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I just recapped a Stromberg Carlson 1101 (tube compliment ...

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Question by Heptode
Submitted on 11/16/2003
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I just recapped a Stromberg Carlson 1101  (tube compliment  35L6GT  --35Z5--12Q7--12SK7-- 12SK7--  12SA7--)

After replacing just the Electrolytics ..I tested the radio...and the sound was full--rich...huge---loud, the dial was very sensitive.The radio pick up everything and then some.I left the set that way for a few months.

Two of the original non electrolyitics (paper) wax caps of the three that I left were getting gooey..(on a recent inspection) so I went ahead and replaced all the rest.

After, the recapp...(using a vericac) the tubes lit ...(and pilot light) but no  stations would come in) So I re--tubed it.

That helped, now it works but! the volume is too low (sound is fine) but  the radio is not anywhere near as sensitive as it was.It will pick up local strong stations fine..but the volume has to be up quite high.

I did a test of the signal by placing my hand near the loop antenna...and the sound got louder...I've read that that could mean that the radio needs an alignment. Is it true that if the caps and tubes are replaced that the alignment is affected??

(I didn't change the mica caps) Can you advise as to where I should look??

The radio has a transformer...it was fine before.  


Answer by Kevin
Submitted on 6/23/2004
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Make sure you installed the replacement wax capacitors correctly, particularly those in the rf and if sections of the receiver. Check your soldering. Usually the value of the wax capacitors isn't very critical and their replacement shouldn't throw off the alignment. Only the mica caps are critical. Tube replacement(rf, converter and if) might affect alignment. Check NostalgiaAir.org to get a schematic diagram and alignment instructions.


Answer by Bigham
Submitted on 12/5/2004
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Oh my e mail is jbigham2@kc.rr.com for the schematic or info on re-doing this set.


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