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Question by RABBIT
Submitted on 11/15/2003
Related FAQ: rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
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Answer by Keebler
Submitted on 11/27/2003
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I was once a scratcher myself; assuming you are using a new needle "every time",sewing needles,or straight pins can be sharpened by folding a piece of very fine sand paper in half and running the needles through it. if it is a guitar string it shouldn't need to be sharpened, but you can use this same method.


Answer by bman
Submitted on 1/21/2004
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you idiot!!! You must be the cheapest bastard in the world. If youve taken the time to get on the net and ask stupid questions ,why dont you spend the time to find out some suppliers and learn how to make needles or buy some. I m sure the friends you are demolishing will appreciate the tiny amount of effort. To anyone else out there...this is exactly the sort of person that give tattooing a bad name..Its people like this that spreads infection and disease and KILLS people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by D-Man
Submitted on 2/10/2004
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I sort of agree with bman, it is important to take care of your equipment and your customers.  What does this mean?  If you need to sharpen needles, then you've probably done enough work to get a professional setup, and I'd suggest looking into that.

But also, bman, calm it down... homemade is the way a lot of us got our start but it should only be a stepping stone to the professional world.



Answer by Trudel
Submitted on 2/13/2004
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continue man you'll found!!


Answer by doubleJalltatedup
Submitted on 3/31/2004
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just be carefull bro don`t be spread`n stuff around.....u should look into your own place man


Answer by steven
Submitted on 4/10/2004
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scratching is the way most of us start out,butif your having to sharpen needles then your using bad needles.if your a scratcher in which you probly are try ordering from superior tattoo


Answer by Jay-Tru
Submitted on 6/21/2004
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Dude personally, i think home made machines are the way to go for a beginner, i myself have about 8 tats that i did on just a home made machine when i first started tatting, i used to use a sand stone and the same needle only to find that i had spread no diseases, but i could have had i not been careful, my needle was constantly being sterilized. but with years or experience i see now how dangerously close i came to harming people and it is things like this that make tattooing illegal in some states.

KoRn kicks ass


Answer by RetardEd
Submitted on 6/28/2004
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i personally disagree about homemade tattoos mainly cause of all the bloodborn
diseases you can catch from and give to people.At the same time I started at my house but with a professional set up. do them the right way and by a rig with disposable tubes and needles.


Answer by skin jab tattoos
Submitted on 8/8/2004
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go to www.skinjabtattoos.tk


Answer by tatpro
Submitted on 9/14/2004
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you all are idiots use just an old rusty needle.  stds f.ing rule


Answer by Krazieonexatl
Submitted on 9/16/2004
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Answer by nick
Submitted on 11/19/2004
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Why are you sharpening needles??????
Im a tattooist and would never dream of using thre same needles twice once its been used dispose of it you retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by rat666
Submitted on 12/15/2004
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Is having a professional machine illegal?


Answer by Lobo
Submitted on 2/12/2005
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I can't believe I am reading this.........


Answer by LIL CAPONE
Submitted on 3/13/2005
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I made a tattoo machine but I dont know how to use it if any of you know how e-mail me at skeem87yms@aol.com


Answer by r-son
Submitted on 3/26/2005
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well i think that there is notthing wrong with home made tattoos i do them myself but i use a sharping stone that has a cress in the middle of it.It is really made for sharping fish hooks so that is great for the points of the needles after that you sterilize becuz of all the stuff from the sharping stone and a disposable tube is good but if you dont have one you can soak the tube in what ever you use to sterilize


Answer by el licenciado
Submitted on 6/10/2005
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estas pendejo o que chingados te pasa a ti pendejo compra un pinche neddle nuevo pendejo baboso estupido!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by gjd
Submitted on 7/6/2005
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if your starting out or not i don't think anyone should be scratching tattoos on to them self thats when u get diseases!!!!!!!!!


Answer by LIL' Drank
Submitted on 7/14/2005
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Before giving a homemade tattoo, is it safe to draw what your going to tattoo on the skin? like an outline?


Answer by bagaspuds
Submitted on 9/6/2005
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listen up im scratching from my home here in england and i use new needles everytime they are so very cheap to get ready made needles in packs of 50 a time so stop being so tight and put your hand in your pocket.AND BE VERY CLEAN


Answer by Bad ASS
Submitted on 10/23/2005
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hey guys i want to make a home-made tat machine please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by sagi
Submitted on 10/30/2005
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id like to make a tat gun,,, but i dont know how any tips


Answer by gray boy
Submitted on 11/8/2005
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i want to start tatting but how far should the needle be going in to the skin i herd it was a millimeter


Answer by Mustang
Submitted on 11/19/2005
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Most of us started out using a homemade machine. I started with a basic motor machine then went on to build a machine the way professinal machines are made. When i did my first tattoo i had many people asking for me to give them one but i refused every offer due to the dangers. I always used a new needle but that just wasnt enough, i didnt want to get anyone sick. If you are going to give others tattoos, be careful, would you want to get sick if someone gave you a homemade tattoo?


Answer by ocampo
Submitted on 12/8/2005
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hola  to do biem


Answer by Dredge
Submitted on 1/23/2006
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dudes!!! i tattooed my self with a homemade tattoo machine and i didn't got any diseases or what we call an infection.. its the way on how you sterilize them (needles,and other accessories)and dude your so stupid if you didn't sterilized those thing before you ink your skin...


Answer by kc
Submitted on 2/3/2006
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im a 14 yrs old girl and i am dying to have a tattoo plz aomeone tell me how to make a tat gun  


Answer by derek
Submitted on 4/18/2006
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i dont know much about tattooing but what i do know is that you dont sharpen needles you go out and buy new ones...im planning on getting a tattoo... so who ever is getting a tattoo from you the might as well go shoot there self then be put through the pain your giving them in the long run...im only 17 and i know more about tattoos than you...


Answer by breandy
Submitted on 4/21/2006
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ok, thats all good...I've made a gun out of a electric toothbrush, and i'musing the 2nd smallest guitar string but its not even really piercing my skin...do i just drag the needle across my skin or lift it up and re puncture it continuously?  Also, with professional tattoos you don't see puncture marks when its done, but with homemade, it you do? Should i be? I'm confused on how to do it...Also, i wont' be sharing my needle so i'vesterilized it and i'musing India ink, if i keep it clean what are the chances of infection?


Answer by d-jay
Submitted on 5/22/2006
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its all strait but just buy more


Answer by TTboy
Submitted on 7/15/2006
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Im not mad about the idea of homemade stuff. Im an artist, who has in the past done some tattoos, under proffessional supervision. So everything was sterilized and set up before I got my hands on the machine. But I realised that Paranoia is a big factor on being a new artist. Meaning that you should be sterile and clean to almost madness!!! Not a bad way to be.

By the by, has anyone any foolproof ways of setting up needle depths?? For lining and shading.....? Any recommendations would be good, so I dont keep adding the black dots to my leg!!!



Answer by qs1
Submitted on 7/17/2006
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i just built a machine for just myself les than 5 minutes ago, what kinda ink do i use?  i took apart a rechargable electric shaver for the battery but it turns out its just a "AA" recharger and battery together so i made a machine. anyone seen the parrot foot for captain morgan parrot bay rum... i tatooed that on my right ankle with india ink. ( i hope that it is the right kind.)... i was gonna get it done by a pro. but he would charged me $30 . i said  no and i am happy with my homemade self made tatoo


Answer by newtater
Submitted on 8/18/2006
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hey wat do u ppl think about tattooing ur self and ur friends and also useng new tubes and needles every time im just startin this and i need a few tips oh and is there any wat to rig up a home made gun with multiple needles and can u sterilize needles useng a lighter thanx


Answer by locote123
Submitted on 9/2/2006
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i did a home tattoo with a sowing needle and black pen ink just a lil star iv had it for 2 years and its fine never got infected but it faded a lil


Answer by mtflesh
Submitted on 9/6/2006
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This is ridiculous.  It isn't difficult to get a proper set-up these days.  If it's a money thing, save up for a while... there will be that many less butchered-ass, society-rejected, bad-rep giving hack jobs on your close friends.  Unless you feel good about disfiguring your buds for life.  Then by all means...


Answer by zombie13
Submitted on 2/11/2007
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i agree with all your comments i just started doing tatts and i have a homemade gun thats runs off of usb from computer but any ways about new needles and tubes i agree if you have a home made gun and you are shooting on other people make sure to use new needles and you can always get different tubes buying cheapo packs of bic pens work to switch tubes thats what i do plus surgical gloves alcohol and have you. to keep things safe.


Answer by dre
Submitted on 5/4/2007
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sandpaper wheel


Answer by wickedink
Submitted on 5/28/2007
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huck said it best do it right the first time
if you want to get into the tattoo business
go to your local tattoo shop and ask for a apprentice ship if you have no luck buy the huck spalding  book from a to z this book this book is full of information to help you get started but will also educate you as well.
as far as homemade yeh that is how alot of us got started but ther is very affordable equipment on the market now . and never use a needle twice trash it they only cost pennies (kingpin tattoo) great quality  and good prices) oh and the biggest secret to becoming a great tattoo artist is draw draw draw paint color read study flash  practice on grapefruit fake skin your dog  your self then when you think your good enough to tattoo someone repete this all over again. goodluck.


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