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I have had two female JRTs for about eight months. Now the...

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Question by JRT451981
Submitted on 7/13/2003
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I have had two female JRTs for about eight months.  Now the younger one is hitting puberty and attacking my year old female.  neither one are spayed.  I keep them separated when I am not here, but while I was sleeping tonight they attacked each other, and one actually drew blood.  Will spaying my dogs take some of the aggression out of them or just make it worse?

Answer by Jenn
Submitted on 7/18/2003
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Spaying will NOT  make the aggression worse, it can only help.  I'd have them spayed right away.  If after they have been spayed they still fight, consult a trainer.  But spaying is the best place to start.  
There is no reason to keep a pet intact.


Answer by Goldee
Submitted on 7/21/2003
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Avoid spaying your pets if possible. Removal of the ovaries will result in premature menopause . All problems related to old age will appear and it is hearbreaking to see a pet suffer as a result of our actions. It will solve the problem if one of the animal is given to a good home.


Answer by Jenn
Submitted on 7/21/2003
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I have had all my female dogs spayed over the years.  And have not had ANY problems with them.  They all lived long healthy lives.
Neither did any of them become over weight, that's another misconception I've heard before.
Spaying is the healthiest thing for a female.  It reduces the risk of cancer in the mammary glands and uterus.  As well as avoid any unwanted litters.  We have unwanted dogs in this world.


Answer by ClASSIFIED
Submitted on 8/13/2003
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none of my dogs were ever spayed!!!! They each lived 4 at least 12 yrs. Healthily and strong!! THERE IS REALLY NO NEED 4 DOGS 2 BE SPAYED!! Infact, the only people who get their dog spayed are people who don't want beautiful puppies! I should know. I had 4 litters. Every litter beautiful.


Answer by suramos
Submitted on 8/13/2003
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Do two female terriers never get along? I have a seven year old girl- who is spoiled beyond belief and we want to get another puppy- male most likely- I'm worried about whether she'll accept any new dog- she's sweet and gentle. . but she's used to getting all of our attention- any ideas?


Answer by Darryl Touchet
Submitted on 9/17/2003
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If you get the dogs spayed, consider the consequences of your actions.  My dog is currently downstairs in horrible pain, and all the doctor will prescribe is a anti-inflamatory.  That is like you having a hysterectomy and the doctor sending you home with a bottle of tylenol. Absolutely Horrible.  Now, I will never spayed any more of my pets unless the doctor insures me that they will prescribe a NARCOTIC for pain control.


Answer by Laurie
Submitted on 9/27/2003
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You may have a hopeless situation whether you spay or don't spay.  For two females to fight is not uncommon.  Sometimes neither one wants to "say uncle".   Consult a trainer first but be prepared to give one up.  


Answer by Olson
Submitted on 11/22/2003
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Try treating the older dog as the dominant dog.  Feed her first, pet her first, she gets the spot on your lap instead of next to you and in general any kind of affection first.  It should help reinforce her position over the younger dog if you as the "pack leader" treat her as dominant over the other.


Answer by buddah-pooh
Submitted on 11/24/2003
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Try giving them both equal love and attention, not showing any favortism. I would get a male dog so that they get along better. I would not stop spoiling the original dog but do tone it down a little so she doesn't blame the new dog for the change.


Answer by Donna
Submitted on 1/29/2004
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YES!!!  Get them both spayed as soon as possible.  There is no reason to keep a dog intact unless you intend to breed, and no reason to breed unless you have something to add to the breed.  The health benefits are numerous.  I worked for a vet as an animal health tech, and all the nonsense about not spaying is just that, NONSENSE.  All of my animals have been fixed and it was a good thing.  Jack Russell Terriers fight.  It is the nature of the breed.  Even the brothers in my litter fought.  Two Jacks of the same sex are more aggressive than two Jacks of opposite sex, though they will fight too.  They have even been known to fight until one is mortally wounded.  Keep them separated when you aren't around.  Be prepared that despite everything, they may never be trustworthy and you may have to give one up or take a chance on a horrible dog fight that ends in a gruesome manner.  It is a nightmare, and I lost two of my dogs that way so I know what I'm talking about.  Sometimes, no matter what you do, training, loving, etc. doesn't work.  If you crate them, make sure the crates are far enough apart that they can not reach each other through the sides.  Good Luck!


Answer by Lilly
Submitted on 4/5/2004
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Dear Jack Lovers, It has been my experience that two of the same sex have problems with who is the alpha dog. After much work I taught my two females to get along and realize the dominant tendencies that generally aggravated the other. As a go-between initially, I corrected them as you would children and sternly showed them to play fairly. It was so rewarding to finally see this come to pass; only to lose my oldest to anemia. She was all white with gentle brindle markings on her ears. I'm in the process of looking to adopt a male with a fresh start for my female. She misses her partner terribly. I never realized how close they were and she is in mourning as we speak. If anyone can give me suggestions. I can give answers to obedience and barking training, etc; but I need a companion for my Abby very soon. The Vet said they are so intelligent and all the training and rough play at times was still a true strong bond between the two females. It is very unusual to have 2 females stay that close. Love your Jack and they will respond to your training. Whisper in their ears that you love them. It changes everything. Love My Jacks, Lilly


Answer by Barb
Submitted on 9/17/2004
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Two female Jacks often do not get along. I have to keep my two females separated. This is normal Jack behavior. Spaying will not help this. It has to do with dominence, not with hormones. They both want you exclusively to themselves. I do not plan to have two Jacks of the same sex at the same time as pets again. Any good breeder should be able to warn you about this problem. Two males are problematic again, but the females tend to get into the more serious fights. Sleeping with both is probably not an option for you. Sleep only with the dominent dog. Or make both sleep in their crates so they are not fighting over you and the right to the bed. I have three Jacks and only sleep with one because the bed is something they always fight over. It is unlikely these two will be friends. You will need to manage them carefully.


Answer by Jay In Houston
Submitted on 9/18/2004
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We have wondered as well, the likeliness of having two female JRT's  We have a one year old that plays well with other breeds of all sizes and ages.  We wanted to get her a sister or brother to have someone to play with while in the house.  We have many neighbors in our Apt. complex that meet every night for about an hour that let the dogs run within a controlled environment and it's great for them!  We just don't know if we should get her a male or female at this point.  I've seen many different opinions above and I'm confused.  Our 1yr old is fixed, short legged, short hair.  She's not aggressive, very well trained, but very active.  Any ideas?  I've also heard that Male Long legged JRT'sare more hyper.  Thanks, Jay, Houston, Tx.


Answer by none
Submitted on 4/19/2005
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I think that spaying is perfectly fine, but I'm going 2 breed my jrt so I'm not going 2. But if you want to they do FINE. Dont listen 2 these people. Your dog will be perfectly fine just make sure you have a very good vet, and you're goog 2 go!!


Answer by kimmy
Submitted on 10/23/2005
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I feel as though all dogs will get along sooner or latter. If they have never had any fights in the pass,they really don't know what the are doing as for trying to kill one another. I truly believe that if you use kennels put them kind of close and give them the same treatment, and they'll see that they are both equal. They will eventually stop barking and trying to get one another. And if that doesn'twork, if you have a big enough yard keep them separated at all times. Remember Time heals all wounds. ONE DAY THEY WILL GET ALONG ! ! ! GOOD LUCK


Answer by foxvas62
Submitted on 6/21/2006
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I have a year old female jack her name is Daisey Mae and I going to get her spayed next week she is my baby I carry her every where I travel it would be hard to carry her and a litter of pups and when she was in heat the bleeding was awful and the smell I had to vacume my whole house and car and her sleeping on the bed as for the pain I also had hunting dogs that was ripped open they acted like it did not  bother them, I think I am doing the right thing and if she is in pain I will be there  for her  just like when I found her all beaten up in the ditch being eaten up by stray dogs she was only 5 weeks old and I held her then and I still do the same now every time she jumps in my lap and gives me a big wet kiss
proud pet owner in GA


Answer by leelo
Submitted on 7/15/2006
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i have a cocker and shes hitting puberty, shes six months old. shes always been very playful and happy but these past few weeks shes been cranky , not too excited about eating, lazy and is sleeping alot. any advice or help would be treasured


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