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Submitted on 10/27/2003
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Answer by coolmaida
Submitted on 2/1/2004
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An amp doubles your wattage when u drop the omhs, but the subwoofer can take less wattage when run at an lower omhs.  if there is a 1000 watt 4 ohm voice coil, then when wired to 2 ohms, it can take 500 omhs, when wired down to 1 ohm, it can only take 250 watts @ 1 ohm.  A 500 rms wattage sub, with two 4 ohm voice coils, has : two 250 watt 4 ohm voice coils,  when wired to 2 ohms, each coil can only handle 125 watts,  when dropped to 1 ohm, each coil can only handle 62.5 watts.


Answer by little T
Submitted on 2/15/2004
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if you have a one channel amp, you have to put 4 voice coils(2 dual voice coil subs) to the one channel to get one ohm, but make sure your amp can handle 1 Ohm.


Answer by big T
Submitted on 2/17/2004
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you can bridge your amp and run the speaker wires in a circuit and it will drop it down to one ohm


Answer by Justin
Submitted on 11/26/2004
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I dont understand a lot of this stuff. I have an Amp and Sub and its--Bridged<--Whatever That means. But how do you drop the ohms? Its 300 watts amp and a Lanzar dc Proseries 12, Rms=500-1000? It sound good but i think the amp starves it. Ive read all these things to get your amp more power, shorter power cable! Capacitor. But im searching for something i can do with the amp to make it more boom> It has a r-channel,L-channel, Db boost, And power, I have the power from battery turned all the way up, and the left channel and right channel to where i only here base and no vocals. It has a low pass its on. and i have th db knob 3/4 the way on Is this ok? It sounds pretty good but i want better without spending money or do i just deal with it . Any info ill take.Its in the trunk too.


Answer by mike
Submitted on 3/11/2005
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when you drop the ohms on the subs it does not drop in watts


Answer by duffman77087
Submitted on 6/19/2005
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Well I have 2 Audiobahn Dvc subs and they can handle 500 watts rms I was wondering how do I drop the amp and speakers to 2 ohms but I oley have a Clearion 500 watt amp I was wondering if it could drop down to 2 ohms????


Answer by Electronixwarehousedotcom
Submitted on 9/21/2006
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The impedance capacity of the amplifier is in the design.  A standard class A/B amplifier cannot handle anything other than a 4 0hm load when connected in bridged mode. There is no way that you can change it.  If an amplifier is rated for 1 ohm operation, then you can connect two dual 4 ohm coil woofers to it in parallel.  Alternatively, you could connect two 2 ohm coils in parallel for the same effect.
Good luck!  


Answer by chacal
Submitted on 10/4/2006
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I have a kicker 1200.1 amp @ one ohm and two 15' cliff designs 2 ohm subs.How do i install the subs too get one ohm?


Answer by Simon
Submitted on 10/12/2006
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Buy a 1 ohm stable amplifier. most amps are not stable at 1 ohm. Check out bossaudio pd-series or blade series


Answer by wolverine
Submitted on 2/5/2007
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what if i have a amp which handles 2 ohms, but i have a sub that is 4 ohms, at 300 watts. how do i drop the ohms on my sub?


Answer by whiteboye
Submitted on 4/17/2007
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how do i put 4 dule coil on 1 amp


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