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What advantages and disadvantages are associated with the...

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Question by Judy
Submitted on 11/4/2003
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What advantages and disadvantages are associated with the use of client/service computing?

Answer by Raj
Submitted on 9/17/2006
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Client-server is network architecture which separates the client (often an application that uses a graphical user interface) from the server. Each instance of the client software can send requests to a server or application server. There are many different types of servers; some examples include: a file server, terminal server, or mail server. While their purpose varies somewhat, the basic architecture remains the same. The advantages and disadvantages of this systems are as follows:-

Advantages :
   Reduction of responsibilities and cost overhead at center
   Better local cost control of operations  and development
   Faster response time to requests for processing
   Greater access to corporate data and knowledge otherwise maintained in a highly protected and centralized data structure
   Enable distribution of processing from centralized to desktop computing
   Offers cooperative processing between individuals and group departments across organizational  boundaries, geographies and time zones
   Rewriting systems for the client server system is often  an opportunity to purge obsolete software from  the application portfolio and to consolidate,  integrate and make the system more efficient
   Offers more friendly interfaces for end users especially knowledge workers and customers.
   Greater involvement of end users in IT implementation

Disadvantages :
There are some disadvantages of client server system.  Some problems exist, which are associated with downsizing and the need for greater coordination and cooperation among the end users of the system.  There is the problem of resistance, which must be expected of all the new technological changes. Training may be considered as technological obstacle.
End users have to be trained not only on using the client and knowing the functions of the server, but end users need to be educated about networking and trained in navigating across LAN and perhaps across the internet. Other  technological obstacles are the lack of tools of development and products of the client server system, the lack of methodologies for development of client server system, lack of available standards relating to the equipment and operations of such systems.  These and other disadvantages of client server system are as follows :

1.   Lack of personnel skill in the client server system and in networking
2.   Resistance to change and new technology
3.   Risks of downsizing
4.   Costs of conversion
5.   Need for greater coordination and control of more end users.

1.   Need for LAN/ WAN infrastructure
2.   Lack of skills  and equipment resources
3.   Lack of methodology/ experience in planning for a client server system
4.   Lack of client server products and tools of development
5.   Lack of client server applications
6.    Lack of national and international standards for the client server paradigm.


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