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Question by awie
Submitted on 11/11/2003
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what is the difference between construction project manager and software project manager?
can construction project manager continue her/his role in software company as software project manager?

Answer by Ahme Hamdy
Submitted on 12/30/2003
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Dear Awie, Thank you for your question. You are talking about to different application areas.But the roles and duties of the project manager is the same.
Project management in Construction mainly is dealing with a type of projects as constructing residential towers, hotels, infra structure projects, and so on. also there is a different areas in the construction industry. They use heave equipment, huge number of manpower, according to the project size, materials.
Software projects is related to develop a software solutions: computer programs that make our duties more easy.
These are two different application areas of project management. The project manger is still, in any are, responsible for achieving the project goal, within the time limits, using the available resources and budget, with the accepted quality, what ever the project was.

Ahmed Hamdy, PMP


Answer by mulikrahul
Submitted on 7/23/2005
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We can not compair the roles & capabilities of employees working in two entirely different project environments. In software field the manager deals with and manages the project with the environment limited to the TECHNOLOGY, whereas the construction manager has to manage an OPEN SYSTEM project environment which includes TECHNOLOGY as a ONE OF THE parameter.
Project manager shall necessarily be a TEAM MEMBER in lead, and no body can a project environment without having hands on exposure to the core technology base of that project. that is the reason why construction manger can not continue with as a software project manager.
But if training is given............. then he/she can, surely. Efficient than the software person, due to presence of multidimensional analising skills with working APTITUDE, what a software professional needs.


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