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My dog has had three seizures and he is six years old. Are...

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Question by Mel
Submitted on 11/2/2003
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My dog has had three seizures and he is six years old. Are chihuahuas proned to seizures?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 11/3/2003
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Not usually, unless they have a condition called Hydrocephalus (water on the brain).  Since your dog is 6 years old, this is unlikely, dogs with this disorder don't usually live that long.

I suggest taking your dog to the vet.


Answer by Willa
Submitted on 11/4/2003
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I was just grieving the loss of my dog Christopher. He just started having seizures at age eight. He would have them about once a year. He developed Multiple Schlerosis and we were force to say goodbye way too early. The vet can percribed phenobarbital to try to stop the siezures. I strongly suggest you take your pet to the vet. We did not realise the damage the seizures were causing until it was too late.


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 11/4/2003
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I am So Sorry you lost your beloved Christopher before his time, please accept my condolences and my thanks for not extending his life past the point where he was enjoying it.  I am so afraid that when the time comes that I will not have the strength to help my babies die while they are still living, rather than keep them alive when they're dying.

Thank you for adding your experience to the board, I hope Mel takes your advice and gets to the vet before serious damage is done.


Answer by Willa
Submitted on 11/4/2003
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Thank you for your kind words Chimama. Your words and thoughts do help. Christopher would have been 12 years old this Christmas.He was a stray. He found us, we didn't find him. Honestly my twin brother came in and said there is a puppy on our doorsteps. It was Christmas morning and I said someoe left us a Christmas present. Hence the name Christopher. I'm no expert but seizures can come when there is a chemical inballence in the body. The body over compensates by forming hard leigons  as it tries to regulate itself. The legions appear in various parts of the brain and along the spine. We thought he was walking funny cause he was getting old. By the time we took him to the vet there was nothing she could do to help him. Our animals bring us joy and unconditional love and it's their happiness that matters not how sad we will be. If anyone truely loves their pet please don't let them suffer. Let God bring them home to Heaven. I'm happy becouse he is a puppy again and free from pain. Thank you for letting me express my feelings. Take care.someoeinballenceleigonstruelybecouse


Answer by Dee
Submitted on 11/30/2003
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I have three Chihuahuas.I got my first one about 13 years ago, my second one a year later, and the third one about 2 years ago, he was found and the person who found him was going to take him to the pound. My second dog got sick about 2 years ago. I took him to about 7 vets, about $10,000 later before he was diagnosed with auto immune definiciency and degenerate joint disease. He is on medication and is living an almost normal life.


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 12/2/2003
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Many people would say you are crazy to spend so much money on a dog.  I am not one of them.  To many of us, our dogs are as important to us as human children, and no one would say anything about a person who spent $10,000 to find out what is wrong with their child.

Thank you for taking in a rescue dog, and for taking such wonderful care of all your animals, it's people like you that make me glad I joined this board.


Answer by nina's mom jen
Submitted on 1/20/2004
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Hi,I have 3 adult chi's and 5 babies. My adult female "Nina" has had 4 seizures. My other 2 adults have never had one. Nina is more fragile and petite than the other two. It generally happens when she becomes hungry. Its a form of hypoglycemia, when her blood sugar runs amuck. What we found works best for her is to pinch a small piece of lunch meat or cheese, as to get her mind off of it and even out her system. Chihuahuas have such a high and fast metabolism, that they need to have food and water constantly in front of them.That snaps her out of it.I know it sounds crazy, but the vet totally agrees. There is nothing they can do for her when this happens, just let it run its course! The condition, we  believe  is genetic. This is simply my personal theory, I have raised Chihuahuas and am a reputable breeder in the Sac. area.I would welcome any comments or suggestions. Thanks for reading and I hope this can help someone with the same problem.  J.Sunday


Answer by aj
Submitted on 1/24/2004
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I have 2-Tabasco who is about 6 and Percy who is about 4. Tabasco has been having seizures for the past few months-he's had about 6 or so and Percy has now started to have them too. I have been wondering if it could be a side effect of the flea control meds they are on. I have researched them and can't find where there has been a problem, I have mentioned it to the vet and they say that we should keep an eye on the boys and hopefully not have to put them on phenobarbitol. I feel all your pain.


Answer by kaos
Submitted on 4/5/2004
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Hi, we got a chihuahua and he was balding...come to find he might have ringworm...good and great its treatable. but then he would become paralyzed and like his head would bob weird and he wouldn't be responsive to anything.  The vet said it was his blood sugar too....he's in the vets right now because he just had one...it's his second so far...and we've only had him three to four weeks. He's an apple-head chihuahua... if anyone has info on them or any advise...its hard seeing him go through that...even when he constantly has food...we've changed his diet because he won't eat...i don't know if he's picky or what but right now he's on Ol' Roy Soft & Moist... he seems to like it.


Answer by Reannon
Submitted on 11/16/2004
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In response to kaos...it sounds like your puppy could have Hydrocephalus.  (cerebral fluid on the brain)  There is not a lot the vet can do for a puppy that is acting that way so fast.  Steroids is an option but long term does cause liver damage and a shunt is another option but very very expensive and the success rate is not high.  


Answer by Daniel Shaw, (216) 226-4026 lakewood ohio, 44107.
Submitted on 12/16/2004
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three years ago on this tragic day my dog and i had tandem seizures, leaving us both hospitalized for an exorbitant amount of time.


Answer by Kim
Submitted on 3/9/2005
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I have a 3yr old male, Bambam. He had his first seizure 4 days ago and it freaked me out.  Dr says to watch him, and if it happens more often, they'll check him and put him on medicine. I'd die if anything happened to my baby. Its comforting to know I'm not the only one !!


Answer by kiticatkiticat
Submitted on 6/6/2005
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My baby died on friday from a seizure. He would've been 2 years old this month. He was my angel. He never had a seizure before and this one was so violent he had a heart attack and couldn't take it. I miss him like crazy. He was my baby...my best friend.


Answer by sunchi
Submitted on 6/27/2005
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Kaos--My chi has bad allergies. He loses alot of his hair (on his head) b/c of this. This may be completely unrelated, but I wanted to mention it.


Answer by Evelyn
Submitted on 8/29/2005
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My dog is 7 years old and he has been having seizures for almost all his life. The vet gave him medication and its not working, I was wondering if you have any ideas to help him get better. They tested him for worms and other such viruses and they came out negative.


Answer by Nan
Submitted on 10/10/2005
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I am trying to find info on seizures on humans with MS.  It was very interesting to
read about animals having them too.  I only learned about MS Seizures this very day.
What about bi-polar with MS?  Anything on this aspect of the subject?  Thank you.  Nan


Answer by blitz
Submitted on 10/29/2005
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My dog started having seizures at the young age of 2. I tried watching his eating patterns and also the lawn chemicals. He is six now, and doing better.It was only a year ago that i could on the most part control or limit the number of seizures a year.A problem that can affect the dog is the thyroid.All types of dogs have seizures, in my case he's a boxer. I put him on natural dog food, the meds he takes,(which does not change his personality) is Thirozine, Potassium Bromide, and Pheno.Now he only has about 3-4 seizures a year instead of once a month.also write me back if our dog only has them at nite.


Answer by Feli
Submitted on 4/7/2006
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I wish I had an answer, my dog Shelby, who is a 9 year old Corgi, healthy as a whip, has been having a seizure a year for about two years, well, this year he's had two so far. Any idea what could be wrong with him?


Answer by Jess
Submitted on 5/17/2006
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My Dog Watson has seziers 2-3 times a year and he does very strange movment in the muscles. This lasts for about 10-15 or so minutes. I can't hold back my tears to see my dog go through such things.


Answer by debby
Submitted on 6/16/2006
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hi there fellow doggielovers, i am very sad to read all the suffering that you are going through with your pets. my chi is my baby too and yes , he started having seizures about 4 years ago .he is about 8 years old . and i too was told that it is a demi seizure , his tongue does not go back though , what happens is that i see his eyes sort of glazed and he doesn't blink and then kind of stares out and his legs cramp up and get stiff , he loses complete control of his limbs. it lasts a few seconds up to about minute and i console him and then he eventually snaps out of it . He is shooken up for a bit and then he is as if nothing happened . i am really worried about it , but i do not know enough about the effects of phenobarbitol to put him on something that he will be dependent on and then maybe have a negative effect on his body liver etc. . I am into natural medicine, herbs etc. and i am considering putting him on a detox program . because i wonder if his hormones are off , sugar , whatever then his glands are not right and they  are affected by his vital organs . i want to heal him . I tried the food and sugar thing but i see that he gets it even after eating . Before it was once in a while now it is upto 2 times a day. Now has  anyone tried to do anything natural herbs etc. to help your babies ? Also is there any proof that it is genetic because i have been wanting to breed him to keep his babies but i don't know if it passed on? i would really appreciate hearing about any experiences that you have had with these matters . Thanks guys for reaching out . I will keep you posted on natural healing . love debby and pluto


Answer by dollysmom
Submitted on 6/24/2006
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Chihuahuas, like other toy breeds, can also suffer from certain liver disorders that can manifest in seizures.  It's always best to take your pet to a trusted veterinarian.  A liver profile and/or a bile acids test can be run to rule out a primary liver problem as a cause of the seizures.  Most liver problems are treatable.


Answer by dichihuahua
Submitted on 7/17/2006
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I had a chi./dashound mix that lived to almost 23 yrs.old....she lacked about 2 wks. from being 23 though, she had her 1st seizure this age, which i found out that she had a tumor on her brain.....I don't feel that chi's, r prone to seizure's, unless there is an underlying medical condition of some kind......dichihuahua


Answer by CrAlyss4
Submitted on 8/18/2006
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I have a 9mo. old Pom who has had multiple seizures. She just had one this morning as a matter of fact which is why I'm online. I have taken her to the vet and they checked her blood sugar, all was well. They also did numerous blood tests on her and all was good there. The next thing they recommended was a puppy neurologist. Has anyone ever gone that route?


Answer by Jen
Submitted on 10/11/2006
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My dog is a 13.5 year old maltese poodle. Last night she had a seizure while she was eating. It was very violent and she was flopping all over the floor. It lasted less then a minute but her heart was pounding and she was very disoriented for awhile after. This is the first time for this and I have not observed any other behavorial changes. Any thoughts?


Answer by gattalovemich
Submitted on 10/29/2006
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I have a chi. that is 7 years old. he has spells where his legs will stiffin up and he shakes really bad. after the spells he urinates all over him self. Does anyone have any ideal what this might be?


Answer by kendram
Submitted on 11/29/2006
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I don't have an answer but my 9year old border/collie mix had a siezure a month ago and then 2 weeks later and last night she had 3. I don't want to put her down but I don't want her to suffer - the vet will see me tomorow nigh.


Answer by BJ
Submitted on 7/12/2007
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My 11 year old Chi, Buster, has had 2 grand mals that I have witnessed and I suspect several others that I found evidence of such as loose stool and vomit when he was otherwise fine.  The Dr. says it is epilepsy.  He also has an autoimmune disease which affects his front left wrist and elbow and his right rear knee.  Cyclosporin worked for 2 years and 7 months ago it quit and he has had a terrible 6 months before cycling out of the worst of it.  He is now down from 2.5 mg of pred to 1.25 with an occasional half a baby aspirin.  His neurologist is at a loss as he does not respond to any of the other T-cell suppressing drugs.  If anyone out there has any advice, I would appreciate hearing from you.


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