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How can I access 2 variables (declared in the command line...

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Question by llira
Submitted on 7/10/2003
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How can I access 2 variables (declared in the command line using -v) in awk and use them as a pattern to be searched?

  This is the command I'm using:
cat adlog.gen.20030601 | awk -v typ=Skipped -v model=3CE -f param.awk
  And part of my code is:
/'"typ"'/ && /'"model"'/ {
  if (indice==0)


Answer by reynaldo
Submitted on 7/23/2003
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I also had the same problem. I have found this example. My problem is solved, I think yours should be too.

Taken from: The GNU Awk User's Guide

"A better method is to use awk's variable assignment feature (see Assigning Variables on the Command Line) to assign the shell variable's value to an awk variable's value. Then use dynamic regexps to match the pattern (see Using Dynamic Regexps). The following shows how to redo the previous example using this technique:

echo -n "Enter search pattern: "
read pattern
awk -v pat="$pattern" '$0 ~ pat { nmatches++ }
       END { print nmatches, "found" }' /path/to/data

Now, the awk program is just one single-quoted string. The assignment -v pat="$pattern" still requires double quotes, in case there is whitespace in the value of $pattern. The awk variable pat could be named pattern too, but that would be more confusing. Using a variable also provides more flexibility, since the variable can be used anywhere inside the program--for printing, as an array subscript, or for any other use--without requiring the quoting tricks at every point in the program."


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