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I am creating a stored proc to create a report of dependenci...

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Question by RR
Submitted on 10/23/2003
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I am creating a stored proc to create a report of dependencies.  We are creating views which are using other views in its creation.  I want to list views with all the child views and traverse this tree until I find no other dependencies.

Parent   Child  'Child's child'
pv       cv      ccv             ......

I think it may not be a good idea to have multiple level of dependency for views, but I would like to keep this stored proc generic so that it can traverse multiple levels to find out the dependency of views...

here is my stored proc:

Drop Procedure sp_viewlist
Create Procedure sp_viewlist as
Declare @vwname varchar(50)
Declare @depvwname  varchar(50)
Declare @parentid int
Declare @childid int

create table #tempViewList (ParentView varchar(50), ChildView varchar(50))

Declare c_ViewList cursor for
select o.id,sd.depid
from sysobjects o,sysdepends sd
where o.type = 'V'
and o.id = sd.id
and sd.depid in ( select id
         from sysobjects
         where type='V'

open c_ViewList
fetch c_ViewList into @parentid, @childid
while (@@sqlstatus = 0)
  select @vwname=name from sysobjects where id = @parentid
  select @depvwname=name from sysobjects where id = @childid
  insert into #tempViewList values (@vwname,@depvwname)
  fetch c_ViewList into @parentid, @childid

select ParentView,ChildView
from #tempViewList
Group By ParentView,ChildView
Order By ParentView,ChildView


thanks in advance.

Answer by fhj
Submitted on 5/18/2007
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n,nm, ugh


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