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My Cairn Terrier is 3 years old. The last 6 months with her...

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Question by Lisa
Submitted on 10/31/2003
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My Cairn Terrier is 3 years old.  The last 6 months with her have been horrible.  She has an odor about her that is nauseating to say the least.  It is not the normal "doggy" smell you have with other dogs.  This is a most obnoxious odor.  We have tried everything.  Lately we've been giving her a bath 2 to 3 times a week and within 24 hours the obnoxious odor returns with a vengence.  Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Answer by Tom
Submitted on 2/18/2004
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Have you seen a vet?  Our 9-year-old male  had an unbelievable odor that increased over a 3-4 month period, and no amount of bathing helped.  Well, it did for a day or two like yours but then the odor was back and he was back in the bathtub.  Turns out I was bathing him so much that it was hiding an allergy he has to an unknown source.  Our vet indicated that allergies are likely to show up as flaky or irritated ears - and when she looked, that was the problem.  He was allergic to something that caused odor coming from his ears (believe me - that was definitely where it was coming from when vet had me take a whiff!).  The pup also had hair (fur?) from around his ears that had actually grown down into his ear canal.  Once the hair was out and with a week of ear drops and steroids - the odor has disappeared.  Wish I knew of a home-grown solution but perhaps this will help.


Answer by lou
Submitted on 4/21/2004
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Does your dog ever "scoot" across the floor?  If it does, the smell may be caused by the fact that it's anal sacks need to be emptied.  Your vet can show you how to do this.


Answer by Jo Ann
Submitted on 2/17/2006
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My cairn terrier who is 6 years old has ALWAYS had a bad odor.  NOTHING has helped. He checked out fine at the vet.  I'm sorry to tell you that most cairns just STINK!  everyone I've talked to that owns one says the same thing.  


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