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Is there such thing as a toy yorkie or the extremely small...

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Question by girl
Submitted on 7/13/2003
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Is there such thing as a toy yorkie or the extremely small ones not over 2-3 pounds?

Answer by Miracle Yorkies
Submitted on 10/28/2003
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Yorkies come in many sizes. They range from 2 lbs to 7 lbs. I have heard of yorkies over 7 lbs, but typically it is because they are overweight or not a pure bred.


Answer by emj
Submitted on 12/9/2003
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I had the same question when i got my yorkie i asked the vet about minicture he siad there was no such thing, but he did say, the breed is useally ouite small but its just luck if you get a small one.  


Answer by Chelsie
Submitted on 1/26/2004
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I bought my yorkie a week ago and although she is already 8 weeks old she just fits in the palm of my hand,the breeder said that she would be quite small,but toy yorkies do not exist,its not a breed,its just luck.Iv seen other 8 week old yorkies and they double mine in size,so Im hoping she will be small.Its like the lottery really :)


Answer by SuzyStanza
Submitted on 3/5/2004
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For your information, toy yorkies do exist.  Miniature and Teacup yorkies do not exist.  Yorkies are in the toy group, so a toy yorkie must exist.  Just because a puppy is small at 8 weeks does not mean that it will stay small.  I had one that was 8 ounces at 8 weeks and grew up to be 5 pounds.  Her 17 ounce brother grew up to be 3.5 pounds.  There are no guarantees that a yorkie will stay small unless you get them at 6 months or later.  If a yorkie is that small when you purchased it, the breeder let her go waaay too early.  Too many health issues exist when they are very small.


Answer by Lindsey
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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Teacup and toy are not a breed, BUT, these words  classify how big your yorkie will be. For instance teacup size is usually 2-3 pounds, toy size is 3-5. you can take a yorkie whose parents weigh about the same, and at 8 weeks double his weight and that is how big he will be. It all depends on how big their parents are.


Answer by Li
Submitted on 6/3/2004
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I am a breeder and exhibitor of Yorkshire Terriers.  Yorkies are classed in the Toy Group by both the AKC and Canadian Kennel Club.  The breed standard for size only says it should be under 7 lbs.  Yorkies that are over 7 lbs are still Yorkies in the Toy Group but are considered to be oversized and are usually sold for pet only under non breeding contracts.  there is no minimum size in the official breed standard.  However, reputable show breeders who live and breathe the breed, consider under 4 lbs to be undersized.  Many Internet dog sellers will call these undersized 'teacups'  There is no nomenclature for the Yorkie being called a 'teacup'.  Very small is also a bigger headache for health problems, genetic problems, congenetal birth defects, hypoglycemia attacks, etc etc if you get my drift.  Closer to 4 lbs for the small ones, the better chance you have a healthy one.  The smaller they go from there, the less likely you will be lucky with its health.  There are exceptions of course, and for those who might have one I hope you are one of the lucky ones.  I don't breed for undersized or oversized, no one reputable ever would.


Answer by rae
Submitted on 6/20/2004
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I am getting ready to get a yorkie and have done some research on the matter and it has proven that there is no such thing as a teacup or toy yorkie. If you get a yorkie and you want it small I sugest to get the pedigree of either the mother or father and see if small yorkies are in their line.


Answer by Deanne
Submitted on 6/26/2004
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Answer by Shanna
Submitted on 12/11/2004
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There is no such thing as toy yorkies, but there is such a thing as teeny weeny tinky winky yorkies.  Just beat the crap out of them to stunt there growth.


Answer by Terri
Submitted on 12/30/2004
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I have a 14 # Yorkie. How is this possible??


Answer by laura
Submitted on 5/8/2005
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You have 2 options. 1 you could talk to your breeder or 2 you could go online and go on the AKC site


Answer by BurgundyHammer
Submitted on 5/22/2005
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I have a yorkie that I purchased in France a year ago today. She is only 3 lbs and a tiny, tiny, little girl. Her parents were normal but small yorkies (4 - 5 lbs tops) but for some reason she is a small one.


Answer by shelly
Submitted on 6/1/2005
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I am in the process of buying a yorkie, the breeder is my co-worker, she told me she estimates the size of the dog would maybe be around 5lbs. the past two litters she had her between 3-5. Is it possible to estimate the weight if you know what the mother had previously?


Answer by Yorkietime
Submitted on 7/19/2005
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Legally there is no such thing as a Tiny Toy, Teacup, or Teaspoon Yorkie..  The Yorkshire Terrier, BREED STANDARD, is a TOY DOG weighing 4 to 7 lbs.  That is the only legal description for the Yorkie, that I've ever seen.  Some of the Puppy Mills, have bred them larger and larger, because they have larger litters, and need less attention, therefore making them more money..  I've seen them up to 15 lbs, and heard them called Miniatures..  Legally, they do not exist, and cannot be shown.

AKC only recognizes the 4 to 7 lb, TOY dog.
So when people claim there is no such thing as a Teacup, etc., they refer to the Breed Standard, recognized by AKC.

Those of us who breed the tinies, understand this, but for lack of better titles, we do call them by these names..  We also breed especially for the tinies, so whether you accept the descriptions we use or not, the tinies do exist, and they exist mostly because we work hard to create them, just as we work hard to make sure they are healthy before they leave us..

The term Teaspoon, is my own, and that's what I call any puppy with an estimated adult weight of under 2 lbs.  A Teacup is between 2 & 3 lbs, a Tiny Toy between 3 & 4 lbs.

Breeding 2 dogs of the same size means nothing, breeding two small dogs, means nothing..  To breed for the tinies, you must start with small dogs, that come from several generations of small dogs..  Just because a male weighs 2 lbs, doesn't mean he will throw tiny pups, if he came from a large background. It is my belief, there needs to be about 7 generations of small dogs, before I am confident the puppies will be small.  I DO NOT breed a female under 3 & 1/2 lbs, not even to the tiniest of males, from the tiniest of backgrounds.


Answer by Angela
Submitted on 11/2/2005
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i am looking for a yorkie puppy. The lady is giving them away at eight weeks. Is this okay? Please help!


Answer by jiggle
Submitted on 11/27/2005
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who really cares I mean chihuahuas are soooooooooooo much better


Answer by kiki
Submitted on 2/4/2006
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the way you tell how big they will be is that you have to wait till their 12 weeks and double it , not 8 weeks. yes their is a teacup group, toy and yes the small ones are unhealthy but they are the cutest i have 3 and never had a problem they are 2.5 lbs.


Answer by none
Submitted on 5/3/2006
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yorkies are usually between 4 and 7 pounds, but if you do end up with a really small one you should do research on the parents and see what they weigh and if there genetic were OK.


Answer by Patrica Rogers
Submitted on 5/25/2006
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I have had a Toy yorkie for 13 years he wasn't 6 inches inch and about 11 inches long.   He died last week aged 16.  I am devastated, his wee ashes cames back this morning.  I cannot find another one anywhere.
Unfortunately I am in Northern Ireland, but can't cope without my best friend in all the world.  We had a special bond hat will never be broken even by death.


Answer by Nesha
Submitted on 8/6/2006
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There are such things as toy teacup yorkiesbut you have to watch what you feed them because they can only grow an certain weight so theres basically the answer to your problems. You may not believe but Ido my research also. Because im also purchasing a teacupyorkie and they weighed the parents and everything!!!!!!!and its only 2lbs!!!!!!!


Answer by tina
Submitted on 10/9/2006
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as LI stated there are no classifications as to teacup/toy/miniature in the yorkies ckc or akc ..teacup is a name given for 2-4 lb sizes .toy 4-6 lb and miniature 6lb  and above..same as with poodles people ask for tiny toy or tea cup and in poodles there is only toy or miniature and standard..i breed yorkies and i have a male who throws very small yorkies even tho he is about 4 - 5 lbs
and a female who does the same she is like 4-5 lbs...according to type of year and how they feed...the small ones they produce are the teacup sizes that everyone calls them..they are prone to sugar drop(hypoglosimia)then hypothermia usally sets in and if not caught you will have a dead puppy sometimes they die with you going to the vet regular.people are demanding the smaller breeds which does not make for a healthy breed..and the life span is usally not as long as a bigger healthier dog(on the norm). i like and would like for others to buy the bigger 4 lbs and up sizes but the demand for them is not there right now..everyone is teacup and toy crazy ..i wish this fad would leave real quick.


Answer by humpy doo
Submitted on 10/16/2006
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swoon doon doon.  condoleeza.


Answer by Abby
Submitted on 12/21/2006
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I have a yorkie named Brutus. He is adorable. I took him to the vet about a week ago and he weighed in at a whopping 2.4 pounds. He is so tiny


Answer by Carolina The Bomb
Submitted on 2/6/2007
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there is such thing as a teacup yorkie i have one and i am a dog breeder and i have teacup yorkies although they do get alot of sugar problems and sometimes die.


Answer by Miracle Yorkies
Submitted on 3/9/2007
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In 2003, I answered this question. It is now 2007 and I am perhaps a bit more educated in the breed. Pure bred yorkies over 7 lbs DO exist. The breed standard is 7 lbs and under, but many many people have full blooded yorkies in the 7 to 10 lbs range. Over 10 lbs is rarer, and possibly questionable as far as their bloodlines go.


Answer by misha
Submitted on 3/19/2007
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hi everyone could you give me some advice my dad is buying me a yorkshire terrier but i dont know how big they are at 8 weeks old could you please tell me


Answer by Susan Bonser
Submitted on 4/5/2007
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There are such things as Toy Yorkies look all over the Internet they are classified as toys I bought two from a breeder close to us and I kept the small one and gave the bigger one to my in-laws the bigger one is not a lot taller but weighs exactly twice as much as mine and they are sisters from the same litter these people only breed toy Yorkies at 8 weeks old my baby weighs 1lb 6 oz and her sis born at the same time weighs 3 lbs 2 ozs and they are both only going to double in size at least that is what I am told


Answer by Nata
Submitted on 4/10/2007
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okay im getting a yorkie in a few months and i really wanna kno how tall they grow i kno they stay tall but i want a tiny one but at wat weight should i get it so it wnt get sick or have any birth affects i wnt a healthy yorkie so wat weight is best??\
~nata~ whiteplains


Answer by Crystal
Submitted on 4/11/2007
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Toy Group

The diminutive size and winsome expressions of Toy dogs illustrate the main function of this Group: to embody sheer delight. Don't let their tiny stature fool you, though - - many Toys are tough as nails. If you haven't yet experienced the barking of an angry Chihuahua, for example, well, just wait. Toy dogs will always be popular with city dwellers and people without much living space. They make ideal apartment dogs and terrific lap warmers on nippy nights. (Incidentally, small breeds may be found in every Group, not just the Toy Group. We advise everyone to seriously consider getting a small breed, when appropriate, if for no other reason than to minimize some of the problems inherent in canines such as shedding, creating messes and cost of care. And training aside, it's still easier to control a ten-pound dog than it is one ten times that size.)

There is a such thing as a toy group and Yorkshire terriers are in there as well as in other groups. Remember AKC? Ok people look it up!


Answer by em
Submitted on 6/28/2007
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my yorkie is 20 pounds and is pure breed an di love him for who he is


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