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My baby chi weighs 2lbs he's 5yrs old. Do these small chi...

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Question by OLIE
Submitted on 10/29/2003
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My baby chi weighs 2lbs he's 5yrs old. Do these small chi breeds have problems with their hind legs? My chi has started twisting like a spasm and bearly walking.

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 10/31/2003
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Yes, the smallest members of this smallest of breeds does often have problems with their hind legs.  What I suspect is happening is that his kneecap is slipping out of position, it is known as Luxating Patella or Slipped Kneecap.

Your dog needs to see the vet, ASAP.  He may need surgery to correct this.  If you find that you cannot afford the surgery, please consider giving him to a chihuahua rescue organization (look up in the test of this FAQ for details on how to find one.  This is a painful condition, but it can often be relieved by surgery.  There are many people and organizations, including me, who would be willing to do the surgery and find your chi a good home if the alternative would be euthanasia.  At 5 years old, your chi likely has another 10 years at least, it would be a shame to lose those years.


Answer by Shayna
Submitted on 3/14/2005
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Indeed, it is very often the teeny tiniest of Chi's who have the most problems.  I agree with chimama...sounds like a luxating patella.  Sometimes there is no way to correct it, even surgery won't help...but only a vet can tell you that for sure.  Luxating patella occurs in degrees....some affected dogs barely have a problem with it and you wouldn't even know anything about it except that they hop on their back legs now and then.  Others have severe pain and extreme difficulty walking.  
Sounds like your little guy needs to see a vet and figure out what kind of treatment is necessary.  


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