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I see you talk about some of the health problems with this...

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Question by sphedoinkle77
Submitted on 7/9/2003
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I see you talk about some of the health problems with this breed, but what about the heart and any other problems they have?

Answer by Chimama
Submitted on 7/18/2003
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Chihuahuas aren't known to have heart problems, although they can develop them just as humans do if they become overweight.  For a good overview of chihuahuas in general, I recommend a book called "Chihuahuas for Dummies".  It is the best overall book I have.  There are others also good such as "The Chihuahua Handbook" which I believe is written by someone with the last name of Collins?  The Beverly  Pisano book has lots of great pictures but after the first 25 pages or so is so general that it's worthless (has lots of advertisements for toys and etc. that are bigger than a chihuahua.


Answer by kittybaby69
Submitted on 3/20/2004
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What is the history of a Chihuahua?

What is the purpose of it being bred?

What health problems are typical for a Chihuahua?


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 3/29/2004
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Briefly, chihuahuas came to the US fairly recently, but were introduced into Europe much earlier.  They were not so much specifically bred by people as they were influenced by the climate in which they developed, in Mexico.  Chihuahuas can be prone to weak kneecaps, collapsed tracheas and low blood sugar.

For a thorough answer, I suggest getting the book Chihuahuas for Dummies, it should be available through your library.


Answer by zoe
Submitted on 4/1/2004
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The question about if chihuahuas can have heart disease.This is possible.They can have heart worms.When a specific female mosquito lays an egg on a dog somewhat maggots go in and mess with their heart this can kill them.To find your other questions go to mdmd.essortment.com  (chimama could you give me your screen name so we could chat,Indeed some questions I know very little)


Answer by Cassel
Submitted on 4/22/2004
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Yes, chihuahuas have heart problems and they need to be check every-so often for it. Make sure, when you take them on a walk, that you do not over-exercise them.


Answer by Jenny
Submitted on 11/21/2004
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My chihuahua is 10 weeks old and she is having problems getting over a cold. I have taken her to a vet twice and both time she received a shot and an antibiotic. She acts like she is gagging or choking. Could this be mucus or post nasal drip? Or, do chihuahuas have asthma and/or respiratory problems with this same symptom?


Answer by Billi
Submitted on 12/5/2004
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I have a 9 week old chiahuahua that tonight started walking around the house yelping like he is in pain, and I don't know much about chiahuahuas.?


Answer by melissa
Submitted on 1/3/2005
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I was just told that my 3year old chi as slipped disc. How serious is this?? I am veryconcerned that this is going to be the begining of a bad hting and he will eventually need back surgery.My vet told me that it may or may not progress. Wta re the chances it does not progress. Sh epit him on a steroid and an antibiotic and he sems to b very depressed and laxed. IS this normal??  


Answer by chook
Submitted on 3/5/2005
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just like when humans get heart diseses chihauhaus do to. it is usually because they are over weight and do not enough exercise. make sure you go to the vet often and just get the usual check up.  


Answer by nikki
Submitted on 5/5/2005
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My skinny chihuahua likes to eat grass. Should I be concerend?


Answer by kitkatg
Submitted on 2/22/2006
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Hi. There was blood in my Chihuahua'surine. what causes this and should I be alarmed?


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