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why is there religion?? i have asked people this question...

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Question by burn2007
Submitted on 11/2/2003
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why is there religion??

i have asked people this question and they give me the same reason. they say that it is here to answer our unknown question about life. and that does seem like a logical answer. but the question is why a "god".....why not a monkey that evolved into us...progress in evolution is good.. why do we deny deny that evolution does not happen. that is why we are here....dont you think??
if we are not here for evolution and progress then why r we here. r we here because a "god" says that we are here because he made us and loves us. and if he did make us then did we evolve or just appear as as the human race. can someone tell me what they think...

Answer by terrifalcon
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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The answer is because mankind cannot stay within the acceptable limits of what God will allow.  Therefore, mankind had to "change" or traditionalize Gods' laws, and then Gods' laws, became religion based on a particular group of mens' ideas of what is right and wrong.


Answer by Mandi
Submitted on 4/23/2004
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hi my name is Mandi i too am wondering why we have different religions? why have different religions if all ppl are the same?


Answer by pk
Submitted on 8/23/2004
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we need a pyscological comfort that ultimate powers rest in the hands
of someone unearthly. human society is always perplexed over the
outcome of the results of his doings. sometimes the outcome is good rest times its
to ease off its mind filled with worries he looks for a place where he can
stack all his problems with a belief that the supernatural will
take care of it.
slowly with the advancement of technology more and more of his problems solution can be found by himself
and therefore his faith started diminishing.but until he dosent finds a solution to all his problems his
association with the almighty wont dissappear.


Answer by LovCom
Submitted on 9/8/2004
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The reason we have religion on earth is because we are afraid to die, to meet death, and we cannot accept the fact the notion that death is death forever.


Answer by Poopy Face 233
Submitted on 2/16/2005
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You need a religion because God created you to worship Him. Its sad enough 67% of people don't worship God.


Answer by Us
Submitted on 4/26/2005
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My thoughts are religion was created by us (humans). Long ago we made rules (religion) to set what was wright and what was wrong to have order in our lifes and everyone around us. We included "GOD" because it is an unknown and brought fear to anyone who defied the rules SAID to be set by it. Over time that religion was question because it did not fit into our lifestyle (marrige,land,culture). Over centuries we have so many other religions because we as humans continue to evolve and these religions do not fit our way of living. ANY original relegion following is not followed today because we have evolved (ie.stone throwing). Lets not forget, the first war in our human exsistance was fused by religion and continues to happen today.  


Answer by Alex
Submitted on 6/20/2005
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exactly i agree w/Mandi i mean if we there really was a god wouldn't there just be one single relegion...otherwise everyone would go to hell according to everybody's religions


Answer by SyCo
Submitted on 11/1/2005
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Thers is no good we live in a big bang universe (A cosmic radiation explsoin approx 14 billion years ago)The first of our race came from the water and evovled in to intelegent life forms. people saying 'god'being the creator of space time and the world we live in today is becuae they think there life has no meaning with out a god but for god to have created the world then god mus not exist him self because him being the start of life god does not fit in the link becuse some thing must of started his life therefore there is no god. religons are like clubs (clans) chistians symbol is a cross judaism is a star islam some wierd lines mixed around. we all have diffrent belifs but how can there be a god in chistian eyes and all the other religons religons are here to keep people civalized with out it everyone will go mad and kill each other. but logicly religon doesnt exist it is jus man made jus like a dvd player u hold the bible the torah the karan out side the earth it doesnt mean any thing u can level it to the meaning of trowing a packet of crips in the bin all it is is jus history on earth what people claim to belive in but all it is is myth.jesus did exist and the virgin birth was no virgin birth (even having no proff i still no this) jesus was just a mormal man probaly a bit mad he started the chistian religoin therefore religon is man made i hope ive helped u anwser your question there is more to tell but typing is too long safe SyCo


Answer by jnplver
Submitted on 12/1/2005
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hey  to answer this i think   that haveing faith is good it always has been but u see people who made the religions kinda got a devine idea and turned it into belifes,i think it is easyer to change ideas cuse as some people see it some belifes are not neciceraly right in thier mind and they die just trying to give thier input why.another thing i think that people should not be scared into beliveing as we have been for so many years. wut i mean by this is like that like the  people have made it that so god is an overwaching parent who is ready to put you in the corner of damnation if you missbehave. well yeah thats just a slight insight on my view of religion


Answer by hi
Submitted on 12/4/2005
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i think religion exists so people have a say in what they think and people have something to believe in.,etc.


Answer by 4ndy
Submitted on 12/11/2005
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To answer your question: Why is there religion, i think there are a couple of points that should be looked at.  For this example, I have used Christianity.  Not because that is my faith, but just for sake of example.

1. Heaven and Hell

If you're good you go to heaven, if you're bad you go to hell. A list of what was good and bad was 'created' for want of a better word. This would essentially keep people in line. If the idea that if they did bad, they would end up in eternal damnation was ingrained in them, they would strive to be better people.

2. Death is just the beginning of something new

Given the option that you die and thats all there is and it's over, vs. you die and if you've been good you get to go to heaven and be surrounded by all the good things you ever wanted, and you can see why people might sway toward liking the latter. This doesn't of course make it true, however it makes it an 'easier thought to live with'.

Now, there are many different types of religion. So why do people choose one 'God' compared to another? Mainly because that is what they are taught in schools, or told by friends and family. If you go to a Catholic school, you will be taught how to be a good Catholic.  Likewise if you go to a Muslim school, you will taught how to be a good Muslim.

After being taught from age 3 that your religion is the correct one, and there are lots more, however these are just other peoples beliefs, it is easy to keep believing what you are told rather than undo everything you have been taught and then start thinking or believing something else.

This is obviously just my personal opinion on the matter. I'm sure other people will have completely different views. I don't believe in God, Heaven or Hell or any of that. I figure that it was all created by some random people years ago, and that it was put in place to get people to do what they are told. 'God says that it is good to do this and bad to do that' stands up a lot more than 'I don't like you doing that, so do it this way instead'.

If no-one believed in God, any type of God, there would be no holy wars. There would be no religious differences. Would that be a good thing?  You tell me.

Just my 2c worth.


Answer by dlamster
Submitted on 1/16/2006
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I believe religions were created out the fear that man have about the after life. We all like to believe that we (our souls) will live on forever. If you looked at all the world religions, it almost always promise an after life. Believing there is an after life give people hope, whether they're rich or poor. Well, that's what I believe, tell me what you think.


Answer by burt
Submitted on 3/26/2006
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I believe people need a religion to have a secure thought about why they are here and that there is something afterlife.
Though not all people do religions because of this. The can be born into it or pressured and many others. Over in the middle East and in the past different leaders of different religions would threat a person with a gun to their head and pressure them into believing what they believe. What kind of religion is that. Kill a person if they don't believe, but Lord says he forgives everyone whether they believe him or not


Answer by TEN10X
Submitted on 3/28/2006
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There are a lot of questions out there about the origins of life and why. But a good portion of these questions are unanswerable. Sure scientists and such have theories, but are unsure as to why it all happened. Religion touches base with karma, but are different ways of thinking. Different religions accompany the customs of a certain culture. We use religion to temporarily fill in the gaps of life, and to create answers for these ominous questions. Many people also use religion to give their lives a reputable meaning. Otherwise you would keep on asking: “why am I here?”. In fact there are a lot of reasons. Mine are inconsequential to others. They all can’t answer the question of life. And that is why, in my opinion, we have religion.


Answer by Zach
Submitted on 9/23/2006
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We have religion because of the bible, 'god' created the bible, lost the bible then mohhamod found the bible


Answer by yeah my name is obsolete
Submitted on 9/27/2006
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we didn't evolve from monkeys we evoled from something more than that of you do not believe in a god make alll this that we see and breath.....
lets get deeper into this think really hard how do you know that your looking at your computer right know??????????

or that your seeing all this explan that.......

before you go on ranting and carrying on about monkeys and if theres a god or not...

we coul not be human beings but only in our mins being fed everythin we see today since we were born.....
makes us believe what we are seein g and thats the truth amongst it all.

or we could be dead already and were living are last moments of brain activity.
and seeing everything into the fututure but for us it's real time..
and that can explain why we go to sleep and see things before they happen ,
or deja vu.
theres many possibility's out there......
but what i want to know is why people fight for religion??
it's just stupid....
if there is a god would he be stoked that people are kiling for him.
ad it realy doesn't matter any way because in the end your either going to be greatly dissapointed because there is nothing or maybe you'll be happy cause what you believed  was true....
but there is only going to be one thing one being when we die if there is....
thats all i have to say....


Answer by Jinnah1947
Submitted on 11/30/2006
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The answer to the long missing answer, "is there really a religion" is yes. There must be a god that created this world. Why? I will answer that. Why are living things born on earth, rather than the other planets? Why is the grass green, the sky blue and the bark from trees brown, where they all look best? Why is our nose where we could smell best? There are two solutions, either it all happened randomly, which is a chance in a million or, or god made it? The big bang might have happened, but it did not occur randomly. A cake cannot be made without a chef to cook it, the big bang and the creation of earth can't possibly have happened unless god made it? It is all logical. One might say, "if there really is a god, than why are there so many injustices and natural disasters in the world". The answer is "God wants to see how mankind deals with these types of things". It is to see how patient man is. Think of it as, life is a test. There is a Chance in a million that there is no religion, so there is a religion.


Answer by Skeptic
Submitted on 12/11/2006
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Religion began because man has an underlying need to know how things work. Religions continue to thrive because, to survive they have had to include methods of self preservation, indoctrination of children is the primary defense against reason, but fear has also been used by most religions as well (all but Buddhism). ("Hell", a pretty scary thought isn't it.) For those whom are angry about this comment; think about it, would you believe if, as a young adult you were presented with the evidence (as an example) for evolution and creation theory. I present to you the evidence for each; hundreds of fossils vs. a well written best selling novel, respectively. So to answer your question in a very roundabout fashion. Religion survives because it has evolved the mechanisms to pass itself on to the next generation of people (much like a virus). It uses fear to indoctrinate, and preys upon those who are not able to make a logical decision by themselves.


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