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I have an 8 yr.old male shih tzu. My sister got him when he...

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Question by deejay307
Submitted on 11/5/2003
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I have an 8 yr.old male shih tzu. My sister got him when he was just a pup, and was never trained properly. Anyway he was given to my husband and I, and the problem I'm having is he urinates everywhere in the house, on my carpets which are a mess and kitchen and bathroom areas, We take him out for long walks and I let him out on the porch frequently, but he will come back into the house and urinate wherever. It's hard to train him properly because I'd have to constantly keep an eye on him. And also when he urinates he does so in a weird way. When he goes out he urinates a very little bit many times, when I let him out on the porch, he does the same thing, he'll go back to the same spot and pee 3 or 4 times, before I let him back in and then comes in and does it again in my house. Help Please, I love him so much, but can't stand this problem anymore.

Answer by Kel
Submitted on 11/6/2003
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First off has he been checked by a vet for any physical problems.  If so and there are not problems there here are some other thoughts.

If he was never trained properly to begin with he is used to going were ever and when ever he wants.  At 8 years old he still has a few good years in him so start as if he were a puppy.  First get a crate!!!  This always seems cruel if you have not used one but it is not.  Take him out to the same place where you want him to go.  If he goes praise him to no end and let him out in the house.  If he doesn't, don't say anything and put him in the crate for a few minutes and take him out again as above.  Shih Tzu want to be with you and although they can be a bit stubborn they usually pick up on this pretty quick. It's a bit time consuming at first, but worth the effort.  Also, elsewhere in this sight there was a similar question and someone else added to my suggestion by saying that if they do #2 in the house don't say anything, take it and the dog out to where you want him to go set it and the dog down and praise him as if he went outside.


Answer by Jen
Submitted on 12/20/2003
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Also, the best thing to get the smell out is NATURES MIRACLE.  You can find it at your local pet supply store.  It has enzymes in it that break down the smelly compounds in biological material.  If your dog doesn't smell the urine in the house, he's less likely to remark.  It is essential for training purposes.


Answer by Kel
Submitted on 12/23/2003
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To Jen:

Thanks for the tip.


Answer by Nicks
Submitted on 12/8/2005
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I unfortunatley do not have an ANSWER, but the only reason i'm doing this is because my poor dog has these terrible habits. He is a three year old shih tzu, but he is not neutered and he is sort of aggressive. I don't plan on getting him neutered, but i was wondering if it might be necassary. He was also trained to stay in one room of the house for long periods of time, including when the family is home. He tends to take a #1 and 2 EVERYWHERE. Against photoalbums, behind couches, and against counters chairs and tables. When i say he is aggressive, i mean that he KNOWS who he likes. Hes already tried to bite two of my friends, and he has this very scary growl. He is normally not like this around me, but around others he gets extremley aggressive, or if he likes the person, over excited. He has this POSITIVLY sickening smell coming from his face and body, but even after i've bathed him, he starts to smell an hour later. I heard at my workplace that Shih Tzu's have a smell gland that can be drained and isn't pricey, but i'd like to know more about this. Can you help my poor Chico?  


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