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...know the exact predictions Nostradamus had pending...

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Question by moji
Submitted on 11/20/2003
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I want to know the exact predictions Nostradamus had pending the years 2003 till "the end of the world".

Answer by jchr
Submitted on 12/12/2003
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Nostradamus didn't write prophecies, he only wrote "Les Centuries" (in french). Some writers intended to understand this kind of poetry as predictions.

Try first to read the so-called predictions about the past decades. You will see how "acute" they are. For instance, did you know the Apocalypse already occurred on July, 11th of 1999?

A very good book about Nostradamus was written by the "amazing" James Randy.


Answer by Wordsmith
Submitted on 1/18/2004
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"The exact predictions of Nostradamus"?  Well, no, that ain't gonna happen.  First of all, as jchr noted, Nostradamus did not make prophecies.  By all accounts, personal opinions to the contrary and Mr.Randy not withstanding, Nostradamus had visions which he wrote down.  

A resident of Province, in France, he wrote in French.  He also couched the topics of his writings in quatrains, rhymed, four-line poems or verses.  Given the format of his writings and the time in which he lived (the 1500's) translating and interpreting his writings is no mean feat.  Freedom of speech and press were not freely bestowed at that time, especially to those, like Nostradamus, who were vociferously outspoken against their existing government.  Hiding one's writings under the guise of dark poetry was certainly the wisest course of action.

As far as the content of his writings ... No one seems to be able to pin down the intent of any given quatrain until the events are already written on the pages of history.  Not much good if one is hoping to change future events.  Furthermore, many people believe that Nostradamus' writings referred to events taking place in his own time, disguised as 'future sight visions'.  Some staunchly believe that he was a true visionary, seeing the future in a bowl of water while still others believe that he was a 16 century huckster.  (I'm not sure to what end he was supposedly doing this because he had few proponents during his lifetime.)  These people point to the fact that he apparently got so many things wrong.  I argue that:  1) If he did, in fact, refer to Hitler as 'Hister', or any of the many other errors which supposedly prove that he knew not whereof he spake, it's close enough to perfect, given that he was trying to decipher images of things about which he had no real knowledge or information.  Imagine trying to describe something unlike anything you have ever seen and which has no reference points in your own life.  How do you describe it?  How do you make others understand what you have seen?  You only have your own frame of reference from which to draw - a reference which does not include words like airplane and submarine and atomic bomb .. or even United States or Canada!  Quite a daunting task, indeed.

For some curious reason, it is easy for some to believe that two thousand years ago God granted the power to some to be able to see and tell of future events; however, those same people find it impossible to accept that that same gift could have been bestowed five hundred years ago.

Like Christ, he had few true believers in his own time and has continued to be discussed and his writings debated since his death.

He predicted that his writing would have many more followers and he would have much greater public recognition after his death.  An easy call to say the least.  What do I believe?  I'm not sure.  I know that I believe that all things are possible.  Was Nostradamus for real?  I don't know.

Lastly, he noted that his visions allowed him to see no further than the year 3797 so, whatever you choose to believe, I guess you've got about seventeen hundred ninety-three years to figure it out.  (Unless, of course, he was operating on a different calendar ... or we have a new one established somewhere in the future.)

In any case, good luck.
The Wordsmith


Answer by Kitty and Madonzki
Submitted on 2/7/2004
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the predictions of Nostradamus are all joke joke joke


Answer by meep
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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Why are you here Kitty if you only wish to taunt.

Are there any other great prophecy writers that have written prophecies for 2003 till the end? I would like to read more.


Answer by al
Submitted on 3/8/2004
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visions are prophecies idot it is things to come it all makes sense if you read about the arab king it is al queda and osama bin laden. He also predicts that in 2015 that a comet will hit the earth causing floods but people will survive but may not because of world war three that starts in 2010.


Answer by nutty
Submitted on 4/11/2004
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she is here because nostradamus predicted it



Answer by david
Submitted on 4/20/2004
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I'm agree with Al and with Nostradamus, the WW III will begin, nae,r, 2010,


Answer by Gemini
Submitted on 5/25/2004
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The Writings of Nostradamus and many others can be compared to each other and examined to reveal a much bigger, and very real, picture. All you have to do is step back from them and look at each of them with common sense and scientific fact. The Mayan Calendar, The predictions of the Hopi Indians, Edward Cayce, Mother Shipton, Etc. and scientific facts can be gathered and analyzed to reveal a true picture of what may be happening very soon. Compare the newest data from JPL and Nasa concerning the asteroid Hermes and the findings concerning the possibility of the existence of a Brown Dwarf, that has an orbit which overlaps our solar system. Compare it to the Mayan calendar and many of the past events and writings concerning the appearance of a "Double Sun", or fire in the sky. There is now scientific evidence that the earth's axis is spinning and  tilting in a distinct rotational pattern. It can be mapped using computer simulations. The tilting of the axis may be the direct result of another large body or object passing through our solar system once every 36,000 years or so. Doesn't it seem interesting that the Mayan Calendar is 36,000 years in length before it starts over? Maybe all of this simply means, is that life and evolution itself may be the result of a certain set of events that have repeated themselves many times before, over thousands of years. We are simply around now to experience it first hand. Ancient people write about great earth changes, thousands of years ago. They mention new beginnings and endings and ancient people lost in great floods and earthquakes (Atlantis). I believe that the answers are everywhere... and they all make sense. All you have to do is put the puzzle pieces together. Nostradamus may have seen some of these events and wrote them down to prepare humanity for them. The Bible talks about it and even the Hopi Indians talk about 3 earth shakings before a new era of peace is to come. (The Hopi claim that WW1 and WW2 were 2 of those "Shakings"). The 3rd is yet to come after a great "Purification" (Earth Changes that lead to the death of millions). Doesn't Nostradamus say the same thing in his writings? I for one believe that they and many of our modern day prophets say the exact same thing. Put them all together and you can clearly see that they all make perfect sense. So is Nostradamus a prophet who saw the end of the world? Maybe he was given a glimpse of what humanity is in store for. It's the same dream that many have seen. it's coming and I for one believe that the time is upon us. Look at the weather lately. When was the last time the weather man was actually right? in some places, It's already getting warmer in Winter and Colder in Summer. The Climate is definitely changing. The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. According to Nostradamus and many other prophets, we are in for a bumpy ride over the next several years. Scientist have even predicted a huge earthquake in California before September. Is this the beginning of the end? Maybe. I think that all we can do is prepare ourselves for the worst and  make the best of it. Just be ready for the new beginning. Maybe we will all see each other again... on the other side:)


Answer by SB
Submitted on 6/22/2004
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That was nice.
I agree that many diferent "prophecies" seem to match, more or less.


Answer by manesh
Submitted on 10/10/2004
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I don't want to die :(
It's frightened me all that Nostradamus said...... :(


Answer by Trilobite
Submitted on 10/13/2004
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Any prediction or prophesy can be interpreted to the believer's imagination. Maybe Nostradamus had wide general visions of which way the world is heading but no specifics. He probably was a philosopher with some good interpretations. Truth is only in the eyes of the believer.


Answer by dfdfd
Submitted on 10/20/2004
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vote badnarik www.badnarik.org


Answer by mikelib
Submitted on 10/22/2004
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i would like to know is whether he predicted all the evils things or he had predicted good things such as great Mahatma Gandhi of India and other great leaders of the world. Does he predicted the twin towers demolition which was very cruel to the mankind. Does he predicted that after the WW III, a Country from the Asia will be the next superpower.


Answer by reality
Submitted on 12/14/2004
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so all you people think that we have our lifes mapped out in front of us? and that the human race is doomed to misery all because of a few guys saying so? well you are all wrong and i think that our fate is our own and if you wish that MILLIONS of children women and men starve to death or die from war then you need psychiatric help and I'm disappointed that such negative people exist


Answer by joseph
Submitted on 12/29/2004
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we are at the last part before the end, it will get worth before it get better, just hold on and watch


Answer by ibelieve
Submitted on 1/1/2005
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In response to Gemini,I fully believe that the signs are all around us: natural disasters seem to occur more frequently and in their wakes leave total devastation,people have become so self centered and outrightly evil; they kill for the thrill of it or to try to impress somebody, money has become the "God" of many and the word morals can only be defined in the dictionary. Everybody wants to be the richest,the best, the most powerful and eventually they will destroy themselves. No one can ever change the mindset of the world. It's as if the fall of the Roman Empire is close at hand. I believe the only way to change the world is to start all over again: destroy it,then rebuild. And even though I am not a religious person, I do believe in a power much higher than ours.


Answer by lilplex2001
Submitted on 1/5/2005
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If you about to had a child who you about to called, what ever. 500 years ago someone took that name in a book and said he will kill 1,000,000 of people, so you would call him something other than that name.So that why Nostradamus put it in the way he did.

Remembered that the time we go by is not the same as for time back in them days. we will never when because he did not want you to know the time or the hour. And know that when others write down some of his work they don't understand all of it, so they will add some of the thing they believe in to fill in that space.


Answer by NE2003
Submitted on 1/5/2005
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Gemini, that was a great answer.  Scary to read, but sometimes the world isn't candy coated.  *sigh*.


Answer by Hulo
Submitted on 1/7/2005
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Prophecies of Nostradamus are based on interpretations. Here is a site which compares the prophecies of Nostradamus with other prophecies to find out the sequence of events likely to happen -



Answer by pebbles
Submitted on 1/23/2005
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what were Nostradamus'spredictions please?


Answer by Michel de Nostradame
Submitted on 2/14/2005
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I will predict that all that do not follow my words will parish into the sea and be eaten by the great fish that run people scared of beaches and oceans.


Answer by Ulyanda
Submitted on 3/3/2005
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Well... from what I was reading I would like to see every book that there is about Nostradamus. Why? Because if they all have the same predictions then I will believe in everything there is to know about him. peace.


Answer by Josha Lewis
Submitted on 6/24/2005
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add me so we can talk. concord_747x@hotmail.com fnks babe!


Answer by hmmm
Submitted on 7/13/2005
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ok here is a bunch of info  that i have found and its not all  writen by the same author  and tell me what u think after u guys read this

Those studying the Prophecies of Nostradamus say that he has indicated the possibility of a Third World War. Indeed, in some of his quatrains he mentions terrifying battles and events occurring in and around Europe, Asia and Africa which do not seem to have happened till date. There is, however, a difference of opinion among the experts about the overall sequence of these events and most of all, their timing. My approach to deciphering the quatrains is based on the assumption that if a world wide war of this magnitude indeed takes place, it must have been mentioned in prophecies written in various religious texts and prophecies of non-religious nature which are part of the folklore of different cultures. I believe that a comparative study of all such prophecies vis-à-vis those of Nostradamus, along with insights into the local culture, tradition, history etc. may enable us to construct a more detailed picture of the prophesized events than what is possible by studying an individual prophecy in isolation. Most of these prophecies concentrate on the local perspective of a global war. But by finding out the similarities with other prophecies, we can find the global connection of the local events. Contrary to what many of us think, prophesized events are neither inevitable nor are their time of occurrence fixed. A prophesized event is the one which is most likely to happen. It is merely one of the several possibilities. Similarly, even if an event takes place, its timing is not fixed. The deciding factor is the human free will. Collective human free will can alter an event, change its timing or even stop it entirely. Some events are hard to change for it requires a collective decision moving away entirely from the "logical" course. Sometimes, even an individual's decision may alter an event having wide implications. Most affected by human free will is the timing of an event. While collective human behavior is hard to change, the time of the event taking place changes according to collective or individual decisions. Some prophecies do indicate a timing of the war, not in terms of the exact date but by mentioning the appearance of certain signs like a specific astrological conjunction or an event preceding the war. Broadly speaking, the various prophecies indicate that the Third World War will be preceded by an unprecedented increase in large-scale natural calamities all over the world like big earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, famines etc. Localized wars, revolutions, political disturbances and large scale terrorist attacks will increase. Assassinations of high profile leaders will take place and tensions between various countries will rise. The economies of various countries will be severely affected, leading to unemployment or inflation. The actual war would be of a short duration but is said to be several times more destructive in terms of the cost of human lives and property than all the previous world wars taken together.  To summarize what I have analyzed in this site, based on various prophecies, the Third World War would start when Russia suddenly attacks Europe in coalition with certain Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya and probably China. Prior to the World War III, USA would be severely crippled by terrorist attacks, assassinations, a civil war and an economic collapse. Prior to that, there would be a civil war in Italy, during which the Vatican would be overrun by the mob. The Pope would escape but many of his cardinals would die. The palace and the chapels would be burnt down. While on the run, the Pope would be captured and killed. There would be a schism in the Vatican and three Popes would reign at the same time, propped up by competing powers. Supported by US and other catholic countries, the Papacy would be shifted elsewhere and a "true" Pope would be elected there. Europe would be almost overrun by the Russian and eastern forces and many of its cities and also those of USA would be destroyed by conventional weapons as well as weapons of mass destruction like nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Russia would attack from the North as well as from the East of Europe. An Arab / Iranian army would attack from the south. The Pope, and later the British Prime Minister would be forced to flee to the US. Paris would be destroyed by "revolutionaries" within France. The attack on the US would stop the Civil War there. New types of weapons, like Chemical Weapons and particularly what appears to be portable Laser weapons, would be used in the war. At the same time an unprecedented disaster would take place. A comet would suddenly appear over the earth in the peak of the war, would break into several pieces and fall to the earth. Smaller pieces would rain fire on cities and forests all over the world, burning them down. A large piece would fall into the sea creating a Tsunami of Biblical proportions, flooding parts of Europe (including Britain), USA and Africa. One medium sized chunk would fall on land, creating a huge crater, resulting in earthquake and volcano activities all over the world. This event would loosen the grip of the invading army over Europe. A joint coalition of US and European forces under the leadership of a charismatic leader "Chiren" would organize a counter-attack against the invading forces in Europe and elsewhere. The Russian forces in Europe would be almost destroyed by the counter-attack and this would lead to a revolution in Russia and the Russian leader who started the war would be assassinated. Russia, under a new leader would then join the western coalition and fight against its former allies, who would eventually be defeated. The Pope would return to Europe and Chiren would be crowned the Monarch. Peace would return to the world after a loss of almost two-thirds of its population and the wealth of nations accumulated over millennia. But this would surely not be the end of the world. It is hard to understand at this stage why Russia would suddenly attack Europe. Yet, most of the prophecies seem to agree on this part. Logically too, it is only Russia which has the capability to take on the might of USA and Europe, even after the break up of its empire. It still has sufficient nuclear weapons, technology and manpower to do so. The overall picture of the events leading to the World War is not clear. What appears from some prophecies is that immediately preceding the war, Russia would have tensions with the west over some Middle Eastern affair. But the actual war would begin after the assassination of a political leader in the Balkan area, who could be the famous "Mabus" often discussed in the context of Nostradamus's prophecies. The Russian attack might be a result of its perception that the assassination, probably in one of its friendly countries, could be a prelude to an western invasion and the best way would be to pre-empt it. A major terrorist attack on the US, assassination of some world leaders and another war in the Middle East may precede the Third World War, apart from numerous natural disasters. Some prophecies say that before the 3rd World War, Israel would grant statehood to Palestine. Then oil would be discovered there and a war would start between Israel and Palestine. It is probable that it is this war that would generate tensions between USA and Russia, since US and Russian fleets are said to confront each other in a tense standoff in the Mediterranean before the war in yet another prophecy. The Bible and the Islamic texts also mention Iraq. It is said that the river Euphrates would dry up and something would be discovered in its dried up riverbed, which would cause much tension among nations. There are also prophecies on the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque / Temple Mount in Jerusalem before the war and the death of Saddam Hussein in US custody even before his trial begins.With the death of Pope John Paul II on 3rd April 2005, the Prophecies of St. Malachy <chiren.htm> have once again become the topic of discussion. Malachy termed Pope John Paul II - the 110th Pope since his prophecy, as "De Labore Solis" or "The labor of the Sun". Pope John Paul II was born on 18th May, 1920, the day when a Solar Eclipse took place. His burial was set on 8th April, 2005 and on that day a Solar Eclipse took place once again, making the prophecy of Malachy more meaningful. The next Pope, the 111th and the penultimate, was termed "The Glory of Olive" by Malachy. "Peter the Roman" coming after him, would be the last Pope, during whose time, the world would come to an end. Many say that the original prophecy did not mention "Peter the Roman" and his name was inserted afterwards and that "The Glory of the Olive" would be the last Pope. This prophecy was fulfilled (or made to fulfill) by Cardinal Ratzinger, who after his election as Pope took the name "Pope Benedict XVI". St. Benedict started the order of Benedictines or "Olivetans", as they are popularly known. However, if we go by the prophecies of Abbott "Merlin" Joachim, St. Malachy's prophecy would signify the deeds during his Papacy, rather than the name he takes. There are some contradictions in our understanding of the prophecies of St. Malachy and those of Nostradamus. But many prophecies, including those of Nostradamus speak of a "Great Pope" reigning after the war along with the "Great Monarch". Nostradamus says in V.56 - Through the death of a very old Pope will be elected a Roman of good age. It will be said of him that he weakens the (Holy) Seat, but he will hold it long and with stinging effort. This quatrain may refer to the election of an aged Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, after the death of a very old Pope Following the death of Pope John Paul II., Joseph Ratzinger, aged 78 was elected Pope Benedict XVI. He was one of the oldest Popes in history at the time of election. Criticized by many within the Church as fundamentalist and divisive, Nostradamus seems to say that this Pope would reign for a long time inspite of the criticism and would run the affairs of the Church with a strong hand. There are numerous prophecies on Earth Changes occurring before or during the war. Notable are the visions of Edgar Cayce in this respect. It is predicted that the US coastline from Los Angeles to San Francisco would break up and sink into the sea following a huge earthquake, resulting in the death of millions. Several other areas all over the world would sink into the sea, including Japan and new lands would rise from the sea in many places. Edgar Cayce said that Atlantis, located near the Bimini Islands would rise from the sea. The weather would also change drastically in many areas of the world. We are already experiencing changes in the global weather pattern, the last decade being the warmest in the recorded history. The contents of this site, including the sequence of events would be continuously updated as I go on analyzing various prophecies and as the actual events unfold. In the meantime, participate in the Discussion board of this site to discuss the current events and happenings around the world and post your own interpretations as well as exchange ideas with people from around the world.

Nostradamus isn't known for his cheery prophecies. Most interpreters of the 16th century physician, astrologer and prophet say he accurately predicted two world wars, the rise of two antichrists (Napoleon and Hitler and even the assassination of John F. Kennedy
While skeptics are quick to point out that Nostradamus's quatrains (the four-line verses in which he wrote his prophecies) are so cryptic that they can be interpreted in any number of ways, scholars who have meticulously studied his work conclude that Nostradamus has been uncanny in his predictions of some of the most dramatic events of the 20th and previous centuries.
But what of the 21st century? What, if anything, does Nostradamus have to say about the events of this new century, this new millennium? Many fear that his prophecies point to the event that most of the world has been dreading since the end of World War II and the introduction of nuclear weapons: World War III... doomsday... Armageddon. Some say it's right around the corner, and with the events of setember 11 still fresh in our minds and the escalating tensions in the Middle East (aren't tensions always escalating in the Middle East?), a new war with global involvement isn't hard to imagine.
The Start of WW III
Author David S. Montaigne says the next world war will start this year in his unambiguously tilted book, Although Nostradamus never specifically names the year in which World War III will begin, Montaigne cites this quatrain:
From brick to marble, the walls will be converted,
Seven and fifty peaceful years:
Joy to mankind, the aqueduct renewed,
Health, abundant fruits, joy and honey-making times.
- Quatrain 10:89
Although it can be debated that the last 57 years have been peaceful and a joy to mankind, Montaigne interprets this quatrain as meaning "progress for fifty-seven years between World War II and World War III." And since the Second World War ended in 1945, 57 years brings us to 2002.
Who will start the war and how? Montaigne points the finger at Osama bin Laden who, he says, will continue to stir up anti-American feelings within Islamic nations and will mastermind his attacks on the West from Istanbul, Turkey (Byzantium):
Of beyond the Black Sea and of the great Tartary,
A king comes who will see Gaul,
Piercing across Alania and Armenia,
And within Byzantium hw will leave his bloody rod.

From there, things get worse, of course. Montaigne suggests that Muslim armies will see their first big victory over Spain. Soon after, Rome will be destroyed with nuclear weapons, forcing the Pope to relocate:
For seven days the great star will burn,
The cloud shall make two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes country.
Montaigne interprets Nostradamus to say that even Israel will be defeated in this war led by bin Laden and later Saddam Hussein, both of whom, he says, are the Antichrist. The war goes in favor of the Eastern forces (Muslims, China and Poland) for awhile until the Western allies are joined by Russia and are finally victorious around the year 2012:
When those of the arctic pole are united together,
In the East great dread and fear:
Newly elected, supporting the great trembling,
Rhodes, Byzantium with Barbarian blood stained.
So it all works out in the end, but if these interpretations of Nostradamus are to be believed, it's going to be after a lot of death and suffering, much of it caused by the use of nuclear weapons by both sides in the fight. And Montaigne isn't alone in his reading of Nostradamus (and this article has provided only a very brief outline of his thesis). A website called apparently authored by someone named Santanu Acharya, paints essentially the same picture. Even  and considered by many to be one of the world's leading authorities on Nostradamus, agrees that the prophet's writings indicate that next world war will probably begin sometime within the next decade.
Not everyone takes Nostradamus seriously either, of course. for instance, doesn't think Nostradamus's predictions are worth the crystal ball he saw them in. In his book magician and pseudoscience debunker Randi contends that Nostradamus was not a prophet at all, but rather a clever writer who used purposefully ambiguous and cryptic language so that his quatrains could be interpreted to be referring to events once they had taken place. And more often than not, Nostradamus's "prophecies" are sought out after a tragic event to see if any of his quatrains fit. The events of Sept. 11 are a prime example. No one before Sept. 11 held up a Nostradamus prophecy that warned of the attacks on The World Trade Center and the Pentagon, yet after the fact a few quatrains were said to accurately describe the tragedy. (Some hoaxers even completely fabricated a quatrain or two in the style of Nostradamus.)
However, those who say Nostradamus has predicted World War III, possibly in the near future, are giving us the word ahead of time. If he's wrong, time will tell and we'll be grateful. But if he's right, will enough of civilization be around to celebrate his most dramatic and powerful prophecy of all? What do you think?  

Was the author wrong about 2002? It's already 2005, and few people would say we're in WWIII already. Was I wrong to interpret Nostradamus meant WWIII would be underway by 2002? I'll be the first to admit, I expected a higher level of warfare by now. When I first submitted a manuscript in 1996, under the title: "Nostradamus and the Third World War of 2002," I believed that events beginning no later than mid 2002 would start a world war, with the Christian West on one side, and Islamic nations, allied with China, on the other. Nostradamus wrote often of such a war, and he left several clues on the timing, all leading me to think it would begin no later than 2002. But how do you determine when a war begins? In the case of WWII, for example, history books in America say it began with the German invasion of Poland, and declarations of war by Britain and France on Germany, in September 1939. But if you lived in Czechoslovakia you might start when the Germans came into your town in 1938. If you lived in China when the Japanese invaded in 1937 you might use that date. Hawaiians might say nothing was happening until December 7, 1941. So I suspect it is not unreasonable to assume that 9/11/01 will eventually be looked upon as the starting date of such a world war, one that has barely begun to see the cultures of Islam and Christianity fight an epic new crusade...
There were five main clues to Nostradamus' timing. First, he indicated that we would begin to understand the enemy we faced around the time of the solar eclipse in mid 1999. Second, he said that the enemies of Christianity would begin to multiply not long after the turn of the millenium. Third, he said there would be 57 years of peace, which I interpreted to be 1945-2002 between world wars. Fourth, he gave an planetary conjunction that would occur when the war has already begun, and this very infrequent conjunction was dated by one astronomer (in 1926) to occur only once in the next few centuries - June 21, 2002. The fifth clue on timing, that the war would last "seven and twenty years" was something I found very hard to swallow. How could armies clash for so long, without one side gaining an advantage and winning? I suspect there must be several stages of involvement in such a long war. I would not be surprised if the first years are like a cold war period of small skirmishes without huge armies meeting on continent sized battlefields. Then two or more major armies fight. I assume America will have the upper hand early on, before more Islamic nations, and China, join the conflict. I think Russia will hope to stay neutral, but will be the last major nation to get involved. Of course, <the book> goes into greater detail.

May 1, 2004 update: I'd like to insert news of a recent development that merits looking at one of Nostradamus' prophecies in greater detail. If you don't see the potential for the fulfillment of this prophecy, chances are you won't take anything below seriously either.
Quatrain 2:21
"L'ambassadeur envoye par biremes,
A mi-chemin d'inconnus repousse:
De sel renfort viendront quatre triremes,
Cordes et chaines en Negrepont trousse."
And in English:
"The ambassador sent by biremes,
Repelled mid-way by the unknown [ones]:
Reinforced with salt four triremes will come,
Cords and chains Negroponte bound."
To understand this better it helps to know that biremes and triremes are ships powered without sails. Centuries ago they were powered by two rows (biremes) or three rows (triremes) of oars. Today the reference could just be to any post-windpower ships of the modern age, biremes being a reference to smaller vessels and triremes to larger, more powerful ones. Salt is generally a euphemism for wisdom. And most importantly, John D. Negroponte was just appointed as the U.S. ambassador to Iraq.
If Ambassador Negroponte is sent to Iraq on a small ship, and is taken captive and tied up, and has to be rescued by larger forces only after the military realizes how stupid it was to leave him underprotected - don't say no one saw it coming. Nostradamus did. At least, that's how I interpret it.

On a broader scale, I also interpret Nostradamus as having said that the trend - the buildup to WWIII - would already be underway by 2002. I believe that the terrorism of 9/11/01, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the invasion of Iraq are precursors to WWIII, much like Germany annexed Austria and invaded Czechoslovakia long before the world saw WWII formally declared.
Option 1 - I'm wrong in my interpretation of Nostradamus
Option 2 - Nostradamus is wrong
Option 3 - The stage for WWIII was set by 2002 (just like Nostradamus said it would be) and will soon expand into a full blown world war.
In October 2002, Walter Cronkite commented on the upcoming invasion of Iraq and said "I see the possibility if we do that of really setting forth World War III.”
The expansion of conflict only seems more likely now. As Prince Hassan of Jordan said 3/26/04:
"I'm afraid the making of a third world war is actually taking place in front of our very eyes."
I believe that both Nostradamus and the Bible indicate that China will join the Islamic world against the West; probably sooner than most people expect. The main reason our current war is limited in scope is that the Chinese side of this alliance is not yet ready to back the Islamic side. China's economy has been doing very well, and the Chinese have little reason for war while this lasts. Remember, war is only the most extreme means of achieving one's political ends. But China's leaders recently declared that they feel the economy has become an unsustainable bubble, and they are putting on the brakes. Mark my words, if China's economy stops its staggering growth, and China's banks begin to see defaults - the rest of the world will see that the amazing levels of copper, steel, and other materials China has imported at record levels can be used to prepare for more than upcoming Olympic games. Those materials can be used to forcefully assure a steady flow of raw materials to China long after Chinese money runs out. Woe to those who do not understand the similarities to the Japan of the late 1930s. Do not expect silver to stay below $6 per ounce, or gold under $390 per ounce, or oil under $37 per barrel, or the Chinese (or American, or global) economy to keep looking rosy... Or the Chinese military to stay within China's borders. When cheap Chinese labor finally fails to sustain China's ever-growing demands for raw materials by monetary/peaceful means, rest assured they will act militarily to acquire raw materials.
In case you think I'm the only one who expects an economic downturn in China to lead to big problems for the world, (like Chinese military aggression) click here New York Times <http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/02/opinion/02FRIE.html?th> to check out this recent NYT aricle:
"Let Us Pray"
New York Times
Published: May 2, 2004
"Dear Heavenly Father, please keep the leader of China, President Hu Jintao, healthy and on an even keel. Please see to it that he moves steadily and carefully toward restructuring the Chinese banking system and ridding it of its huge overhang of bad loans and corruption, before there is a real meltdown that would be felt around the world."
When China is ready for (or feels it has no choice but) war it will ally with other nations that oppose the West and control crucial resouces, like Middle Eastern oil.
China and the Islamic world are natural allies against the West; they are rising powers at a time when the West is in decline. Boundaries and agreements set in 1945 reflected the strength of the United States, Britain, and the USSR - but that status quo cannot remain the same forever as formerly minor powers develop their populations, militaries, economies, and ambitions. Even Mommar Khadafy understood this much; over ten years ago he said:
"The new world order means that Jews and Christians control Muslims and if they can, they will after that dominate Confucianism and other religions... What the Christians and Jews are now saying: We were determined to crush Communism and the West must now crush Islam and Confucianism. Now we hope to see a confrontation between China that heads the Confucianist camp and America that heads the Christian crusader camp... We are standing with Confucianism, and by allying ourselves with it and fighting alongside it in one international front, we will eliminate our mutual opponent. So we, as Muslims, will support China in its struggle against our mutual enemy."      
As the West declines, both Chinese and Islamic cultures are poised to rise. They have enough people, oil, money, and nuclear weapons that they do not intend to forever tolerate the foreign policy mandates of the United States. They desperately want to take over Taiwan and Israel in particular, and are more likely to succeed together than to allow America to focus on each ally's defense at seperate times...
The only question is when? Current events and prophecies both indicate the VERY near future...
Through the 1980s the Soviet Union was the biggest threat to Europe and the United States. The USSR also exerted great restraint on the West's future potential enemies; China and the Islamic world could hardly become militarily aggressive while Russia remained a military superpower. Russia had consistantly taken land from Chinese and Muslim populations for centuries, and for that trend to reverse Russia must be weak and internally divided. As much as Americans may have come to dislike the USSR, its strength deterred the other nations in Europe and Asia from even considering large scale expansionist policies. That changed in 1991 when the USSR collapsed. Its effect on the military balance throughout the world is critical: it leaves the United States as the sole world policeman with the strength to thwart aggression - and the US cannot handle the whole planet by itself. The collapse of the USSR is without question the most pivotal geopolitical change of its time, and the subject of Nostradamus' clearest prophecy:
Nostradamus' clearly most successful prophecy is so detailed and accurate in its timing that it is worth noting even though it only regards the earliest years leading up towards WWIII:
(The excerpt from a letter Nostradamus wrote to King Henry II of Navarre in 1558 is very long and is covered more completely in the book than space here allows):

…reversals of realms and great earthquakes, along with the procreation of the new Babylon, miserable daughter increased by the abomination of the first holocaust, and it will last for only seventy three years and seven months. Afterwards to come forth from the stock which had remained barren for so long, proceeding from the 50th degree, one who will renew the whole Christian Church. There will be a pinnacle of great peace, with union and concord between some of the children of opposite ideas and separated by diverse realms.

    My interpretation: these paragraphs clearly describe reversals of fortune for the Soviet Union and other events around 1991.       

Great earthquakes were hitting cities in California, Japan, Mexico, and Italy near the beginning of the 1990s. Kuwait was conquered by Iraq in 1990, then was liberated in 1991 and Iraq surrendered. Germany reunited and then the Soviet Union fell apart – reversals of realms. Babylon was known for its many subject peoples with their different languages, which led to the story of the Tower of Babel. The Soviet Union, with its domination over Estonians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Uzbeks, and many others, easily fits the bill as a new Babylon in this comparison. It was also called the Evil Empire (at least by Ronald Reagan) and Babylon is the Bible’s prime example of an evil empire.
The Soviet Union did procreate in 1991; it broke apart and gave birth to many independent nations. The Soviet Union was a daughter: the offspring of Mother Russia. It was miserable enough that every single republic wanted independence from Russian domination. It was increased in two ways: it emerged from WWII as one of the main superpowers, and it was the only nation enlarged by the first holocaust of WWII. (There will be a second one in WWIII.) All the other major powers kept their borders or lost territory, but the Soviet Union expanded west into Europe and east into Manchuria.
   Most impressive of all, the Soviet Union lasted for seventy-three years and seven months. On January 18, 1918, Lenin’s Bolsheviks shut down the democratically elected government of Russia and began the seizure of power. On August 18, 1991, a KGB-led coup took Mikhail Gorbachev hostage and demanded his resignation. His government’s weakness allowed every non-Russian republic to declare independence. (Some would say I just chose dates that were 73 years and 7 months apart or that the October Revolution in 1917 was the important starting date. But the Bolsheviks shared power with other leftists until January 1918. Check Encyclopedia Britannica, it will confirm these dates as the start and finish of Soviet control.)   
Poland is the stock which had remained barren for so long – it had not produced a great leader in centuries; it had been barren stock. But Pope John Paul II has invigorated the Church and governed it during great modernization and adaptations to technological and social changes. He was also instrumental in freeing Poland from the Soviets and in organizing missionary work in Russia, effectively welcoming half of Europe back to Christianity after generations of enforced atheism. He did much to renew the whole Christian Church. He is also from Krakow, a city at the 50th degree north latitude. All other popes in the last few centuries have been from Italy – too far south.
The end of the cold war came between the ideologically opposite superpowers - great peace will be established, with union and concord between some of the children of opposite ideas. (There is more covered in the book, but that is enough for the website.)
Coincidence? Many who doubt Nostradamus’ prophetic ability note that anyone could make up a thousand vague predictions, and that after four or five hundred years, there are sure to be some apparently marvelous successes. But is “seventy-three years and seven months” vague? Do those lines seem like a coincidence to you? For some skeptical people, even that prophecy isn't enough. They simply don't want to believe that Nostradamus foresaw anything, let alone WWIII.
I believe he did see the future, and that he told us that the events leading up to WWIII would escalate through 2002 until it would be obvious that a war between the Islamic and Christian nations is imminent.
Nostradamus said that the war would start not too long after 1999, that the enemies of Christianity would multiply just after 2000, that war would be underway at the time of a certain astronomical conjunction (which occurred only once since Nostradamus' day - in June 2002) and that there would be 57 years of peace between world wars. There are many ways to interpret his statements; but 1939 through 1945 were years of world war. If the peace started in 1945, then 1945 could be viewed as year 1 of the peace - and then 2001 was the 57th year, though 2002 was 57 years later. After 57 years of peace we have seen the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and more invasions are coming soon.
Nostradamus' most well-known (and most misinterpreted) prophecy - the famous “1999” Quatrain (Quatrain 10:72) discusses the rise of Chinese militarism at the turn of the millenium:

   ...   The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come the great King of Terror:  To revive the great king of the Angolmois, Before and after Mars reigns by good luck.    ...      


This is perhaps Nostradamus’ most famous quatrain – but only because of the mention of the year 1999 and gross misinterpretation. There isn’t even a reference to New York in this quatrain, but some authors link it to other quatrains which mention a new city. Fortunately those who expected nuclear bombs falling on New York to be the great King of Terror in 1999 were wrong.
My interpretation: the great eclipse of 1999 will mark the beginning of Chinese expansion and militarism.
A total eclipse of the sun is a rare event, only possible in the same location every 360 years. In Nostradamus’ day people were more superstitious, and the fates of kings and empires were believed to be foretold by omens. The most impressive omens were unusual events in the sky, like comets and eclipses - From the sky will come the great King of Terror. On August 11, 1999, a full solar eclipse was seen over Europe and the Middle East. Considering the modern changes in our calendar to correct for old inaccuracies, it would have been late in the seventh month of July in Nostradamus’ calendar – The year 1999, seventh month. Complete darkness in mid-day caused by the unusual disappearance of the sun was a major King of Terror in the sky.
The King of the "Angolmois" is an anagram for “Mongolias.” In times past Genghis Khan was a great king of terror, spreading the Mongol horde across Asia and founding the largest empire ever known. And the tomb of Genghis Khan was found just months after the eclipse in China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang. The symbolic links between this vast Asian empire, modern-day China, conquest and terror, and time of the eclipse seem too impressive for mere coincidence.
Nostradamus probably means that the army of China, Mongolia’s cultural brother and heir to the legacy (and body) of Genghis Khan - will be reawakened soon after this marker in time. To revive the great king of the Angolmois.
China did regain Hong Kong, (peacefully) and through military intimidation, forced Hanoi to sign a secret agreement to cede Vietnamese territory to China in December 1999. Further Chinese expansion, whether through threat of war or war itself, seems likely. Many Chinese resent America’s protection of Taiwan, the rebel Chinese province they have not yet united with mainland China. And Taiwan will be ripe for the picking if China can take advantage of America’s preoccupation with the Islamic world. As the American Foreign Policy Council wrote on 9/27/02, "Washington's preoccupation with Iraq has offered China a unique strategic opportunity." Now that the bulk of America's military is busy in Iraq, the opportunity for other aggressors to act while America cannot respond is dangerously obvious.
A second front in East Asia will come when America is not prepared for one. Do not take the prophecy for 1999 lightly just because nothing sensational happened the day after the eclipse like the nuclear destruction of New York. Nostradamus has a thousand prophecies and only mentions specific years twelve times. 1999 is the only date he gives between the French Revolution in 1792 and the end of the world (as we know it) in 3797. He attributes great significance to Chinese attitudes following the eclipse of 1999.
One insightful Chinese Military document is titled: "Watching Closely for Changes in the Relationships with Taiwan and Enhancing the Awareness by Military Leadership of the Current Situation." This document <http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a38d6500918fe.htm> is many pages long and covers, in great detail, the conditions which are necessary for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan and for war with the United States. The document, by the way, was distributed to all of China's military commanders in August of 1999 - just when Nostradamus tells us we should watch for a change in China's behavior as it becomes more aggressive.   
The Chinese Army even published an description of how they intend to fight the United States with such unconventional methods. In a book published by China's People's Liberation Army (again, written in 1999) called "Unrestricted Warfare," <http://web.elastic.org/~fche/mirrors/cryptome.org/cuw.htm> Chinese military officers go on for hundreds of pages regarding the methods they want to employ for "foundation-style" warfare. This would avoid direct military confrontation as long as possible, and instead start with treacherous attacks on the foundation of their American enemies - lobbying the government, manipulating the media, misusing financial accounts, trade war, aiding terrorists, releasing biological and computer viruses to weaken people and the internet... They intend to use the internet to attack America's electric grids*
(author's note, 2003: I point out that this has been on my site since 2001, that China has openly said this is in their plans since at least 1999, and that the LovSan worm and the big blackout in the Northeast US are exactly the types of things I would expect China to test capabilities on before considering themselves ready for war. In the words of the People's Liberation Army's own publication, they suggest: "a sneak attack against [with] a computer virus and hacker detachment in the opponent's computer system in advance, while at the same time carrying out a network attack against the enemy... electricity network, traffic dispatching network, financial transaction network, telephone communications network... [air] traffic control...")
America would be in chaos, (far, far worse than the test attack on 1/25/03)and the war would not even be declared yet - the enemy could all the while feign ignorance. Only after the chaos ensues would China's leaders be more willing to fight a more convential war.
The threat from China is very real - yet as Nostradamus tells us, it will not be appreciated until it is too late.
But while China will be the most powerful nation fighting the West by the second stage of the war, the war will begin with aggression from the Islamic world, as described in Quatrain 10:66

   The chief of London through the realm of America, The Isle of Scotland tempered by frost: King and Reb will face such a treacherous antichrist, That he will place everyone in the conflict.      

My interpretation: Britain and America will fight an antichrist whose treachery starts a large war.
While Britain and America were also allies in the first two world wars, America was brought into these wars through Britain’s need for help against Germany. This time Britain is involved through an attack on America. The rebellious Americans that fought for independence from Britain’s King in the 18th century became close allies in the 20th century. (And kudos to Nostradamus for predicting that Britain would even have colonies in the Americas, let alone that they would rebel later on and then be allies later still.) They will be allied with the British in a war against an antichrist who brings the world to war through treachery. Scottish frost aside (perhaps an especially cold winter coming up?) this quatrain seems like a clear description of Tony Blair’s support for America after Osama bin Laden’s attacks on New York and Washington. America and Britain were the first nations to bomb terrorist bases in Afghanistan, but a larger coalition of nations - "everyone" - will fight them later.
Another Nostradamus prophecy likens "the King of Europe" that fights the Islamic threat to a griffin. A griffin is a mythical animal whose image has not been chosen by any nation as its symbol. But it is the perfect symbol for the Anglo-American alliance, a cross between the British Lion and the American Eagle - yet another reference to King and Reb working together.

   Was Nostradamus really specific enough in his description of this antichrist for us to know that Osama bin Laden is meant? YES, he was. I won't claim that he was mentioned by name, although some others will undoubtedly mention Nostradamus' enigmatic anagram "MABUS" and suggest that it is close to the letters in Osama or Usama or Saddam. (The ONLY reference in the quatrains [Q 2:62] merely says that Mabus will soon die, followed by war and vengeance. Mabus is not referred to as an antichrist. At one time my best guess was that the former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Raymond Mabus - who personally knew the bin Laden family - would be involved, and killed, after being reinstated as an ambassador. But given the January 2005 election of M. Abbas as the new Palestinian leader, I can easily see him being killed off in the near future, and that his death would contribute to the spread of war in the Middle East. If he is killed this winter, and a new theatre of war develops around Israel, don't be surprised. The war already under way has barely started.) Regarding the antichrist, Nostradamus wrote that he would be an Islamic leader that wears a white turban. This antichrist is born in "southern Arabia" (Quatrain 5:55) but would rule from "beyond the Black Sea and Great Tartary" - Afgahnistan, Pakistan - central Asia - (quatrain 5:54)   
Very few people ever rule from a different nation than the one they are born in, and no other leader fits Nostradamus' descriptions. He goes on to say that after WWIII is under way, Osama bin Laden is finally killed, but then another vile leader takes charge of the Islamic alliance for most of the war.

Nostradamus gives many details about the upcoming third world war. He describes Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the overthrow of moderate Islamic governments in nations like Turkey and Pakistan, the nuclear destruction of Rome and other cities, the relocation of the Papacy, and of course, great detail on the timing and the course of World War III.
If you agree that signs like a weakened Russia, growing China, overextended US, hostile Islamic world, collapsing dollar, skyrocketing oil, gold, silver, and inflation could soon lead to WWIII - then use one of the links below to check out my book for more details.


Answer by nostradamus
Submitted on 7/29/2005
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it is i, mostradamus... i have come to give another prophecy!

computer games will give seisures to children, causing a generation or half-retarded people.
tupac shakur will regain life after a bitter struggle with the devil in which he will kill him.
in the year 2055 americans will have become so fat that they will consume 99% of the worlds food!
and last but not least, the end of the world will occur in the year 2015 after a comet crashes into earth, not destroying it but releasing aliens with amazing technology, however, they will be coveted and a war will start over this alien technology and human greed!...
that is all


Answer by Manda
Submitted on 8/20/2005
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First ... don't get me wrong I believe in God and that and the bible but in Revelations it said that the world would come to an end after the planets all aligned. That happened twice in my life time. One was in 1999. The world has not come to an end. has it?


Answer by Raphael
Submitted on 8/20/2005
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I Also thought of something, the space shuttle that crashed a couple years ago was mentioned as a bunch of "comets", we could be a few years off, because a bunch of places predit Earth will be hit by a bunch of comets somewhere between 2009-2012.

We could be off and he could of ment literally comets.


Answer by jong_pogi
Submitted on 8/24/2005
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nostradamus is great!!!!


Answer by Natalya
Submitted on 9/27/2005
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There will be no such a thing as the end of world...There will be disasters and huricains and tornados and floats and all that...but there will be no war and no comet hitting the Earth...
No one knows when the ice age is going to come.......even Nostradamus couldn't predict that.......only God knows.......so people calm down and take it easy.......:)


Answer by swapwap
Submitted on 11/28/2005
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reguardless of mayan calenders, nostra, cayce exc.  the end of the age is near. the earth will live on.  no prophecies from any cukture, or person have been more accurate than the holy bible.  they is where is place my trust. that end of the age will be in our life time.  isreal began that with the jewish state. the temple is being built now and the whole world list lining up to fulfil the prophecirs.  10 nations,  babalon- aka  usa.  we shall see soon.


Answer by DeepChasm
Submitted on 1/2/2006
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Very intersting discussion.  I have a comment then a few questions.  I read once that when making enough vague predictions, and that those predictions are set with true intent (as opposed to making ludicrous statements just to seee if they will come true), then we each contain the ability to have 20% accuracy.  I will equate it to telephone psychics who "tell you what you want to hear" by fishing for enough information.  When they make a string of predictions and a few come true, we zero in on those few as a great foretelling, yet we fail to recognize that the majority of predictions were false.  So now for my question: what percentage of Nostradamus' quattrains relate to specific events in our history?  I ask because one statement above got my attention.  The writer wrote (and I'll paraphrase) that we only seem to be able to "assign" Nostradamus' statements to events in history and current history at that because the quattrains are too removed to actually predict events.  If such is true, are we "assigning" a relative historical event to "make" the prediction come true, even though a great vagueness is still seem?  And furthermore, given enough time, could we have enough occurences to allow most of the predictions to be seem as predicted?  I'm not a skeptic at all, but rather, I'm one who wants to make justified decisions on beliefs.  


Answer by mkyuk
Submitted on 1/2/2006
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sdfdrrt EFT6Tut


Answer by Maddy
Submitted on 2/12/2006
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go to hell


Answer by iWiV8PDpCU
Submitted on 2/23/2006
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Answer by berth
Submitted on 3/9/2006
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I want to know the future predictions of Nostradamus.


Answer by hurbas
Submitted on 3/22/2006
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Born in the early 16th century, Nostradamus has become one of the world's most widely known and read prophets.

His poetic yet cryptic quatrains are claimed by some to conceal information about future events. He completed a total of 942 quatrains which he organized into Centuries - groups of 100 quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains).

Do these writings actually predict the death of popes, rise of tyrants, and natural catastrophes to come?

Read his prophecies, hear the arguments, and decide for yourself.


Answer by nite1panther7k7
Submitted on 4/6/2006
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i want everyone to know this nostradamas guy is telling the truth but its so wierd like i have visions all the time about this type of stuff and other things i saw the twin towers in my dreams about a month before it happened and it didnt hit me til after the affect please if anyone believes this hepl me out email me at nite1panther2k5@yahoo.com thank you


Answer by Smukho
Submitted on 4/20/2006
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Gemini I agree with what u said. THERE is definately a very close match between several predictions by different people around the world.

And about the apocalypse in 1999....perhaps a meteorite heading our way started coming on that day......

Btw...the aztec calender also ends in 2012... i think...can't remember


Answer by Pavel
Submitted on 4/21/2006
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If the Earth tilts, for sure climate and who knows what else will happen but at least we can see how it could tilt and end up looking.  Is there any model, or computer simulation which we can use to draw up scenarios?  Any help will be appreciated.


Answer by Shaggy
Submitted on 4/21/2006
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Nostradamus , his theorys and writings are iffy at best.

If you want to hear from a true sear, I would recommend do a google search for Edward Cayce.

Even those biggest skeptics in the world have yet to debunk his writtings of over 10,000 DOCUMENTED prophecys.  He actually goes farther than the past said "sears" by giving actual dates and names.

The man was absolutely amazing.


Answer by vikram
Submitted on 6/12/2006
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i want to know wether Nostradamus made any pridiction about Mrs Indira gandhi,then the earth quake which happened in pakistan ,september 11 events



Answer by receptor
Submitted on 7/11/2006
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i think nostradamus' predictions are quite true but the dates are jumbled up.maybe he used a different calender system. but anyway, i heard from such a future teller that nothing in this earth is true up untill the last moment. who knows if the world changed to a new tide. after the fall of the soviet union mayb the world war three was averted. maybe we have a chance for a beter spiritual awakening. but nevertheless untill now his predictions are working but for the dates.and who would be so foolish enough to tell us all that so and so date so and so guy would come and rise to power. if he wrote it that way then the 'future' would be changed anyway!
i had read an article saying that the civilisations of the earth have come and fallen and a new age begins........otherwise who would justify the sumerian cave finding of a guy suited in astronauts costume in pluto.
we have much to learn and the future is always in our hands( or so the american voters hands) to make a better world.(and kick the rappers coz they are spoiling the fabric of civilisation brought about by the west.)


Answer by V Lo
Submitted on 7/17/2006
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Why do people buy into all these prophecies? They are so vague that when an event happens we look back at them and say "Oh... so that's what that meant." Prophecies are useless when they are so vague that they can be interperated into just about anything, and serve no good if they are meant as a warning when people don't get it. I could make some vague predictions that would come true, and how would you say I was full of it untill something close to it happens? I'm not into this prophecy garbage, but I am fascinated by people who believe in it. Are you looking for easy answers?


Answer by jimmy
Submitted on 7/18/2006
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why do people so easily follow a fool rather than seek the truth?


Answer by katie smells
Submitted on 8/31/2006
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he is the greatest. or was....


Answer by Shaitan
Submitted on 9/1/2006
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I have been an agnostic for several years, and have done research on metaphysics and existensialism. I would not call myself a mystic and in fact, i'm quite negative about esoteric beliefs. However the accuracy of many psychics and the similarity between prophecies cannot be denied. Therefore as a reasonable person, I have been forced to entertain the idea of these prophecies being true.


Answer by Stinger
Submitted on 11/6/2006
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There are to many things he predicted that have come true, so how can someone not believe that it could be true? People are so stereo typed, and so damn moldable. Because Society says. People are scared of the unknown. So they safely go with the majority. Society says. I believe no one is better then another, but I do believe that we all have special gifts, all different and that the mind is a very powerfull gift that we don't even have a clue about! I do believe in those unexplained phenominons!


Answer by G cash.
Submitted on 1/9/2007
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The predictions of nostradamus are all truth.He try to analyse the apocalypses of the bible that sooner or later the whole world will come to an end,this which the bible try to potray is for the souls to go to heaven.


Answer by dexter
Submitted on 1/28/2007
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Nostradamus mentioned about WW I and WW II !


Answer by Snyder
Submitted on 2/7/2007
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I have come across this page about 3 years dormant now.  I would like to shortly respond to Gemini for anyone who may come across this page as i have.  While your argument seems strong and persuasive at first glance, these are all theories at best and looked down upon by most experts in each respective field to which they apply.  First of all, the idea that the world is 'pre-determined' holds many consequences which you may or may not be ready to accept.  If the world is pre-determined, then there is only 1 possible way for history to unfold.  With only 1 possible way for history to unfold, there are no such things as choices, free will, and the like.  Free will is seemingly contradictory to the idea that the world is pre-determined.  This, i am sure, you are not ready to accept as it would many implications for the way we view the world.  About the only way this would not be the case is if you introduce God into the equation.  God, being omniscient, would know the choices we will make in the future and therefore be able to know the way history unfolds without sacrificing free will.  With that said, this is not a debate about the existence of God so i will not change the subject. To further diminish your argument, the Mayan Calendar is not 36,000 years in length but 5,125.  When one googles "Mayan Calendar, 36,000" you only find one man mentioning something called the 'puja' which is 36,000 years long yet no other site speaking of the Mayan calendar corroborates this cycle.  And the article was posted 2 years after your post so i do not know where your idea comes from. The other part of your 'coincidence' was evidence of a brown dwarf which supposedly orbits our sun/solar system once every 36,000 years yet there is no evidence.  A brown dwarf is a star but a dwarf planet is a planet which several were discovered past Pluto orbiting the sun and consequently, Pluto was removed from planets of our solar system and classified as a dwarf planet.  It is theorized that there may be many more still yet undiscovered, but that is neither here nor there. These are just the few problems i have seen that stand out the most with your little speech.  About the so called prophets you speak of, let me pose this question to you.  HOW would Nostradamus  know Hitler's name (Hister) yet not know any other words that have yet to fruition such as "airplane" or "United States"??  The truth about these prophecies is that they often are not related to events until after some event happens.  For me, these predictions are similar to playing darts in the dark, once in a while, throwing in the right direction, you will hit a bullseye.  People wish to believe these people are true prophets and can see the future so they read the prophecies in that light as opposed to a skeptic.  Another prophet you speak of was no psychic at all, Edward Cayce.  Read up on Cayce to find out more about him but many many people believe he was no psychic at all.  Cayce claimed in the early 1900's that somebody would discover Atlantis' Death Ray in 1958 i believe.  Regardless, it obviously didn't happen. This does not exhaust the list of problems i find in your argument yet it may not be worth going into everything as few people may read this.  There is far too much false information on the Internet these days and i want those who read this page to keep reading on about what you wish to know about but keep this in mind, be skeptical.  The best theories stand up to the best scrutiny.  Do not believe everything you hear or see or read at first glance, dig deeper, and you may not like what you find.  I, like many others, want to believe in aliens, paranormal phenomenon, predictions of the future, theories of the past, etc. etc.  But use common sense and think for yourself in evaluating these theories and be especially skeptical of people who think their theory is  fact, like Gemini.  


Answer by stupidity
Submitted on 3/3/2007
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I agree with Kitty and Madonzki! What Nostradamus writes is so open-ended that any thing can be predicted from it. Take the following poetry verse he created "There will be unleashed live fire, hidden death, Horrible and frightful within the globes, By night the city reduced to dust by the fleet, The city afire, the enemy amenable." Could that be the prediction of 9/11. It talks about fire, death and fear (all caused on 9/11). The city reduced to dust (buildings falling) by the fleet (of airplanes). Or could it mean WWII. Hitler destroying cities turning them into dust with his fleet of troops. I don’t read up that much on Nostradamus so I don’t know which centuries he uses in his playful poetry coincides with the current calendar. I do know, however, that he supposedly predicted the end of the world in 1984, 1999, 2000. I know I’m still around. It’s easy to look back at a bunch of gibberish after a major disaster (WWI and WWII) happens and say “damn, this guy predicted it”. Heck, I should write a bunch of poetry about the future and make it so obscure that it will have to coincide with the any major event. Lets start with this “Out of the tree, a great man will fall. Dark skinned, damning voice and very tall. The power from which he will rise. The world will be at a surprise.” Wow, I’m good at prediction the future… Look for my book of prophecies in Barn’s and Noble.  I’ll get rich off people’s stupidity and gullibility. Oh yea and if you say the Nostradamus quote I gave above doesn’t exist, it was taken from a translation. If that translation is wrong then the whole thing is BS anyways since stuff can be translated any way any one person wants. People who think the world is going to end on December 21, 2012, you better start buying  your survival gear. I’ll buy a case of beer and watch the stupidity as December 22 rolls by and wait for the next mysterious Nostradamus prediction. I predict that will be in 2034.


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