a $1200 rack and pinon. I was reading some of the NTSB scary things about Chryslers..too bad I owe too much I would rather have a safer car.


Answer by little klutz
Submitted on 5/24/2006
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I have a 99 Sebring Convertible, I only get a grinding noise when I turn sharp is this similar to what is happening to your cars.  I have my car currently in for repairs, the air conditioning compressor has blown a hole through itself, my transmission is bad, my brakes have been replaced 2x'sin 1 year and I have only driven the car 10,000 miles, vacuum leak so I am losing gas milage, and I some other kind of leak that they are looking into now.  Granted this car has 90,000 ,miles on but I have maintained it very well and so did the owner before me.  I am not impressed.


Answer by froedo
Submitted on 6/7/2006
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I have a 1999 sebring convertible with 70200 miles, backing into my spot today the right outer tierod broke, according to Chrysler dealership the whole rack must be replaced because you cannot purchase only the outer arm (a $60 dollar part on any other car).  So, this will cost me $1000 in parts, labor and front end allignment.  Seems the design is criminal, but god i love the car; the 99 body style has to be the best yet.  Cheers.


Answer by CHELZ
Submitted on 9/17/2006
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I just went over a puddle with my sebring and now it is making a loud clicking noise !!


Answer by Rima
Submitted on 9/30/2006
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I have a 1999 Chrysler Sebring lxi convertible, the battery died on it, I put another battery but it refuses to turn over, it is not cranking, I think it is the alarm but I don't know how to disable the alarm if that is the issue! Help Please!!!


Answer by Wade
Submitted on 2/15/2007
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I have a 98' Sebring LXi and these are the following problems that I am experiencing.

The front end shakes and I had new rotors and brakes put on.

The passenger door handle is broke. So, Ive notice other Sebrings with a broke handle or its just gone.

But, there is a recall for the frontend Lower Lateral Arm Balljoint...

I will be at the dealership bright and earlier tomorrow...


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