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Where do parents fit in? My son is straight-edge (which is...

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Question by tbabyt
Submitted on 11/16/2003
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Where do parents fit in? My son is straight-edge (which is great). I've had problems with drugs in the past which he is well aware of. I've asked if I can go to a concert with him but I can tell he doesn't want to take me. Any suggestions?

Answer by sXeforlife
Submitted on 12/20/2003
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I wouldn't want my mom to tag along to my shows either. That's his scene. It's kind of like asking if you can hang out with him and his friends; it just feels introsive to us.


Answer by jesXsie sXe
Submitted on 1/4/2004
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i told my mom i was sXe and she was proud. but i wouldnt want my mom coming around with me. thats still annoying nomatter who you are


Answer by David
Submitted on 1/19/2004
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That has nothing to do with being sXe at all; that's just being a kid/teen/whatever.


Answer by xHobbitx
Submitted on 1/25/2004
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Speaking as a teenager myself (I'm 17)I wouldn't want my mother to go to a show with me.It's great that you're proud of your son and want to be involved in his life,though.I told my family I'm edge and a couple months later the forgot.


Answer by dadcomment
Submitted on 3/6/2004
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My wife is the type that would try to include herself in the kids activities at all points. Sometimes you just have to trust, with an alert and watchful eye. Being overbearing can cause the exact opposite of what you want. It's a tightrope that must be walked. I was a hardcore rock musician that hung with the likes of the Sex Pistols, The Dead Boys, etc. I'm now a businessman with a family. I'm still a rebel. I push for fair business. The dollar does not rule me. That's what I got from punk. My parents trusted me. I turned out OK. If they had hovered, I might have been more of a rebel and gone the wrong route. Install good ideals and let them run free and grow. If they know you are there for them, they will come when they need you.


Answer by Noah
Submitted on 3/7/2004
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Being 16 i think that it might be kinda weird to have my parents with me at a show, i would actually love to take them, and expose them to what i love. but some people itd just be weird for them i guess. im just weird.


Answer by Jay
Submitted on 4/6/2004
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It's important for parents to know what their kids are up to and what they are getting into.
I agree that not wanting your parents around has nothing to do with being straight edge...  It's just being a teenager.  It's your responsibility as a loving parent however to at be involved in your kids life cause I'm not going to lie, being straight edge does NOT make you an angel.
A kid could run with the wrong crowd regardless of weather they are straight edge or not.
Straight edge is very positive and most of the kids that follow straight edge would probably agree.
I know that I love it when my parents come see my band play.


Answer by xunscruzx
Submitted on 10/4/2004
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what you would probably want to do is just to go to a show he wil not be just to see what everything is about and waht goes on



Answer by Graham
Submitted on 10/12/2004
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Hi My names Graham and I'm a xhcx M0Sha from Wales/Birkenhead. StRaIgHt EdGe is T3h r0x0r



Answer by XcarolineX
Submitted on 10/12/2004
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My dad wants to know about hardcore (im 21 he's 65) He asked if he could come to a show the other day. I think its great that (finally) he wants to take an interest in my life, but i know i would feel uncomfortable about him being there, and i know he wouldnt like it and wouldnt understand the concept of a hardcore show (ie the dancing etc).

Not wanting your parents tagging along is utterly normal. Nothing to do with the edge.


Answer by Christopher
Submitted on 8/8/2005
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the cheese my be brown but it really depends on what flavor you want. I eat chickens all the time and it doesn't seem to make me feel as queezy as most.


Answer by Scottie Edge
Submitted on 4/27/2006
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Your son is straight edge and that's great. You support him and stuff and are down with him going to shows and that's even better. But for me, I wouldn't want my parents to go to a show with me unless they were supporting my band or something. Just reinforcing the point here in saying that you wouldn't go to the movies with him and his friends and a show would be the same kind of thing. Just make sure no matter what you do, never pressure him into drinking or whatever. I used to get that a lot from my entire family. They would pour me a glass of wine to celebrate some obscure occassion and I took it as an insult and after the fifth time, I packed my bags and moved out. I just hope you know that claiming edge is something you take to the grave. If you're edge you will never ever drink, smoke, do drugs, or have promiscuous sex. You can't just say "oh, I'm edge until I'm 21" because that's just abiding by the law. I went off on a tangent. To sum it up: if you want to see what shows are like, just ask him to video tape the next one he goes to or have him show you a video on the internet. There are websites that have videos of shows.


Answer by sXe kyle
Submitted on 7/13/2007
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my mom went with me to my first show and it was embarrassing but now she doesn't tag along.
think of it as if you were a kid and you were going to a party, you wouldn't want your mom to come with you, would you?
its the same situation


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